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General / Head gasket busted?
« on: 19 August 2020, 06:14:45 PM »

I dropped my 08 FZ6/S2 into a local shop near work last week for a stuck brake light and got him to do the fluids as it'd been over a year since anyone looked at it. I mentioned that I'd had a bit of coolant hiss and spill about 6 months ago but had put it down to an air bubble. He topped it up. A couple of days later the bike dumped a load of the new coolant in a big hissy fit, out top and bottom of hoses when it was switched off.

When I rang my guy to tell him this and get advice he's saying the head gasket is most likely busted, that it would cost upwards of 5-600 quid to repair possibly more because there could be further damage in the heads and that he thinks it might be better to get a new engine !

This is a pretty huge shock given that 5 days ago I thought I was the proud owner of a mint condition bike with only 20K miles on. Now I might have scrap on my hands. Actually he questioned the mileage also and said he thinks it's probably clocked, and that these engines shouldn't blow gaskets until 100K.

What do you guys think. Is this the only possible reason for the coolant dumping incidents ? What would you do ?

General / Bell Helmet Visor (E3?)
« on: 03 September 2019, 02:46:15 PM »

Sorry it's not really Fazer specific but I've had my helmet for around 3 months and the visor has developed a crack from being slammed shut (lesson learned). When I bought the helmet it was on sale as a discontinued model (nother lesson learned).

Now I can't seem to find a visor which matches it exactly and searching the web brings up nothing (Helmet seems to be an "E3" model according to the stickers). If you see the picture, the visor has some plastic teeth which I can't seem to find in visors in online shops. Would this probably work it's the closet looking one I can find :- ?

General / Best Top Box
« on: 29 August 2019, 04:36:06 PM »
Hi Fazoids - Any suggestions/ recommendations/ experiences with top boxes. What looks and works best on the Fazer? I'm thinking of putting one on my FZ6 S2 (08) to add a bit of much needed practicality at the shops and for storing my helmet.

Bit confused though with the various things I see for sale on websites. I gather most people go for Givi and I would need to buy a mounting kit which seems to include arms and a rack. Do I also need to purchase separately a specific plate to fix the box onto as these appear to be quite expensive. I see stuff like M5 or M6M plates going for the £50 mark.

For example I was looking at this but it's not really clear what you get:

Thanks for any help!

FZ6 / Fazer / Chain rust on the inside
« on: 30 May 2019, 09:03:27 PM »
Just got my first proper bike, FZ6 S2 (08) a few weeks back, having been on a Vespa previously, so total noob about a lot of stuff but learning as quick as I can. My question is about my chain (pic posted). Is it OK to have this rusty appearance on the inside? And if not what should be done about it. Outside of chain looks perfectly fine being a nice gunmetal grey colour.

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