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General / Auschwitz
« on: 27 January 2020, 06:01:11 PM »
Just like to remember those poor men,women and children murdered by the nazis on this day the place was liberated.R.I.P. :(

General / easy oil change
« on: 22 January 2020, 10:47:45 PM »
I'm the owner of an old Merc and my daughter has one a bit newer,because of the crazy prices garages charge nowadays I try and do most of the servicing myself.One giant ballache with both of these is the underside trays which go the full length of the car and to access the drain plugs you have to get these off which means jacking the car up,putting it on axle stands to get the height to scramble underneath and pissarse about undoing the screws,getting the trays off just to get at the plug and when you've done the job doing the reverse.I looked at vacuum pumps some time ago but nearly all of them leave to much oil in the sump so deafed it out,but a mate of mine told me about a Sealey one,he said they're a bit more expensive than most of them but he said they almost scavenge all of the oil out.I bought one last week cost £60 and after using it I wish I'd got one years ago,it's absolutely brilliant,I really can't see how there can be much oil left when you've finished using it because it's the same amount as specified and anyway the drop that would be left wouldn't be a problem.A great bit of kit! :thumbup

General / Goblins crazy Fiat
« on: 16 January 2020, 08:23:25 PM »
There's a few of these programmes on TV at the moment where they get cars/bikes do them up and flog 'em but this one I've just watched takes the biscuit,some bod with more money than sense gave this Goblin bunch a Fiat 500 and said he wanted it powered by an electric motor and sported up a bit,paint,bodywork a few trick bits etc.At the end of the programme he parted with £44,000 !!! yes £44,000 for a fuckin' Fiat500, can you believe it,what a twat,IMO anyway. :finger

General / weird
« on: 10 December 2019, 07:00:39 PM »
So,I sent a message through that link off BBROWN 1664 regarding  "diesels and lawnmowers" posted it and can't find it anywhere,can anyone see a post of "sent" on that thread? if so,I'll just have to accept it's gone off my system for some reason!

Diesels and Lawnmowers (Bike racing n things) / post
« on: 10 December 2019, 06:47:25 PM »

General / Racing thread gone?
« on: 01 December 2019, 08:27:23 PM »
Just wondered where the thread for racing etc had gone.

General / Never been have we ?
« on: 24 November 2019, 09:26:56 PM »
In the sixties,I don't know what year but it was before digital technology scientists sent a signal from the top of the Chrysler building 82 miles,creating a record for the time.They'd have you believe before the sixties were out they'd sent man in a rocket to the moon and were talking to them on the way,then when they landed Neil Armstrong and his colleagues walked about chatting to N.A.S.A. :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol

Diesels and Lawnmowers (Bike racing n things) / bye,bye,Yorge or not?
« on: 17 November 2019, 03:41:35 PM »
Little bit disappointed that the riders didn't get around Lorenzo on the slowing down lap,he's never been the most popular rider but still a great racer I think it would have been nice to see him get a better send off by his fellow competitors. :\

O.K. I've never been Leon Haslams' biggest fan,really liked his old man who I've met a few times from when I was racing and since.I've always thought most of the rides he's had with top draw machinery was due to the fact that Ron would have had a fair bit of influence with teams and factories and to be fair most dads' would do the same,but enough is enough for years now he's had some of the very best rides going and apart from taking the BSB title in what I think was the weakest season,no Shakey,Jake Dixon etc he's done nothing ,then gets a works Kawasaki to ride alongside the greatest WSB rider of them all stating that"johny rea has never beaten me" and we get the usual bunch of excuses while Johnie took the title again ON THE SAME BIKE.Now with all the great young talent about he gets a works Honda for next season!! unbelievable.When he finishes this excuse ridden season maybe Ducati will give him a chance or Honda will draft him in alongside Marquez  the blokes' got more jam than Hartleys. :wall

Diesels and Lawnmowers (Bike racing n things) / Super Scott
« on: 21 October 2019, 08:23:15 PM »
After taking a fair bit of stick off the media and some who should know better,Scott Redding took the BSB title in his rooky year."wait 'till he gets to Cadwell and Knockhill,Oulton Park,etc he won't know what's happening" and other such remarks,well when he did get to these places he not only didn't make a fool of himself he won and was on the rostrum at them! and when he came to curcuits he'd been,Assen,Donington etc he showed his class and won convincingly and this was on different tyres and no trick electrics,all stuff he'd have to get used to after Moto GP.A lot of people would have liked to see him come unstuck but he didn't and deserved the title,he was the best rider in the championship and I really think he'll do well in WSB. :thumbup

