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Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Oil consumption
« on: 04 August 2018, 09:05:28 PM »
My Gen1 has started to 'eat' more oil lately, it used to munch through around 100ml every 1k to 2k miles or so but I think it's started to get through more now..

Is this normal for 35k miler? What's everyone else's experience?

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Numpty exup question..
« on: 08 July 2018, 10:21:58 AM »
Took exup cables off bike as part of a major re-furb... Thinking I'd remember where everything went when I put it back together...

Does the 'silver' cable at the top of the pulley on the exhaust go to the top of the servo motor wheel?

That's right isn't it? The 'black' cable at the bottom of the pulley routes to the bottom of the servo wheel...?

And... When the switch the ignition on should the servo go through a push and pull cycle? Mine seems only to pull the top ('silver') cable - there's no 7k error on the clocks..

And can someone tell me why, after 10 years of ownership, I seem to have forgotten all this... Haahaa!


General / Boris' cycle superhighway
« on: 09 January 2016, 04:56:37 PM »
Apologies if this has been discussed elsewhere but I just found myself trying to navigate St Georges Circus and Elephant & Castle in London for the first time today in a few months.. What the thundering f*ck?? Is it meant be safer for cyclists? I can't see anyone benefiting, even pedastrians looked suddenly at more risk..

General / Liverpool Foccer 'salute'
« on: 21 August 2014, 09:00:20 AM » the man who gave me a foccer salute as I headed in to Liverpool yesterday late afternoon on my way to the Isle of Man - I did try and return it but I nearly ran in to the car in front of me.

Just didn't want you to think I was being rude..  :D


General / Bomber
« on: 16 August 2014, 11:47:35 AM »
Two Lancasters just flew over my house in North Kent at around 500ft!!! I'm speechless!!!

General / Wiggo Militant
« on: 04 November 2013, 11:31:53 AM »
I've noticed a new breed of cycliste on the mean streets of Sarf Larndn (well, the South Circular at least) - Sky liveried, lycra clad, flash carbon racing bike heading down the 'filtering' gap in the middle of the road rather than on the left - and appearing to think they have priority even if straying on to the other side. Aggressive buggers too... Anyone else noticed them?

General / Any cycliste types...?
« on: 26 August 2013, 12:48:49 PM »
I just ordered a 10 speed chain for my Cannondale from Ribblecycles Cycles but, it turns out, I've a 9 speed block. Ribblecycles proved proper unhelpful and refused to amend the order, despite contacting them barely 30 minutes after placing it online.
Question: will a 10 speed chain fit a 9 speed block ok?

General / 165?
« on: 31 July 2013, 07:46:13 PM »
If he'd been on a bike he'd have gone to jail I reckon, one rule for us etc.

General / Blackheath rozzer fest!
« on: 04 July 2013, 03:28:25 PM »
Passed through Blackheath twice today, in then out of town, and the hi-viz rozzers were out in force stopping traffic - unusually tho, since I was on a bike, not me. Anyone see who they were stopping? Any special occasion or just one of their 'crackdowns' on something or other?


General / Kosmic Karry-on
« on: 22 June 2013, 06:02:10 PM »
for anyone wishing to see what a Billion GBs of Kosmic looks like - click here:

to be honest only about 1GB was used on the vid - the remaining 999,999,999 were taken up rendering all the *bling* on Kosmic's bike!

 :rollin  :rollin  :rollin

General / hashtag bloody cyclist
« on: 22 May 2013, 01:19:09 PM »
not a counterpoint to the recent, pretty disgraceful, dumb bint who tweeted knocking a cyclist off - but i got ranted at by a cyclist on my trip home out of London yesterday - at Aldgate; the lights were red and I slowly filtered my way to the front - various routes so to speak but finished on the left, between the kerb and the lead car (not a cycle lane), and stopped short of the 'cycle-box' at the front of the line of traffic. Waited half a minute or so until I heard behind me:
"can you move forward mate?" a cyclist had filtered up behind me and wanted in to the cycle-box
"no, sorry" i replied "but i'm not allowed in there" i pointed at the cycle-box.
"you've got mirrors haven't you?"
"yes, why?"
"well, you can see I want to get past, can't you? - i'm supposed to be allowed in to the cycle area"
"allowed? you don't have right of way, the lights are red, i cant move forward and you'll just have to wait like the rest of us"
"but you've got mirrors! why don't you use them??"
"I am, and I can see you behind me - having to wait"
he followed up with a stream of abuse which continued after the lights went green all the way up to my turning right on to the A13.

here's a confession: I cycle. I used to cycle a lot in town when i lived near Waterloo and I don't ever recall hurling abuse at someone for getting to the lights first. He didn't have right of way did he? I didn't cut him up filtering on the left i just got there first - wouldn't he have complained more if i went in to the cycle-box? it's a possible 3 points isn't it??

