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FZS600 Fazer / Re: Headlights
« on: 22 May 2020, 04:06:54 PM »
Didn't you do one before where he was coming out of the drain? It's completely possible I have mis-remembered, but I'm sure I've seen summat like that on here before?

Either that or I was having a really bad night when I fitted the spots and new bulbs to my own Fazer!  :lol

General / Re: Auld Foccers Weekly Covid Check in Page.
« on: 07 May 2020, 04:21:58 PM »
Thanks guys, I was mostly just curious. I have a modular helmet, so I'd be able to flip the front up for the testing, but I'd have a hell of a job trying to blow my nose with it closed....

General / Re: Auld Foccers Weekly Covid Check in Page.
« on: 07 May 2020, 01:51:10 PM »
Glad you're ok mate.

Any idea why bikes aren't allowed? I don't have any other transport and I live in the arse-end of nowhere when it comes to testing (a friend of mine was told she would have to travel 2 hours to get tested), so if I did need to get tested the fazer's my only choice.

General / Re: Battery losing voltage = dead?
« on: 16 April 2020, 09:10:40 AM »
It's a bit variable depending which site you're on, some say they're not allowed to send them filled and you have to take it somewhere to get it filled; some say sealed and tested (generally a bit pricier, naturally); while others don't mention anything about it at all.

All in all, I figured buying the AGM was a safer bet, plus it's the one recommended on wemoto as an upgrade to the original, 11Ah v 7Ah and 140 CCA v 70 CCA.

General / Re: Battery losing voltage = dead?
« on: 15 April 2020, 03:14:13 PM »
Thanks for all the feedback, here's the update.

Charger arrived yesterday, read the battery as ok and then topped it up to 12.6v, put it on the SR, fixed the brake lights, fitted a new relay for the indicators, and then tried to start the bike...

Turned over but not enthusiastically, checked the voltage, 12.17v, oh well, new battery needed after all!

One thing I did spot that I hadn't considered was that when buying the standard lead/acid battery, most places send them empty due to some law (which I can understand, but would have been a bit of a bugger), so I've got a shiny new Motobatt AGM battery on the way for less than the suggested L/A one!

General / Re: Battery losing voltage = dead?
« on: 09 April 2020, 11:22:55 AM »
Thanks guys, basically confirmed what I was thinking, I know that the car charger isn't ideal, but I did keep an eye on it and there was no overheating (would've quickly pulled the plug if there was!).

I nearly bought myself a new battery, but figured that connecting to the Oximiser was worth a shot; better that than order a battery and a charger, only to find out I've wasted 35 quid!

Off the top of my head, I think it drops to 9.5-10.5v when cranking so there may be hope for it yet!

General / Re: Battery losing voltage = dead?
« on: 09 April 2020, 10:21:32 AM »
Oh, it's a Lead/Acid battery by the way, one of these:

General / Battery losing voltage = dead?
« on: 09 April 2020, 10:20:36 AM »
Hi Guys,

Looking for some more sage advice, I have a little '91 SR125 that I'm doing up gradually but I think the battery is stuffed!

If I charge it on low using the car battery charger, it charges fine up to about 12.9v, then drops down to about 12.65v, which I believe is normal? However, it then dropped to 12.54v after a couple of days, and now (after about 5 days) it's at 12.32v; it has just been sat on the workbench during this time, so there's been no draw on it.

Does this mean the battery's completely stuffed, or would connecting it to a "smart" charger possibly bring it back to life? (I have an Oximiser on order as I needed a new one anyway)

I've tried looking around on the site and the web in general but can only find info about parasitic draws, which clearly isn't the issue unless the spiders have been using it overnight!

General / Re: The pissing contest
« on: 07 April 2020, 08:57:33 AM »

From half way onwards was not a comfortable feeling at all.  :lol

I'm with you on that one! I was feeling a bit cocky for the first dozen or so, then by the time I got to #30 I was mostly just guessing!

General / Re: COVID MOT extension - clarification
« on: 30 March 2020, 12:35:58 PM »
I can see it taking another 6 months after the extension to get booked into an MOT station.

That was part of my confusion, there's going to be the MOTs that were due in May, as well as the ones that already need to be done in November. So it would sort of make sense for it to just revert to your initial MOT date and you just get it done ASAP rather than waiting until a month before the new date.

General / Re: COVID MOT extension - clarification
« on: 30 March 2020, 11:42:38 AM »
Thanks guys,

I was reading it both ways and confusing myself, the wording (to me) was slightly ambiguous about whether it was a 6 month extension to the MOT (so current MOT lasts 18 months), or it was allowing extra time to get the MOT done; which, as you say, could then result in a 6 month MOT.

I thought it would probably be the former, so I'm glad you guys agree  :thumbup

General / COVID MOT extension - clarification
« on: 30 March 2020, 10:07:36 AM »
Good morning all, hope you're all ok.

