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General / Very uncomfortable motorcycle boot lining
« on: 28 April 2017, 10:52:42 AM »
Brought a pair of boots off ebay, great for riding in but you can't walk more than five steps without getting sore feet. They seem to be lined with old hessian sacking and it rubs on the back of my heal as I walk. Other than throw them away I'm not sure what to do with them (had them to long to return)

Anyone had a similar problem?

General / Needle roller bearing help required
« on: 22 April 2017, 03:31:48 PM »
Pulled the swingarm from the ZZR and surprise surprise the needle rollers are shot

A kit is about £50 inc new seals etc but the seals are servicable so really just need a set of bearings

Anyone out there used non stock bearings and if so how did you get on and where did you buy them from (I know its not the same bike)

Worn maybe a dozen times, as new (maybe the odd dead fly)

Size 42/52

Pictures to follow

£75.00 + p&p

Well after pulling out of the cupboard I found this, looks like the stitching failed, hardly the end of the world.

General / YSS shock absorber, anyone had one
« on: 13 April 2017, 09:38:20 PM »
Penny pinching here but has anyone used one of their shocks. Have read good reviews on their twin shocks, not just by owners, and have found one for the ZZR £50 less than a Hagon and like the Hagon it comes with a spring to suit your weight etc

General / Frank Thomas
« on: 31 March 2017, 05:59:49 PM »
We've all (well most of us) been around long enough to remember the junk they sold in the 80's-90's what do you think of the latest gear?

General / Carb cleaning service (not an ad)
« on: 13 March 2017, 10:40:08 AM »
I've just been in touch with a member of another forum who will strip and ultrasonically clean and rebuild carbs for £60 inc return postage. Thats £60 for the set, not each. Of course if any parts are required you'll have to pay for them but thats a bloody bargain, I've seen adds asking for £45 per carb.

I've not had mine done yet but will post results when I get them back

FZS600 Fazer / How focin excited am I
« on: 02 March 2017, 10:20:44 PM »
Well the Fazer isn't going to be finished anytime soon and the other project was looking like it was going the same way so I spent a couple of days looking at various bikes on ebay and am hoping to pick up a low milege ZZR600 on Saturday. OK not the best looking bike out there but ideal for me as I won't get the urge to foc around with it, just get back on the road and ride the thing.

Couple of sleepless nights coming up me thinks :D

General / Bennets online quote Grrrrrr
« on: 28 February 2017, 09:22:16 PM »
Typed my details into one of the online 'get an instant quote' sites and had quotes from about £100 to £150 which I was quite pleased with considering I have no ncd. Well the 1st (cheapest) doesn't accept grey imports (I had stated that it was an import so why quote me grrr) and the 2nd was Bennets, at just over the hundred mark I thought I'd take it, proceded to fill out all the online forms, inc bank details etc etc, then towards the end it asked for any modifications........ Road legal replacement exhaust system.......enter........£180. How the foc can they almost double the quote for an exhaust that will probably rob you of a few horses, what a waste of my bloody time.

Rant over 

General / FZS600 sprocket offset
« on: 09 February 2017, 01:21:17 PM »
Need to find a straight spoke Suzuki rear wheel to match the new front. Don't suppose anyone knows the offset of the stock rear wheel?

Plenty of details re the Suzuki wheels and sprocket carriers but not the Yamaha ones

General / Voice activated dictionary for PC wanted
« on: 10 January 2017, 12:32:27 PM »
My spelling isn't great but my mum and brother are dyslexic and struggle with most words, reading not an issue but day to day spelling is.

Anyone know of a download for windows that's voice activated.


General / It will be finished, one day........
« on: 15 December 2016, 11:22:20 AM »
Just a couple of pictures of the tank, got some serious head scratching to do to get everything under the cover

Be boring if it was easy

General / Low emission zone London question
« on: 29 November 2016, 10:07:06 AM »
Off to London for the weekend in my car, it a 93 1.8 Eunos so I guess it wont be exempt from charges, anyone live in the city and if so can you give me some info on charges, how to pay etc


General / Computer help required
« on: 21 November 2016, 08:38:30 AM »
I've some how managed to increase the size of my desk top so that I can barely see the lower icons (speakers, internet connection etc) and web pages are also to wide etc

I've looked at screen size etc and the computer says I have the right settings for my monitor, so why can I not see it all

Do I need to use the F keys and alt and or control or something similar.

Thanks in advance

General / out of touch
« on: 14 November 2016, 03:43:40 PM »
Was out delivering flowers for my sister to day and  had some time to kill so popped into Webs at Eye, foc me, I hardly recognized any of the bikes, was very surreal

General / Any guitar fans out there
« on: 06 October 2016, 08:17:14 PM »
Someone foced up and sent me a fender Stratocaster from the us, two questions 1 what's it worth and 2 what would you do

General / coil over plugs
« on: 02 September 2016, 06:33:12 PM »
I've some serious space issues under my tank, or more to the point, my need to keep everything tucked up out of sight. I've recently read posts on other forums where they're fitting cop's to replace existing coils etc.

Anyone considered this or ruled it out as compatible cop's aren't available

For Sale & Wanted / FZS600 External Oil Feed pipe wanted
« on: 09 August 2016, 06:27:25 AM »
Anything considered, want it only to measure and see if a braided oil line is available with the same internal diameter

Free or very cheap as only going to be cut up.

General / can gear selector be checked on the workbench
« on: 08 August 2016, 08:14:05 PM »
Having never ridden my bike (down the drive isn't much to go on) I want to know if its possible to check for worn gear selector before painting the motor and refitting it.
Is it possible?

For Sale & Wanted / honor amoung theives and ebay
« on: 05 August 2016, 07:37:39 PM »
Do we have a finder's keepers section on here to stop us bidding against each other?

General / Underseat measurement required FZS600
« on: 02 August 2016, 08:58:07 AM »
Could someone please measure the distance across the seat subframe tubes, centre to centre at the rear of the fuel tank. I think it's about 200mm give or take a few mm but mines in the dust bin so a little difficult to measure it (mislaid my sketch)


Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / 2006 on FZ1 Gauge wiring question
« on: 17 July 2016, 12:19:55 PM »
Anybody have a picture of the gauge wiring loom, basically after how many wires connect to the gauges, colours and if know, which wires do what?

Also, does the speedo sensor wire connect straight to the clock sub loom or main wiring loom?

Rough dimensions of the gauge, width length, and depth?


General / FZS 600 engine case screw lengths
« on: 06 July 2016, 11:57:21 AM »
Anybody have the lengths of the side casing screws, save me removing them and measuring them all


General / Dry Break finished
« on: 05 July 2016, 10:49:23 AM »
Total cost so far about £95, not sure how much it will be for the engineer to mount it in the tank but considering the cost of a real item I'm pleased how it turned out

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