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General / Where to find employment legal advice?
« on: 03 November 2018, 01:33:32 PM »
Hi guys,

I'm not really asking for legal advice (unless you're qualified or have experienced this.)

Buy how can I go about getting some (cost effective) legal advice around employment law, specifically around being made redundant? Where do you go? Citizens advice? ACAS? Or can anyone recommend any specialists?

Specifically I need to be prepared for some HR interveiws and may have a case for unfair dismissal, and also want to challenge that they are withholding some bonus payments.

General / Touring - Loire Valley, France?
« on: 31 May 2018, 11:30:32 AM »
Hi All,

I'm planning a tour of the Loire Valley over a weekend with my other half. Has anyone done it before? I'm after recommendations for places to stay and things I must see.

I was planning to Ferry over to Caen, head down and pick up my missus at one of the airports (Tours, Angers or Nantes). Tour about for the weekend, then drop her at one of the other airports before cruising home.

I've never done the Loire Valley, but have previously enjoyed touring other rivers and valleys around Europe like the Mosel and Rheine.



General / Engine scrap value?
« on: 08 December 2017, 06:57:29 AM »
Hi all,

I have an old fazer 600 donor engine sat outside.

It's knackered top and bottom, rusty, has no bits of value, is in 4 parts and obviously drained of all fluids.

Is it worth weighing in at a scrap metal merchants? What's it worth? Or do I just dump it at my council waste site?

General / Bluetooth Headsets?
« on: 23 August 2017, 10:17:13 AM »
I see that this topic hasn't come up for a while.

I was considering getting a sub-£100 Bluetooth headset for my helmet. Prompted recently by an upcoming tour with a mate.

Does anyone have any recommendations?

Am I right in my understanding that the intercom function does not work universally between different branded headsets? So to speak/connect to my mate I'll need to have an intercom of the same make?



General / Anyone touring over the bank holiday weekend?
« on: 21 August 2017, 09:16:45 AM »
Hi All,

Is anyone going touring over the bank holiday weekend?

I've got a free pass that weekend, with the missus away visiting family. What with the end of summer approaching and my bike running sweet I feel like a bit of a tour.

Don't worry, I'm not looking to tag along with you! I'm just looking for inspiration or suggestions!

I'm based in London, so was thinking something like - A lap of Devon/Cornwall? Wales? Cross the Channel (Dieppe / Normandy) or Dunkirk into Bruges/Brussels?

Suggestions and recommendations appreciated. Cheers!


General / porous wheels?
« on: 20 August 2017, 07:34:57 PM »
So the k&n filter got a clean today and the bikes running nice and crisp. It had been bogging down a little with throttle full open.

Anyway, I thought I would check my tyre pressures as they keep dropping. Over a 2 to 3 month period the rear will drop from 40psi to 15psi!! The front also drops but not as much.

Twice I've asked a mechanic to take a look, they've done the soapy water thing and said they can find no leaks (bubbles).. but suggested I could be a porous wheel.
Now I'm pretty sure I never had an issue with previous tyres, so just assumed these were badly seated, or the rim might be corroded.

So how do I find out what the problem is? Would filling the tyre with sealant make any difference (I assume that stuff only touches the tyre and won't migrate to the wheel or rim?!)

Anyone had this before? Any suggestions? I'm not on a budget although if you saw my bike you would understand why I'm not wanting to splash too much cash on it.



General / fresh oil (in a car)
« on: 28 July 2017, 01:24:50 PM »
Hi all,
I just got my car back from the local BMW main dealer after a major service. I drove it the 3miles home and thought I'll just pull out the dip stick, check the level and look at my nice new clear oil and it looks like the photo below. A bit of a black mess.

Now did they 'forget to do it', or is this what you would expect to see?
Luckily it's a company lease car, but I don't want to go embarrassing myself by flagging this up if it's normal.

(BMW 320d)



FZS600 Fazer / place your bets!
« on: 26 May 2017, 07:35:22 PM »
I'm just about to cross the border from the Netherlands into German to give the old girl a workout on the autobahn.
What top speed do you reckon I'll get?
Have a guess!
2000 bike, 40,000miles, recent service, K&N filter, scorpion can, 100kg rider, no luggage.
I'll give my speed on the flat, from my speedo and TomTom.