Diesels and Lawnmowers (Bike racing n things) / Marquez the master
« on: 07 October 2019, 01:14:06 AM »
Just watched Mark Marquez take his 8th title with 4 races to spare,I've never really took to him in the past ,probably because I was a die hard Rossi fan but after todays exhibition he's gone up in my estimation,he could have settled for an easy ride ahead of Dovi and took the title but instead tracked Quatararo who was flying and risked everything for the win.I used to think he'd still got a lot to prove to be mentioned in the same breath as the great man but now I'm not so sure,I think he could actually eclipse some if not all of Rossi's achievements, 26 and 8 world titles  :eek

Diesels and Lawnmowers (Bike racing n things) / Johnie's 5 timer
« on: 29 September 2019, 08:41:33 PM »
Brilliant !! Brilliant!! Brilliant!! Brilliant!! Brilliant!! the fabulous Johnie Rea took his fifth world title today,after intense pressure early season from Beautista he did what he does best and won it in style with his 12th win of the year.Lets hope he gets a bit more recognition from joe public this time for a phenominal effort. :woot :woot

General / Bitcoin Bullshit?
« on: 31 August 2019, 11:36:51 PM »
Just thought I'd ask anyone on here if they've tried Bitcoin Revolution,I read an item where Gordon Ramsey was raving about it and someone on a morning show had almost doubled there investment by the end of it !I read a bit more about it and actually started a procedure online being very careful not to pay any money and just see what happened before commiting to it,I got as far as giving my phone number which was one step before paying £250 to start this.About 2mins after I'd given my number this guy phones up saying he's my adviser andwent on about how great this investment was,the only thing that stopped me going ahead was the fact that all the places in the actual Bitcoin place were now taken but this firm or whatever it was he's working for was exactly the same and if I'd now deposit the £250 he'd start the ball rolling,I didn't particularly like the way this was turning into a hard sell,this guy was really trying hard to get my dough.I told him I'd have to think about it and he said "I'll call you back"not 5mins later he called back and was browbeating me for this money,I then told him I didn't like his attitude and the hard sell he was giving me,he then got abusive saying "what's the matter?do you need to get your wifes ok or something?I put the phone down on him but he's called back a few times but I haven't answered him because I don't really want to start telling him to fuck off and all that.Just wondered if anyone had had any joy with this because it seems to good to be true.

Diesels and Lawnmowers (Bike racing n things) / Danny Kents problems
« on: 16 August 2019, 06:02:48 PM »
After being handed a lifeline with Leon Camiers MV Agusta he's now lost that ride after being given a suspended jail sentence for a knife crime,apparently he came upon his brother being held down by a bloke in a scuffle and pushed him off and a kitchen knife he had on him fell on the floor and the bloke involved in the scuffle picked it up and took it to the police who then arrested Danny for carrying it,he said he was carrying it as part of his work,but it didn't wash with the judge who gave him a suspended jail sentence.His boss of the racing team must have given him the elbow immediately,'cause Gino Rea has got his ride at Cadwell.I'm not sticking up for Danny with regards to the crime,I don't know enough about it,but when your lucks running rough it seems one thing after another,I've always rated him and hope this isn't the end of his career. :(

Diesels and Lawnmowers (Bike racing n things) / Flying Hickman
« on: 08 August 2019, 05:36:10 PM »
After leaving the I.O.M. with the title of the worlds' fastest road race,Peter Hickman has now left it in the emerald isle at a blistering 136mph at the ulster GP!!! Most of us would never reach that speed let alone average it,can't get my head around it TBH. :eek

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Good 'ole 4th july
« on: 04 July 2019, 12:49:56 AM »
Don't know if there's anyone from over the pond on here but if so happy Independence day Y'all :lol

Diesels and Lawnmowers (Bike racing n things) / "we wuz robbed"
« on: 19 June 2019, 11:56:41 PM »
Does anyone else think we were robbed of what could have been one of the finest GP's when Lorenzo skittled the front runners? or would the relentless Marquez still have done the business? :z

