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Introduction / A new guy from Germany
« on: 28 April 2015, 07:26:19 PM »
My name is Guenter  and I am from Germany. My age is 52 and I live in a countryside near Frankfurt/Main called “Ried”.
This is where my nickname comes from  ;)
Over the last years I owned only one- and two-cylinder bikes (I still have a TDM850, a NTV650 and a R100R).
After I sold my NX650 I had to buy a new bike to fill up the inventory  :)
As a contrast to the twins I chose a 2003 FZS600.
For a short time I was thinking about a FZS1000. But then I made the decision that the small Fazer  has everything I need. And after riding the first miles I knew that I was right.
The only modifications I made are black indicator and rear light and a used Krauser luggage system with K4 topcase and K3 panniers.


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