FZS600 Fazer / Fitting spotlights - wiring?
« on: 23 May 2017, 06:23:37 PM »

Hi All,

I’m good with mechanical stuff, but rubbish with electrickery.

My bike came with some spotlights as shown in the photo. I soon realised after I had bought the bike that the rectifier/regulator had been fried. I thought this might be due to the high current draw of these lights, so disconnected them and returned the bike to standard.

I’ve recently bought some LED spotlights, which I assume will draw less current.

Can anyone point me to a good ‘How-to’ guide so I can get my head around the best way to wire them? Or perhaps talk me through it?

The spotlights fitted on the bike have their own fuse, but are hard wired into the headlight circuit, The set of LED lights I’ve just bought come with a switch.

When I look on line, it looks like people use the switch to switch a relay? Do I need to get one?

I’m going outside now to remove the old spotlights and get my head around how they are wired.



General / Speeding in Europe
« on: 06 May 2017, 09:50:52 AM »
I think I just read a news story that said, from 7th May, if you get flashed by a speed camera in Europe they now have access to UK vehicle registration information and will send you a fine.

Is it just another hoax?

How is that enforceable? Would the paperwork be in English? Would UK police enforce this? Come after you and/or extradite you?

General / What to see? Touring Calais to Hamburg.
« on: 02 May 2017, 03:57:55 PM »
Hi all,

I'm touring over to Hamburg on the next bank holiday weekend for a mates stag do.

I can't drink a lot for health reasons, so will basically spend 2 days cruising there then 2 days back.

Can anyone recommend any good roads, routes or things to see? I know it's beautiful around the Rhine? and I always like seeing World War 2 stuff. Does anyone have any suggestions?



General / Touring tips?
« on: 13 April 2017, 11:40:22 AM »
Hi all,
the suns out and it looks like plenty of people are off touring this weekend. So lets have your tips and advice, and recommendations for good bits of kit!


For Sale & Wanted / For Sale - 2pc leathers
« on: 07 April 2017, 04:03:23 PM »
Hi all,

Please find for sale my hardly used Frank Thomas Leathers.

I only wore them once. I'm 6'2" and got them about 4years ago when I was 14stone. I got them with the intention of doing track days... but I've never got around to it. They were a little too tight for me then... and now I'm about 16stone!!!

UK 44
Euro 54

Would suit someone 5ft6 to 6ft1. As new, hardly worn, although the stitching has come loose a bit around the crouch - easy fix!

£70 ONO, located in NW London.

General / Be careful out there!
« on: 29 January 2017, 11:32:45 PM »
Hi all,

I saw some poor fella get sideswiped of his bike today. He was just cruising down Whitehall, in an empty lane 2 doing about 30mph. He was riding past queuing traffic in lane 1, when a large private hire people carrier pulled out of lane 1, into him and sent him and his bmw bike sliding down the wet road. He was wearing a protective jacket, helmet and gloves, but also jeans and normal shoes/boots. He was lucky not to damage his leg and foot as he got trapped under the bike.

I guess you have to learn from other people's mistakes: Wear all the protective gear, expect people to pull out and give yourself space. He did have plenty of space to his right actually, as the road is really wide. He must have been riding close to the queuing traffic, daydreaming or fixated on the car when it pulled out.

I just felt bad for the guy, and glad it wasn't me. Unfortunately I was also with the missus, and she is already reluctant enough to get on the back of the bike. :-(


General / Secondhand car batteries?
« on: 29 December 2016, 12:35:34 AM »
Hi all,
I'm trying to get hold of a cheap/secondhand car battery. Any ideas where I could get one? Is that something an auto salvage company would sell and if so what should I expect to pay?

Basically, I want to charge some Li-Po batteries for a drone, but want to do it  outside and off the mains, so I can leave them charging unattended  without the fear of them burning my house down.

Any ideas?



