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OK, this is not getting used and it's a shame, so someone else may be interested.

I've not run it for quite some time now, but it's been stored covered up my shed, so is fine.  I'll charge everything and fire it up to check it's all good, but it will no doubt need re-tuning when you want to use it!

All the stuff is good condition and working order. The shell has a few minor scuffs and war wounds, but nothing major.

From memory it has the Optidrive fitted, and also has an auto-cut out when out of range fitted.

Comes with everything you need to run it, including (but not limited there may be other bits I find!):

- All batteries (for controller and truck)
- All chargers (for ez start, truck onboard batteries, aa sized controller batteries)
- Original controller
- Traxxas E-Z start starter
- Spare wheels and tyres
- Spare suspension springs
- Shock oil
- Original air filter
- Air filter cleaner
- Spare glowplugs
- Various tools for maintenance
- Fuel dispenser bottle
- Fuel (whatever I have left your'e welcome to!)
- Spare bonnet clips
- Original (a bit scratched) bumpers
- Original manual, etc in a folder

All the parts are in a little toolbox that you can have as well.

THIS IS THE 2.5R VERSION, not the regular 2.5.

I can take more pictures on request.

£200 - bit of a cheap bargain from what i can see looking at eBay, but I would like to sell it before i change my mind again!

Collection from Surrey.


This little laptop is great.  Small form factor, yet a decent size keyboard, crisp and clear display and really good battery life. Came preinstalled with Windows 7 Home premium, but I have upgrade it to Windows 8 with Media Centre (genuine, by the way).

Mint condition.  No marks or scratches, no wear on any keys or the trackpad.  I only ever used this at home to do some music mixes on, and it has become redundant since I bought a Mac just before Christmas.

Obviously comes complete with the power lead, I just didn't photo it!

The key bits of spec info are:

Processor:    AMD Dual-Core E-450 (1.7 GHz, 1 MB L2 cache)

Chipset:    AMD A50M FCH

Memory:    4 GB DDR3

Storage:    320gb SATA (5400rpm)

Display:    29,4 cm (11.6") HD LED-backlit BrightView (1366 x 768)

Graphics:    AMD Radeon HD 6320 Discrete-Class (up to 1.92 GB total memory)


1 Headphone-out/microphone-in combo
3 USB 2.0
1 RJ45

Expansion slots:    Multi-Format Digital Media Card Reader

Camera:    HP TrueVision HD Webcam with Integrated Digital Microphone (low-light)

Audio features:    Internal Speakers and Audio playback with Beats Audio™

Network interface:    Integrated 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet LAN

Wireless:    802.11 b/g/n,  Bluetooth

Dimensions (W x D x H):   29.2 x 21.5 x 3.2 cm

Weight:    1.6kg


Collection from Surrey.

Bought these with incase I buggered up my existing exup valve trying to get it out to service it for the first time.

Turns out, I did a good job so didn't need them.

Very good condition. Fully working valve and NO SNAPPED BOLTS!!

I've cleaned them all up, so all but the bends just before the cylinder flanges are nice and shiney (only very minor tarnishing remains at these points) - annoyingly, they're significantly cleaner than what is fitted to my bike at the moment! EXUP valve has been stripped, cleaned, copper-greased and reassembled with the appropriate stainless bolts.

EXUP valve pulley wheel is included, but you'll need your old EXUP valve cover.

£170 ono

Collection preferred form Surrey, but open to negotiation/suggestions.

For Sale & Wanted / 2002 (51) Fazer FZS100 for sale £2450
« on: 17 March 2014, 11:31:29 AM »

Thinking of changing my bike, so thought I'd see if there is any interest on here first:

Very clean. Unmarked paintwork.  Engine has only 1 or 2 very minor paint bubblings.  Working and regularly serviced EXUP valve!

23k miles
2 owners from new
Years MOT
Years tax
Almost new tyres (maybe 6 months old?)
New battery fitted approximately 4 months ago.
FSH - most recent oil and filter change done by myself, again, about a month ago.

Extras include:

Beowulf stainless radiatior cover (radiator cover and side covers)
Beowulf end can
Carbon hugger
Pyramid belly pan
Carbon front fender extender
MRA Vario screen
R&G Heated grips
Crash bars
Hawk Alarm

I'm based in Surrey.

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / FZS1000 and a Beowulf can
« on: 01 November 2013, 08:53:46 AM »
Morning chaps

I noticed the other day that my exhaust has what I am assuming is a removable baffle in the exhaust.

It's simply held in place by a single allen bolt.  The baffle itself is simply a steel tube about 150mm long and approximatley 30mm diameter (has a slight kink in to  reduce the diameter in the middle).

I remember my old instructor telling me I should take it out because it'd sound better and release a bit more power, so I removed it last night (not ridden the bike in today).

Does the baffle affect the engines running at all?  A little louder may be nice, but I don't want to make the engine run leaner or anything and risk damage (something I've read).

Any thoughts?