I was just wondering if anyone knew any more about the 6 month extension to MOTS (as below)? Mine's due May 2nd, so will be extended to November 2nd, but does this mean that when I get my MOT done (e.g. in October) it will run from November 2020 to November 2021, or will it be that no matter when it's done it resets to May 2nd? Not the biggest issue I know, but I can't seem to find any information on this.

Hope that makes sense!

FZS600 Fazer / Re: Headlight reflector thingy
« on: 14 November 2019, 09:06:19 AM »
Thanks guys, I reckon I'll try and repair the mount, and if that goes horribly wrong at least I know how to get it out, I assume yours passes MOT without it?

I already have 2 spotlights fitted to the radiator which makes a huge difference, but I find that if I have them angled where it's best for me to see at night I start get flashed by oncoming drivers, so I have to settle for dodging mud and roadkill 20 yards at a time! (Still better than not being able to see at all though!)

FZS600 Fazer / Re: Headlight reflector thingy
« on: 13 November 2019, 12:34:02 PM »
Thanks Darrsi, I'll have a look this weekend.

Does removing the thingy improve the lights at all?

FZS600 Fazer / Headlight reflector thingy
« on: 12 November 2019, 02:31:15 PM »
Hi all,

I noticed last night while doing some other bits and pieces to the bike that the cone/reflector/cover thing that sits over the dip beam bulb in the headlight has is pointing downwards as the top mount has broken off completely!

I know I've seen someone on here talking about removing it, but I can't find the post because I can't remember what the cone/reflector/cover thing is called!

So, is it necessary and needs repairing?

Should I just remove it? If so, how?

And of course, What's it called????

Thanks in advance  :)

FZS600 Fazer / Re: Fitting Koso clocks
« on: 24 September 2019, 03:39:57 PM »
I might be missing something, but it looks like it goes to the Oil level sensor?

Your Suggestions and How you can help / Re: HOT POOP WIKI
« on: 26 July 2019, 10:25:55 AM »

General / Re: Cornering
« on: 19 June 2019, 11:54:37 AM »

I think actually the diameter would be the same when leaning? (relative to the ground) If you measure it vertically, then when the tyre is leaning left, the top is the right hand side? Wouldn't that be the same distance as top to bottom when the tyre's upright?

I dunno, I've confused myself now...

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: Leaving indicators on?
« on: 15 May 2019, 09:08:03 AM »
I had one of those beeping relays on my old 125, they definitely do the job, but you do feel like a bit of a prat when you're sat at the traffic lights in the middle of town!

FZS600 Fazer / Re: Sorted
« on: 19 February 2019, 04:57:47 PM »
"New Topic: Mates single 125cc wont start fires when bumping and dies any suggestions"

that seems to be what's sorted, based on the email notification i got

FZS600 Fazer / Re: What have you done to your FZS600 bike today
« on: 13 February 2019, 09:09:11 AM »
The smoked lenses are just as bright as clear ones, or at the very least they're brighter than the originals!

I've got Bike-It mini smoked indicators from sportsbikeshop on mine and they're a definite improvement in brightness and looks on the boxy old ones.

General / Re: search function
« on: 08 February 2019, 02:51:57 PM »
If you put the quotation marks around "gen 2", it will accept it.

General / Re: Skid lids
« on: 05 February 2019, 10:44:03 AM »

Flip front (non-homologated, so not supposed to ride with it up), slide down sunvisor and quick release strap.

Bought it 2 years ago for about £150 and it's still going strong, bit of wind noise at times but nothing major.

The flip front makes it much easier when popping into shop or petrol station, and for putting glasses on.

4 star rating on Sharp, and the chin guard stayed down in 100% of simulations, which was something I was worried about at the time.

FZS600 Fazer / Re: Fitting Spotlights
« on: 25 January 2019, 09:26:03 AM »

The easiest way would be add a new length of wire straight from the battery to a fuse, then to a switch on the handlebar, then to the spotlight, then to ground. That will work and is the easiest way to do it and has no connection to the bike's loom but doing it that way means the lights can be left on even when the keys are removed so if you forget to turn the lights off they will drain the battery.

This is how I did it, with an in-line fuse on the positive and then earthing direct to frame. As His Dudeness says, the only problem with this is that it's possible to leave the lights on (which I did about 10 minutes ago, but someone pointed it out).

My main bit of advice would be not to go too cheap on the switch as the super-cheap one I fitted means that the lights sometimes still get a trickle feed with the switch turned off.

FZS600 Fazer / Re: LED Spotlight confusion
« on: 02 January 2019, 12:11:32 PM »
Thanks Guys,

Sorry for the delay, busy christmas!

The earth is direct to frame, so I can't see how that would be a problem; and the lights can stay on for hours, so not the phosphorescence either.

As mentioned I ride every day, so there's no issue with the battery (I pulled the fuse while she was off the road for xmas, just in case).

I may well change the switch for something better as that seems the most likely to me.

Thanks again :)

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