General / Brazen thieving scumbags!...
« on: 08 December 2016, 01:18:09 AM »
I read about this in the evening standard on the way home and just watched the video online. There are some nice people about. :rolleyes

FZS600 Fazer / Wiring direct to battery?
« on: 03 October 2016, 12:12:11 PM »
When adding electrical bits to the bike. I understand that things with a particularly high current draw often need to be wired directly to the battery, sometimes via a relay (heated grips, a loud horn for example).

Is there somewhere else I can wire this in rather than having a big stack of connectors screwed into the battery terminals?

My bike already has spotlights and a cigarette lighter connection attached and now I'm considering fitting a loud horn. It's not going to look good.

Electrics are not my thing...

General / She wants big hooters!
« on: 30 September 2016, 12:18:49 PM »
Hi all,

I was thinking.. it wouldn't be a big job to fit a super loud horn in place of the standard one.

Any recommendations?
I'd like something that can wake the dead for around £20-30 if that's possible.

I'm getting a bit fed up of pedestrians just walking out in front of me without even looking. I think a good set of hooters might make me feel better about the whole thing.



General / Domino's scooter rider.
« on: 19 September 2016, 11:35:04 AM »
I thought this was worth a share.

He deserves to be fired unfortunately. Although still funny.  :rollin

FZS600 Fazer / Services offered - motorbike works.
« on: 19 September 2016, 11:14:44 AM »
Hi all,

Due to a change in my work circumstances, I'm about to find myself with some free time for the next 2 months.  :)

I'm thinking, to stop me getting bored and to make a bit of pocket money, I'll offer my services to work on motorbikes...
I'm in North West London and can travel, so bear me in mind if you have any jobs that need doing on your bike and I might be able to help you out.  :)


FZS600 Fazer / Indicator wiring question
« on: 07 September 2016, 11:38:45 AM »
I've spent a bit of time looking at the wiring diagram.

No headlights
No sidelights
No Left indicators (F&R)

Main beam works!
Dashboard indicator light works!

Hazards - only right indicators flash.

I've deduced that the fault must be where the two return wires from the front and rear left indicators join before going back to the left handlebar switch.

Any idea where that joint is? Before I take the tank, tail section, side covers and left handlebar switch apart to look for it?!

FZS600 Fazer / indicator diagnostics? (edit: and headlight)
« on: 29 August 2016, 11:31:31 AM »
There's always something going wrong with my bike.  :(

I went for a ride this morning and noticed the left hand indicator dashboard light blinking quicker than normal. It usually means there is a bulb out, so I look and neither bulb (front or rear) is working?!

Can someone suggest the issue or point me at some diagnostics?
Mechanics I can do all day long, electrics I'm lost.

Do the left and right indicators have separate fuses?
Or have I got a wiring or connection fault?

Edit:... and I just realised that the headlights are not working either. Full beam yes, dipped beam and 'sidelights' - dead. :-(



FZS600 Fazer / C-spanner for headset
« on: 17 August 2016, 12:35:49 PM »
Hi all,

What size C-spanner do you need to adjust the head bearings?

Can you use the one in the tool kit for the rear suspension adjustment? Or will I need to order one? And if so what size do I order?

Thank you!


General / Biker - road rage idiot karma
« on: 04 August 2016, 07:17:30 PM »
I'm not sure if this is real, but it made me chuckle.  :rollin :rollin :rollin

If you get videoed doing something this stupid, it really should go out all over the net...

FZS600 Fazer / left hand engine seals.
« on: 26 July 2016, 11:21:47 AM »
I changed my gearbox over, over Christmas. I replaced all of the gaskets at the time but reused all the seals on the left-hand side of the engine (clutch rod, gear shift shaft and gearbox output shaft seals). They all looked to be in good condition at the time, so I put gasket seal on the outside of them and stuck them in.

I now have a slow leak / drip coming from that side now, which I think is likely to be the output shaft seal.
I've bought a whole set of seals and plan to replace them. I'm now trying to get my head around... How easy is that to do without splitting the engine? I'm hoping I can just pull the shafts out then hook the seals out? Output shaft might be a bit trickier to get out? Will I need to drain the oil?


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