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Diesels and Lawnmowers (Bike racing n things) / Number 7 at 70
« on: 12 September 2020, 01:29:41 PM »
Barry Sheene would have been 70 yesterday

General / What else do you do?
« on: 28 May 2020, 07:33:45 PM »
Looking at the 'What are you reading' thread got me thinking. People were reading various books including a fair number that were bike related.
We all are bike fanatics, otherwise we wouldn't be here, but what other things are we particularly enthusiastic about. Not just hobbies, but things we do to the same level of expertise that we have for bikes? You never know, you might be able to help out another foccer with advice :)

Here's mine :

Theatre. Not just watching, but I've produced and directed at professional and amateur level, including a couple of shows at the Edinburgh Fringe

Gardening. Particularly vegetables. My garlic and chillies are top notch

I'm also learning to cook. Proper cooking near to good restaurant level from scratch . But that's work in progress.

So what's yours?

General / Norton go into administration
« on: 29 January 2020, 11:43:14 PM »
All the signs were there.

Pity as the new V4s and 650 twins looked good.

General / 'I Love Tommy Robinson' thread for Dazza
« on: 19 May 2019, 11:17:59 AM »

Convicted paedophile Jack Renshaw who joined the banned far-right group National Action and plotted to kill Labour MP Rosie Cooper has been jailed for at least 20 years.

Tommy Robinson was not seen near the court.

General / The usual insurance renewal nonsense
« on: 25 October 2018, 01:09:56 PM »
Last year's Carole Nash multi bike (3) quote - £279 (after some 'negotiation')
This year's renewal quote - £324 (+16%/£45)
So I go online and get a quote from Bennetts - £275
Ring up Carole Nash and the price falls to £285 (including the usual CN extras)
Why do I have to do this every year?

Incidentally I looked at insuring the 3 bikes separately and they added up to.... £274. So not sure this save money through multi, because you can only ride one bike at a time, actually works.

Looking forward to November 2019  :\

General / Bargains?
« on: 21 September 2017, 07:41:35 PM »
1. Halfords have got 20% discount on all Castrol 4 litre oils at the moment. Making 10/40 Power 1 = £31.20 and Power 1Racing = £32.80. Probably cheaper than anywhere else at the moment?
2. Lidl have got an intelligent battery charger which can be switched between bike (less than 14ah) and car (14ah to 120ah). Price £13.99. OK for lead/acid, AGM and GEL Also can charge 6v.

General / Halfords
« on: 13 January 2017, 10:09:51 AM »
15% discount on all workshop items and tools today only.
Thought I'd post in case anybody planning to delay a purchase until the weekend.$ja=tsid:71018|cgn:January2016_2017|kw:WK41

General / Worlds largest female bike meet
« on: 23 June 2015, 11:49:54 PM »
Planned for the Ace cafe on 16th August
Know there are quite a few Fazer girls on this site

For Sale & Wanted / Latest Oxford heated grips £39.99
« on: 16 April 2015, 09:20:53 PM »
with discount code HOT50
get in quick !

General / Rear facing average speed cameras on the M1
« on: 30 November 2013, 04:23:08 PM »

FZS600 Fazer / Crash bungs
« on: 14 July 2013, 10:52:47 PM »
I've got a foxeye that has the genuine Yamaha bellypan, and uses the Yamaha fixing kit just like with the full side panels
Looking at Yam photos, the crash bungs replace the grey holding plates.
Q1 Can't find the genuine Yamaha ones anywhere. Does anybody know whether any of the other makes are straight replacements using the same mounting through the hole in the bellypan ? What about the R&G ones ?
Q2 Looking at pictures of the Yamaha ones, if they replace the grey plates with a bolt through the middle, it looks like they bolt onto a bracket rather than the frame itself. Is that going to take a whack OK ?

FZS600 Fazer / Upgrade questions
« on: 24 November 2012, 05:48:53 PM »
Couple of questions to those who've already done these.
I've got a 2003 FZS600 'foxeye'. Great bike, had it since new, 34K so far and definitely a keeper forever.
The K&N air filter. Does it really make a lot of difference ? Do you need to rejet too ? Does it slot in without any mods ?
The Hagon variable compression fork springs. Do they make a lot of difference ? I've had the Hagon rear unit in for 10K now, and I think it is great, and super value for money. Made a world of difference to the saggy knackered standard unit. Front forks have had the 15w oil installed, and they feel fine, but just wondered if Hagon's variable springs are much better. A cheap upgrade or not worth doing ?

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