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General / Blood biker death
« on: 12 May 2018, 09:35:26 AM »

occurred earlier this week and most of you may have seen it

condolences to his family, friends and volunteer colleagues, even with all that hi viz someone has not seen him. But to be fair, I don't know the road so cannot comment on blind spots etc. Be interesting to see what the car driver has to say

General / satnav query
« on: 11 May 2018, 08:05:22 PM »
anyone fitted a satnav to Pan or a similar bike that doesn't have standard bars?

by that, I mean if you look at the bars on a Pan then it's like having two separate individual bars (one on each side) with no middle bit of bar where you'd usually fit the bracket for satnav

I want advice on the best type of satnav for a Pan (fitting wise) if anyone has done it/knows anyone who's done it


General / Taxing a bike/refund of tax
« on: 19 April 2018, 07:38:28 PM »
sold me bike today and got a Pan, it's my understanding that the tax ends at point of sale and you tell DVLA who will refund if applicable. Question is, the online Government dept only operates from 7am  - 7pm so I cannot do it tonight and I need to be on the road before 7am tomorrow. If I take a chance and ride to work, what happens if I'm I barley like when you're going to the MOT station with no MOT (dubious as no proof that I'd be deffo paying for tax) so what would the offence be.......if no tax does that mean no valid insurance?

bit of a pickle tbh

General / I've won!!!!!!!!!!
« on: 31 March 2018, 09:42:49 PM »
I just don't know what to spend it on....H2, big house, whores :lol

what do you reckon lads, should I just turn up and say.........."giz me fucking money!!!"

what if it's a Russian diplomat though :eek......well, if you hear of a nerve agent attack in Liverpool :lol

Del Rio International Airport(DRT)
1104 W 10th St, Del Rio, TX 78840, United States

ATTENTION: Notice On Your Consignment Box Reg: JG $15 MILLION USD.

Today we discovered an abandoned metal suitcase with reg;JG $15 MILLION USD. originally scheduled to be delivered to you by the agency (Foreign Payment Service) New York. This Suitcase is a metal box and when scanned by a forensic scanner it was revealed to contain 200 dollar bills valued $15 MILLION USD which has been under Security surveillance for some days now.

I am writing to inform you that we have investigated the said Suitcase and the investigation proved the legitimacy of its content. Note, The Funds which belongs to you was initially scheduled for delivery to your residence, The Diplomat who arrived with the Consignment made several attempts to reach you,all efforts proved abortive so he decided to leave the case behind.

You are therefore advised to make contact with Mr.Richard Gald (Dispatch Officer) of broadefest Courier Service,which is the courier company in charge of the storage unit your case is in order to assist you recover your Consignment box and deliver it to your home. You may contact him through his email [] to recover your Consignment or we will be compelled to list your Fund as an unclaimed consignment and maybe forfeited and moved to the United States Treasury Department for holding.

God Bless
(Mrs) Susan C. Bells
Del Rio International Airport Texas

General / big tourers
« on: 07 October 2017, 08:31:14 PM »
been thinking of a Pan ST1300 A6 or A9 but looked at a few ads yesterday for the newer FJR 1300A then someone today mentions the kwacker 1400

anyone had any experiences of these bikes

Pan 1300 arrived 2002 I think, FJR has been around 15 years albeit the new model now has a 6spd box and LED lights, Kwacker is probably the newest but unsure on the finish as most Kwackers I've heard of are poor quality finish

thoughts please gents

General / MT 10
« on: 15 September 2017, 07:42:29 PM »
walking the dog and saw one in traffic, smitten even though it was a fleeting glimpse

so who's got one and what's the pro's and cons before I head off to the dealers :lol

