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General / HGV warning
« on: 06 April 2015, 05:47:55 PM »
Just a quick heads up for those that may not be aware.

From today (6 April 2015) HGV's can now do 50mph on single carriageways and 60mph on dual carriageways. Be aware that a gap you may previously have pulled out in could be closing much faster than before.

The Laboratory ! / youtube
« on: 30 January 2015, 04:06:27 PM »

General / STOLEN!!! - Now recovered :)
« on: 03 January 2015, 02:11:11 PM »
Got a phone call from the police to say a guy at the other end of the village has found my bike hidden in his garden.
Went round expecting the worst to find no damage at all to the bike, not even a smashed ignition barrel, although the padlock and chain are still missing.
Honestly thought I was never gonna see it again, as was our eldest daughter who I reckon was more gutted about it going missing than I was. (She still reckons it's her bike and I'm just looking after it for her!!)
 :) :) :)

Original post
My Fazer CU03 GYK was stolen from outside our house last night. (Gainsborough, Lincolnshire area)
Very distinctive (foccing huge) top box.
Any sightings/information, please contact Lincolnshire Police quoting incident 171 of 03/01/2015

General / Moron!
« on: 20 August 2014, 01:58:01 PM »
Quote from: Moron
I was in full control until I hit the fence

General / For all the grammar Nazi's out there
« on: 16 July 2014, 08:03:31 PM »

The Laboratory ! / Vimeo Test
« on: 22 May 2014, 12:11:54 PM »
<iframe src="//" width="500" height="281" frameborder="0" webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe> <p><a href="">OV13 VNM Motorcyclist Deliberately Collides With Cyclist</a> from <a href="">Bad Swindoom Road Users</a> on <a href="">Vimeo</a>.</p>

General / Madness on the roads
« on: 05 September 2013, 12:12:03 PM »
 :eek :eek

Hope no foccers were caught up in this.

From the numerous other stories reporting cars driving without lights and at 'normal' speed, a timely reminder of the approaching winter and the need to drive/ride according to the conditions.

Stay safe out there people.

General / Easy money!
« on: 29 August 2013, 10:56:22 AM »

Events, Meets, Ride outs etc / BSB Cadwell
« on: 23 August 2013, 07:36:53 PM »
Anyone going?

I'll be there Sunday and Monday as part of the medical team providing First Aid for the crowd. Hopefully we won't be too busy so I can watch some racing as well.

We have two sites (and a trade stand for LIVES, the charity we volunteer with), one opposite the paddocks (I'll be there Sunday morning & Monday afternoon) and the other by the trade stands at the bottom of the Mountain (Sunday afternoon and Monday morning).

Hopefully won't have to meet any of you professionally, but feel free to pop in and say hi (I'll be the tall skinny one with the pony tail).

General / Newsflash
« on: 22 April 2013, 04:09:14 PM »
As a side line to the t-shirt printing business we have, we run after school clubs in our local area where the children get to design their own t-shirt and then print it using Magic Touch papers.
 One school likes to promote their extra curricular activities and got the local paper in who ran a couple of short articles.
 These articles then got picked up by the BBC and we've been invited to appear on a t-shirt printing segment on Blue Peter this Thursday!!


General / Anyone after a new job?
« on: 26 February 2013, 10:36:02 AM »

The Laboratory ! / blsdf
« on: 30 October 2012, 06:54:48 PM »

General / Free £5 on ebay
« on: 30 October 2012, 01:59:41 PM »
EDIT - Offer is available for selected ebay users. Please check your emails to confirm if it applies to you before commiting to a purchase

Just received an email from ebay (and made a purchase, so I know it works)

Make a paypal purchase via the ebay app on your smartphone, between now and 12 November 2012, enter code couponapp2 and receive a £5 discount off the price (excludes p&p)

No minimum spend - I bought an item for £5.99 with free p&p and paid just the 99p

I know someone posted a few weeks ago about a similar offer via the main website, but the time limit was very close to expiring and a number of foccers missed out, hopefully a few more can take advantage of this one :)

Happy shopping!

General / How foccin lucky!!
« on: 22 July 2012, 10:26:41 AM »

General / How much would you pay to support your local dealer?
« on: 06 July 2012, 01:27:39 AM »
I'm a great believer in supporting local businesses and don't usually mind if it's a little more expensive than buying online for the  personal touch and ease of nipping down the road instead of the hassle of emails, phone calls, missing delivery slots and return postage if something goes wrong. However, I'm looking at getting some hard luggage (Givi) and the price difference is  ridiculous. For the cost of the 46 litre box from the dealer, I can get a 55 litre + backrest online!!

So, should there come a point when the additional cost of a local shop becomes too great to keep your business or should we support local businesses at all costs?

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