Diesels and Lawnmowers (Bike racing n things) / TT washout
« on: 03 June 2019, 12:07:18 AM »
My daughter has just come back from the island,she could only get practice week off work,one day of practice and the rest rained off :( I said that in the old days they raced in all weathers and she said the reason was the helicopter would have a job trying to land if there was an accident on the mountain and there was mist down,apparently it was put to a vote some time ago and was decided to not race at all any more in the wet.I remember reading about how if it was misty on the mountain Bob Mcintyre would count the telegraph poles between bends and bank it in! "fucks sake"!you wouldn't want to miscount would you? :eek :lol

I think its great news that Danny Kent has been offered Leon Camiers MV Agusta for BSB,its already turning into one of the most competitive seasons,and once he gets the hang of things I think he will do well,you don't get a Moto 3 world title handed on a plate do you? always rated him me, just got a bit mixed up with pressure and management I think.

Diesels and Lawnmowers (Bike racing n things) / Scotts threesome
« on: 27 May 2019, 11:08:40 AM »
Great to see Scott Redding do the triple,he had to do the business in BSB after comments he made about it being a step to far down the ladder before signing for Paul Bird.When you come from Moto GP people think its going to be a walk in the park in a domestic series,it just goes to show you how competitive BSB really is,and what about Fores and Barbera? really on the pace,I thought this year was going to be a bit of a damp squib with everyone following the "works" ducatis but no way! cant wait for Brands. :woot

Diesels and Lawnmowers (Bike racing n things) / Scotland the brave
« on: 21 May 2019, 12:11:06 AM »
At last John Mcfee gets the win he so richly deserves,any win in Moto 3 is exceptional but that was top draw,I thought hed blue it when he slipped back to 7th but he just plugged away picking them off one by one,and these are no dummies, hard, nothing to lose youngsters who don't give a toss for anyone.Brilliant absolutely brilliant. :woot :woot

Diesels and Lawnmowers (Bike racing n things) / Rossi almost there
« on: 14 April 2019, 09:41:40 PM »
Don't begrudge Alex Rins his win one bit, but how many race fans were willing "The Doctor" to win on Sunday ? it was a shame Marquez crashed out but I don't think it's a hollow victory for Rins,it don't matter how many fall off or break down at the end of the day,he won it well,nobody wins a Moto GP race easily these days. :thumbup

I wonder what the other teams are thinking when Marquez can gap the field at half a second a lap! that's really to much to accept with the current bikes and riders,I can't believe he's that much better but no one could go with him this weekend,let's just hope it's a one off or we're in for a right boring season.Great to see the doctor back in the frame though,bet Maverick wasn't to pissed off ay? ;)

Diesels and Lawnmowers (Bike racing n things) / Guy's back
« on: 26 March 2019, 07:34:11 PM »
Good news about Guy Martin doing the Cookstown 100 this year,when we used to go to all the big irish races you could guarantee he'd be up there with the Dunlop boys,Ryan Farquar,Bruce Anstey,etc,etc,and the craic after was something else,especially if once in a while you went to Joeys' bar. When I was racing I sold Guys' dad a Rob North triple,this was when they wasn't a classic bike,they was well competitive, unless it was open 1000 races when the latest Yamaha TZs' would just fuck off  :lol but I remember Guys' dad being a nice bloke ,proper friendly northen type and when I seen the bike at Darley some time later it was like a different bike,absolutely mint! when I had it it was a bit rough to be honest,as long as I could get out for the next meeting I was happy.I think Guys' only doing classic races at Cookstown,funnily enough on a Rob North triple,I've often wondered if that might be my old one 'cause there can't be that many about,must try and find out.

Diesels and Lawnmowers (Bike racing n things) / Amazing Alvaro
« on: 17 March 2019, 08:51:14 PM »
Wow! 6 out of 6,I am a big big fan of Johny Rea,but what a performance from Bautista! he not only won all his races,he demolished the field.You could argue he's got the perfect package from the off but even so he's not the only rider on a V4 Ducati,maybe after all there is a major difference in ability from Moto GP even down field.We'll see what happens when they come to Europe,it may be a speed differential as Rea,Lowes,etc are saying,but if it ain't we could be looking at the biggest whitewash since all the factories pulled out and left Agostini to breeze away to a few unchallenged world titles. :eek

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