General / who's responsible?
« on: 07 September 2017, 03:29:56 PM »
car gets picked up earlier for its last service as part of the service deal. They ring and say 2 tyres are .9mm from the legal limit, shall we replace......I said no as that's almost 1 mm
2.6 being legal limit

then he says there's a nail in the side wall and the tyre is punctured but I wouldn't have seen we get going.....I say you've done it driving the car in as my tyres were ok, his reply was prove it. I argue that the ECU would've picked up the puncture and he says the nail's still in so not leaking!
he speaks to Manager who offers discount but no replacement tyre, so after 20 mins I ring back and explain to manager I complete POWDDERS checks before every ride/drive and also works vehicles so how come I don't see it but the mechanic does......he argues he cannot afford to replace tyres and they have collected free of charge, my counter is that its in your custody so you're responsible. He's gone to look at it and speak to his manager. I'm getting the feeling the trying to have me off over two tyres as its the last time they'll have the car under warranty.

your thoughts please?

General / sad loss
« on: 10 March 2017, 04:25:07 PM »
hearing of a young nurse in Oz who has died after she lost control of her fazer 600
a sad loss to our Fazer family, RIP

General / speeding query
« on: 25 February 2017, 03:42:33 PM »
think I've been collared by a scamera van today, looked on google maps at where he was and he's on a single yellow line but I'll have to go down and see if there's a quantifying plate on the roadside or can the Police park where they like?
I didn't think they could operate outside of the law to catch you but we're talking about traffic here, not catching threats to the State!

have tried attaching an image of the area but if anyone knows the area around the new tunnel on Scotland Rd Liverpool, he was parked at the bottom of Juvenal St where it meets Scotty Rd. There's a fixed camera further back up the road where there's a built up area but the road opens up where the tunnel egress road comes onto Scotty. Can only think this is a pure revenue scam as no pedestrians cross the road here (railings across bottom of Juvenal St and no crossing across Scotty

about 50 in a 30 so expecting a NIP if he's got me

General / kindle fire advice needed
« on: 17 January 2017, 08:36:52 PM »
Mrs maddog wants to listen to audio books on the kindle (fire). I'm a pooter fuckwit and can't do foc all so can the foccer font of knowledge advise me how to download "free" audio books to the kindle?

ATM (at the mo......not porn you dirty gits :lol) I'm logging in to the wife's amazon account and looking but after searching free audio, it then offers a free book but you have to pay to be able to listen......flies in the face of what I'm trying to achieve.

or is there another way of downloading free audio books to the kindle ;) but remember I'm shit at all this malarkey so keep it simple

Before you lot start........I cannot and will not sit on the edge of the bed and say......Once upon a time :lol

cheers everyone

General / foccer font of knowledge ......Beats etc
« on: 13 October 2016, 11:22:40 AM »
looking for a pair of over the ear headphones to listen to music when walking the dog/sat at home. Would prefer Bluetooth but not too arsed if they are wired, can anyone recommend a good pair at a decent price?
saw an offer on Beats pro for £189 down from £380 but stopped a lad in the street who had a pair of beats on and he says there's better out there. I don't want cheap shite but I'm not Quincy Jones either so my ears aren't going to pick up every last note.......just need a good decent pair of OVER THE EAR type


General / pond vacs
« on: 22 April 2016, 03:14:56 PM »
to all the fish keepers on here, thinking of getting a pond vac.....decent not one of the cheap shite ones

does anyone in the Liverpool area have one that I could borrow to try out before I commit to buying one.....even on ebay they're decent money so would like to try one first?


General / kindle fire
« on: 14 February 2016, 09:19:55 AM »
anyone using showbox......the app that lets you watch/download all sorts free?

lads in work have this app on their phones and I've just bought the Mrs a kindle so she can pass the time in ozzy. They've downloaded the app onto the kindle and have downloaded some films/episodes of Luther but the kindle is only 8gb storage. I bought a good 32gb card but the issue is that everything is saving to the internal memory rather than the sd card even though we've ticked the tabs to say "save to card"

anyone know how to work around this as at present we can only have 3 episodes of Luther (until I get rid of the film) we need to be able to start saving everything to the card?

thanks in advance

For Sale & Wanted / Fuel oval pipe
« on: 07 February 2016, 11:42:55 AM »