Is it just me?

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Bearing down
« on: 13 May 2013, 08:11:24 AM »
Just had a rear wheel bearing fail on me - fortunately just a couple of miles from home so I was able to 'limp' back. I've seen it happen to others but only on much higher mileage machines (40k+), my 04 gen 1 has only done 20k, does that seem low for a wheel bearing failure? What sort of mileage should you get from bearings? And should I be replacing the front bearings as a precaution?

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Thin side stand
« on: 08 May 2013, 07:04:25 AM »
Hi everyone: on a recent ferry trip to Spain with my '04 Fazer I noticed the side stand flex alarmingly as the ferry staff strapped the bike to the deck - it looked worryingly thin on such a big bike and wondered if anyone here had any knowledge of a Fazer side stand snapping or failing? S

For Sale & Wanted / Gen 1 carbon hugger
« on: 04 October 2012, 04:36:34 PM »
For sale: carbon hugger - some slight wear and tear, £40 plus postage - pm me for details


General / Olympic effort
« on: 14 July 2012, 09:41:59 AM »
Anyone here commuting in to central London from the north Kent area? Any ideas how best to cope with Olympic lanes / traffic etc? Just closing the Aldwych underpass added ten minutes on to my journey - Christ knows how bad it'll be with all the roads closed to us?

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Hyperpro steering damper won't fit
« on: 13 July 2012, 04:40:26 PM »
just tried fitting a Hyperpro steering damper and found it wont fit - the piston rod makes contact with the flat handlebars as you turn left. Question: is there a mounting kit that sits lower than the one pictured (there's plenty of room i think - the one supplied was the Hyperpro SD Mounting Kit) or is the only solution higher bars?

or only turning right... (thought I'd get that in, saving you the agg.)


Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / URGENT: cylinder not firing
« on: 30 May 2012, 09:36:20 PM »
Cylinder 1 seems to have given up the ghost... Spark plug and cap seem ok and I can't see any other problem. Was hoping to take it to the IoM tomorrow.

What are the usual suspects (apart from the plug and HT leads)?

Cheers, S

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Fork rebuild
« on: 19 March 2012, 11:23:14 PM »
Quick question: does anyone here have any knowledge of "Traxxion Dynamics Axxion" fork internals? I'm looking to get my forks redone, probably with K-Tech but am looking at other systems also. The claim is "..these are a piston and shim stack design which work with a digressive action"
Sadly I've no idea what any of that means... Just wondered if anyone here was cleverer than me in the suspension dept could shed some light?


Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / transmission 'clunk'
« on: 24 February 2012, 04:27:17 PM »
hi everyone,
my 04 FZS1000 seems to have developed an odd, 'loose' feeling clunk when i rev the engine a little while idling. I think usually when in gear with the clutch engaged - feels like some slack being taken up somewhere(?).
Pretty sure it's not the drive chain/front sprocket as that's all new and secure. Wouldn't be something in the clutch would it? It sounds like it's coming from that area.
Any thoughts gratefully received.


Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Sticky clutch...
« on: 29 October 2011, 02:58:00 PM »
Hi guys,
Quick question: my clutch lever appears to 'stick' when released, not seriously, it just won't release 'evenly' when let out slowly.
The cable is fine, I oiled it again with a light 3in1, and lever is all good, greased the collar and pivot etc.
Could it be something to do with the clutch itself? Maybe the pull lever or pull lever shaft?

Cheers, s

Your Suggestions and How you can help / iPrat
« on: 18 September 2011, 07:27:48 PM »
the new site doesn't seem to work with my iPad - in particular the [this] text panel doesn't activate the keyboard when you tap it, meaning you can't type messages...

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / compression adjusters
« on: 18 September 2011, 07:25:42 PM »
in case anyone didn't catch it... copied from previous forum site:

"does anyone know where i might lay my hands on a pair of working compression adjusters for an 04 FZS 1000's standard forks? they were the one thing i failed to check when i bought it and they're chewed/not working (the left hand one keeps spinning and the right hand is seized).
Unless anyone here who's done an R1 conversion has a pair kicking about...?


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