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / EXUP valve movement
« on: 18 July 2013, 04:01:33 PM »
Just wondering, how stiff should the valve be in the collector box?

The reason for asking, is that I've (as some may have read) recently refurbished an exhaust and exup valve.

The valve was very seized and took quite a bit of effort to free up.

It'sll all nicely moving in the bushes at both ends now, but it did take a little bit of tweaking as I think the valve was slightly bent.  It's at a poitn now where I've tweaked it back and forth to find where it is the most free moving, but to me it still feels like there's a little resistance.

My only comparison is my current one, which is very loose in the bushes - seems almost too loose - and as I don't know what mielage bike this other exhuast came off, I've no idea if it seized early in it's life and therefore hasn't worn as much as mine (which wasn't seized when I eventually got the bugger out to grease it up!).

I can turn the pulley by hand just using thumb and index finger, and there's no resistance points now I've straightened it out, but it doesn't slop around if you know what I mean.  Feels a bit like the end is in a tub of a viscous liquid or something.  It's not tight, doesn't stick in places, there's just a general light resistance.

Perhaps the servo is quite manly and as long as the valve isn't sticking it won't be an issue.

Just thought i'd ask the question before I swap exhausts over.



General / Sat Nav holder review
« on: 29 May 2013, 09:47:52 AM »
I bought one of these the other day, as it seemed it'd be useful for both work and social purposes.

I looked at quite a few but settled on this one, which appeared to be a brand of sorts, rather than a generic thing.

eBay seller "freebitsuk"

It has a load of different size foam bits to pad out the phone, and the case is the perfect size and a nice snug fit without being too tight.  The touchscreen can also be operated through the plastic - not particulary handy when you have motorbike gloves on, but there we go! :lol:

A friend bought a slightly cheaper one and has said he discovered it wasn't as "rain proof" as the ad made out.  The one I have, I must admit, the plastic screen cover looks tightly stitched to the rest of the case, and the zips also look like they'd do a good job of keeping rain out, as they're coated in that rubbery coating that effectively seals the zip when it's done up.

I got it because it came with 2 brackets, and I was thinking it'd also be useful on my mountainbike or road bike. One bracket is a shorter, thumbsrcrew and clamp fixing - the other is a longer and larger quick release clamp. Turns out the smaller mounting bracket fitted the Fazer handlebars well, and being shorted, means the phone's not hanging out miles from the bike.  The rubber strip supplied was a bit to thin, but I had some other rubber that I cut down to size and that helped it clamp that little bit tighter.

Tried it for the first time today on the bike:

It works really well. It holds it nice and tight, even on Surrey’s wonderfully smooth roads  :lol:  :roll: , it didn’t look in danger of being launched off.  The only problems I found were I had is that the auto-screen rotation was going bonkers at times. Solved that by installing a free app that allows you to manually set portrait or landscape called "Rotation Locker".

The other downside is that it does cane through the battery.  Did about 20% in 30 mins or so, so hooking up a lighter socket or something somewhere under the faring is going to be a must.  I've ordered a waterproof usb charging socket from this place.  The selection on ebay looked a bit crap, so I figured I may as well get a half decent waterproof fused socket that would be fairly flexible in terms of mounting options.

I'll fit that when it arrives in a few days.

Anyway, seeing as there's quite a selection on eBay and elsewhere, I thought a review and some pictures of one I found to be pretty good may be useful.

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Cam chain tensioner and rattles
« on: 24 May 2013, 03:32:03 PM »
Reading this chaps thread...,7714.0.html

How common a failure are the cam chain tensioners please people?

What are we talking.....1 in 100, 1 in 5? 

I think my cam chain is a bit noisy (18k miles), as it seems to occassionally rattle slightly when decelerating through 3500-2000 rpm, but I can't decide if (a) they're all like that Sir! (b) it's because the bike's just had a fresh oil change (c) the cam chain adjuster is stuck.  The thing is, i don't recall hearing it before I changed the oil - and spent the weekend frigging about with the EXUP valve - so maybe it's always been like it and I'm just being paranoid  :look   I've tried the thrashing the arse off it trick too, made no difference.

It's not major rattles all the time, nor is it especially loud - no issues with the bikes performance either.

I'm just a bit confused, as everything i've read suggests the cam chains rattle when the bike's cold.  Whereas mine seems to rattle only when it's been ridden for 30 mins or so and is nice and hot. :\

I am thinking of popping the adjsut out and checking it over.  Do they have a gasket, as I didn't need a gasket when I took the one out on my bandit and put it back in again?

I must admit, the price of new adjusters is ridiculous.  I swear new bits for my Bandit never used to be as stupidly priced.....

What a ballache of a weekend.

I'd not had any issues with the exup valve, although it has been starting to squeak the last couple of weeks when I switched the ignition on.

Strikes me that you either attack this exup valve and deal with the consequences of dismantling before it breaks, or do it when it breaks. Either way, it would appear that if bikes got more than 6k miles on it, chances are its gonna be a nightmare, so may as well do it sooner rather than later, IMO.