I've got a fuel oval can that came with my bandit 650, used a few times by previous owner and given to me all boxed up and I've never used it. Looks like the link pipe has had some damage (something burnt against it possibly?) but the main pipe is in VGC
don't know if it will fit a fazer as it is or you might need to mod it a bit but its yours for £60 with either free collection or Royal Mail want about £13 postage. If interested then drop me a pm as I've no idea how to post pics and I'll email you direct

General / windows 10
« on: 11 January 2016, 10:09:25 AM »
my pooter has just give a pop up asking if I want to upgrade to windows 10, I've had a quick search on here but the answers were prior to or just as 10came out. I'd imagine any bugs have been ironed out by now so is anyone on here using 10 and can they recommend it or not?


General / STROKE.........advice and help needed
« on: 27 December 2015, 09:35:20 PM »
wife suffered a serious stroke just before xmas, she was driving at the time and we must be grateful for small mercies as she could've literally died as her route took her over a flyover during the attack and she said she was all over the road

I'm due to sit down with the whole team at some point to discuss things but as its xmas most of the staff are on hols

wife is paralysed down the left side with limited vision, speech is quiet but clear, She is fully compus mentis with the odd bit of confusion but I don't know what the future holds, bleed still on the brain so until the blood is absorbed back into the body, no further scan can take place

I need your advice reference the way to get help once she's least 6 weeks away.....just asking if anyone has suffered this in the family and can give me some pointers

me lads distraught seeing his mum like this, I'm being as strong as poss for everyone but I'm fucked after 5 days.....just ensuring we're there for her and we eat and sleep as much as poss, his works are being a tad arsey, mine are ok for now but don't know how far they'll go

all advice greatly appreciated

General / Karma.......there is a God
« on: 16 September 2015, 06:10:13 PM »

General / new tyres needed pirelli or michellin
« on: 02 September 2015, 12:41:48 PM »
ok, need a new pair and looking at Michelin pilot 4 or Pirelli corsa's

mainly motorway work unless I'm doing the RoSPA course which is a mix, ride all year in all weathers and looking for long life
currently on Avon ST which have been good but hearing good reports on the above

any advice warmly accepted

General / smelly gloves
« on: 05 August 2015, 03:48:36 PM »
think the question has already been raised but I can't find it.............................hands stink when I take them outta me gloves......don't want to wash gloves incase I foc em up so what do you all do/use to keep yer gloves/mitts smelling right?

General / summer clothing
« on: 07 July 2015, 08:44:32 AM »
after sweating like a peado priest at an altar boys convention, for the first time ever I've seriously been considering getting some vented/aero kit

I got home after 20 miles and stripped the linings out of my textile kex and swapped me textile jacket for me leather, opened a few vents and it was bliss on the next ride

can anyone recommend any decent kit with armour?
also, given that we hardly have any decent weather over here, is it worth the money considering what little use it may get (I don't go abroad)


General / Widnes bike meets
« on: 19 June 2015, 03:42:59 PM »
anyone on here go to the Tuesday night meets at the Tomar café St. Mikes Ind estate?
If so, I'll be running a slightly watered down version of the Bikerdown course that we do in work, August 2nd is the date we'll be there so if you fancy it then let George the owner know that you'll be there. I called in with the pump last week and there was a yellow foxeye there but got a job before I had a chance to find the owner.......might be one of us off here

General / North West Advanced riding courses
« on: 28 May 2015, 10:49:28 AM »
If anyone's interested then have a butchers here, I'm going through my Observer training so would be good to see some of you. If you've ever thought about it and thought it's for me but never got around to it or's not for me, then you'll be surprised
best thing I ever done and learnt loads

General / calling Stevierst
« on: 25 February 2015, 08:43:25 AM »
alright pal, need some advice and its not crystal clear after looking on the web

mum in law is nearing 76 and I just saw the news about renewing your licence from 70 every three years, google search says 90 days before 70th birthday DVLA will notify you with a reminder........does this reminder happen at 73/76/79 etc or is the onus now on the individual?


General / Jordan
« on: 04 February 2015, 10:20:22 AM »
good on yer

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