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General / Insurance
« on: 29 April 2012, 05:07:16 PM »
 Did anybody know that crash bugs are classed as a modification and can void your insurance if you do not tell your broker?
 The only reason I know this is I own a 1999 Fazer and have added the decals form a 2000 Fazer. Last summer I had an accident  with a driver who didn't see me (we've all been there). When my bike went in for repair my broker rang me up to say my bike was not standard and this may effect my claim. I politely told him to go forth and multiply as I was not claiming on my insurance but the other driver. He explained to me that any modification  however small you may think it is must be declared.
 My claim did go through without any problems but be warned.
 Only issue I've got now is that I've got heated grips, a hugger, braided hoses, a gear indicator and luggage on the bike so getting a quote is a nightmare.

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