Anyway, not sure what has happened with this valve in the past, but the cover is fixed in a bit of a Heath Robinson fashion, spaced out from the valve by large nuts , with the cover securing bolts obviously passing through these.

That's the first oddity.

I have been soaking the exup bolts with penetrating oil  the last week, so thought I'd give it a go yesterday.  Had the blowtorch on the first one for a good while to heat things up.  First bolt (bottom left) finally began to shift.  Second bolt (top left) had the same treatment, and again came out with not too much trouble.  The third bolt (the one on the right), no such luck.  Blowtorch on it for ages, didn't feel like it was happening. More penetrating oil and then an hour later, more blowtorch action for ages.  Then finally....snap. :'(   Fuck it.

So, was able to get the exup valve out.  Looked clean enough, although was definitely dry and squeaky.

Took the cable pulley off, and there's a big chunk snapped off it, doesn't affect operation, also the centre bolt has clearly been had a pop at previously, as the thread was fucked inside the bronze valve spindle end.

So yeah. I think someone has had a crack at getting this off, or has done something to the valve in the past bearing in mind the above.  Perhaps the bolt that sheared was the one that they'd tried to undo already without the oil and blowtorch, maybe weakening it...I dunno.

Went and bought myself a tap and die set and rethreaded the valve end so the bolt will fit it properly.

A then I began the painstaking task of trying to drill out the old bolt.  Fuck knows what is going on with this, as it simply was not happening.  I've burnt through more drill bits than I can remember, and whilst I did manage to get a small hole forming (ie: nearly drilled through), it was just eating drill bits at an alarming rate.  Nothing I've read suggests you'd need diamond tipped drills to do this!!??

Anyway, gave up with it, the reason being that once the valve is relocated in place, the circular bit of the end plate fits snugly into the exhaust, and doesn't seem to be going anywhere with the two left bolts holding it in place.

The concern I had is that the cable bracket is held in place by the top left bolt and the one on the right...which I don't have anymore, as its buggered.  Again, whilst it seem to be held in place in a fairly secure fashion, I was concerned about the leverage exerted on the one bolt, and that the cable bracket would eventually creep round. 

Took the cable bracket off again, and went delving round the shed for a bit of metal bar I could use.  My plan was to fix the bar to the 'missing bolt' bolt hole on the cable bracket, which would then be fixed at the other end to the lower cover bolt hole.  I should've taken a picture, but quite frankly , I just needed to get it all back together ASAP.

So, pop rivetted the new bar to the cable bracket, bolted everything up and it seems to work fine and the cable bracket is just as secure as it was originally before it all went to shit.

Everything is copper greased, and all new bolts are stainless.

Took the cover off and adjusted the cables and there's no squeaking anymore and everything seems to be working ok.

I can't decide if I should take the bike somewhere and see about having the buggered hole drilled out properly and re threaded, or just leave it and see how things work out?

Any thoughts please chaps?

Oh, I serviced the bike yesterday too before all this aggravation!

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Centre stand width on a FZS1000?
« on: 06 March 2013, 10:04:25 AM »
I've not got my bike at work today, and I'm trying to come up with a design for a turntable to faciliate getting the bike in and out of the garage.

I don't suppose someone knows (of can quickly measure) the centre stand width?


For Sale & Wanted / Sold
« on: 27 February 2013, 11:39:14 AM »
As new condition and new battery approximately 2 months ago.

Easily programmable to any Datatool system 3

£18 posted.

These came on my 2002 bike I've just bought, but I can't find a suitable position that suits me, so I think i want just normal ones.

These ones

Like new to be honest, not a mark on them.


Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / 2002 fzs1000 bolt sizes?
« on: 19 February 2013, 08:12:23 PM »
I'd like to replace the allen bolts on the engine when I get the bike (including the exup valve ones!).

I found a list of all the bolts required for the bandit when I did that. Is there a similar list somewhere for the fzs1000?


Introduction / Afternoon all
« on: 19 February 2013, 03:51:33 PM »
I've just put a deposit down on a rather tasty fzs1000, so thought I should start researching bits and pieces before I pick it up at the weekend.

I've been rocking about on an 02 plate Bandit 600 for the last year since getting my full license, and just coded it was time for a change.

The bandit is very clean, but there's a few little bits that aren't tip top, and won't even be unless I spend a lot more than the bikes worth, and being into detailing (cars mainly, aside from my own bikes, but looks like I might have a decent opening into doing some bikes as well) it annoys me.

So yeah, found a really nice 51 plate fzs1000 and have been offered good money (owing to tidiness!) for the bandit, so seemed like a good to time go up in the motorbiking world.

The fazer has 15k on the clock, is that funky purpley blue colour, adjustable pegs, Beowulf exhaust, scottoiler, crash bars, shorter screen with the extension bit (the name escapes me!), heated grips, carbon rear hugger, belly pan, new Michelin tyres and is in very good condition indeed.

I'll get some pictures up of both bikes soon.

Look forward to getting to know some peeps on here.



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