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General / Re: Three word story
« on: 08 October 2017, 01:58:11 PM »
went off early

can only be the pilot jet on number three cylinder, make sure its clean

Introduction / Re: me first fazer
« on: 15 August 2017, 09:12:20 PM »
its a gold 1999 model, no mods [yet] only 17000 miles as the last owner used to take it to the mot station and back once a year so my gain  :) . a bit tatty around the edges but never been launched down the  road so rides bloody nice. a bit soft after a zx7r but i can ride this without needing a chiropractor after a 2 mile ride. will post some pics when i take some this week, so its good to be on here with like minded people.

Introduction / me first fazer
« on: 12 August 2017, 06:22:14 PM »
hi, new to foc and wanted to say hi, have given up sports bikes and wanted something to ride in the real world, so a fazer 600 was it. so if there are any more fazer owners in suffolk come and say hello

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