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Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / ULEZ BREAKING NEWS
« on: 30 January 2019, 06:30:36 PM »
Received confirmation today that the NOX output for the Gen1 Fazer thou is 0.09. The limit is 0.15
This means that with a certificate of conformity it is exempt.
Great news for us all I believe.
I'm going to attempt to get the whole model included but as they've asked for engine and chassis number photographs I suspect that it's going to be issued on an individual basis.
I may still have some hoops to jump through as mine was a French import

Here is a copy of the reply email.
Good Afternoon,Thank you we have now been able to identify the machine, the NOx output is 0.09 (g/km). In regards to documentation to confirm this it would be a Certificate of Conformity required, the procedure as follows below.We believe that we are likely to be able to produce a Certificate of Conformity for the FZS1000 we would however ask you to be kind enough to e-mail the following:1)Name2)Full postal address3)Daytime telephone number4)A photograph of the VIN/Chassis Number stamped into the frame of the machine5)A photograph of the Engine Number which will be visible on the engine casing.Once we have the above information, we should be in a position to produce a Certificate of Conformity. Please be advised that being an import once information is presented we will have to request the document from Europe systems, we cannot guarantee the document is available for this imported unit.May we also advise that an administration fee of £60 (inc VAT) is applicable and may be paid by either debit or credit card. Due to the number of requests received, we are currently taking an average of 3-4 weeks once all information has been received to produce the letter and therefore will wait until we have produced a draft of the letter before contacting you by telephone to take your card payment.We once again thank you for contacting us and trust that the above information will be of assistance.

General / Last of the summer wine
« on: 02 October 2018, 07:03:24 PM »
so, with last years plum wine supplies dwindling, we've gone all out this year.
Last tally. About 35 gallons of plum, 5 gallons of damson, two litres of damson gin and 10 litres of sloe gin.
I wonder if I've done enough  :rolleyes

General / The authorities need your help
« on: 14 September 2018, 10:39:58 PM »
Police are appealing for witnesses to identify the rider of this bike spotted in Brighton last weekend.
Apparently,he was seen riding like a bit of a dick.  :lol

Events, Meets, Ride outs etc / Welsh hills are calling
« on: 30 July 2018, 07:48:05 PM »
Hey, Slim.  :fish
Am down your way this weekend for a week.
If you're up for a meet and rideout.
Let me know.

Events, Meets, Ride outs etc / Bangers bike meet
« on: 20 July 2018, 05:02:42 PM »
Bit late notice but any LOFO's up for a meet tonight at Bangers cafe on the A249 towards Sittingbourne. It's an anniversary meet and they are having the rolling road Dyno up there again.
So for a score you can get your old girl on the Dyno and see what it's putting out.
I'm going to take the MT10 up there to compare it to my Fazer and see what it's putting out stock while I think about a re-flash.

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Running rich with full monty
« on: 01 June 2018, 12:25:29 PM »
So, recently had the chance to get the Fazer on a dyno and the operator said it was running a bit rich.
Can anyone confirm that this is normal with a full monty'd bike ?
A few others said theirs  are running rich too which makes me think this is normal, just after some more opinions or a definitive answer.
So, what's yours running like?

General / Has anyone dug a better hole than this
« on: 06 March 2018, 10:18:41 PM »
This has had me in in fits  :rollin

For Sale & Wanted / Sidi Stivali Black Rain Evo (As new)
« on: 03 March 2018, 02:56:00 PM »
As per title, selling on behalf of my brother. Just a little too tight for him and only worn once last summer for a couple of hours.
Size 43 Euro, UK 9. Comes boxed with unopened cleaning instructions and stickers.
As you may well know Sidi's come up small. I'm a size 8 shoe but a 9.5 in Sidi's, otherwise I would have snapped these up myself.
Grab a bargain......£80 delivered to your door.

Events, Meets, Ride outs etc / Bangers cafe
« on: 01 September 2017, 03:02:48 PM »
Any lofo's, sofo's, sefo's or just plain boring foccer's about tonight at about 18.30 onwards ?
Weekly bike meet at Bangers Cafe on the Northbound A249  Detling.
Loads of bikes, get a good tea/coffee and catch up with like minded people of both sexes.
I'll be there if i'm not banned after last week :lol

Events, Meets, Ride outs etc / Liven up LOFO's
« on: 25 August 2017, 09:44:14 PM »
Anyone about Sunday ?  Going to have a run to Headcorn, then possibly down to Rye and Camber. Who's up for a run out ?

General / The unrideables
« on: 08 June 2017, 08:04:57 PM »
ITV4 now for all you 2 stroke nuts.....160bhp and 120kgs.....lethal combination.

Having a few technical problems posting pictures, bare with me Foccers.
So,as promised Foccers. Here's a little thread about my long weekend trip to the Jura region in France.
After loading the bikes into the van the night before, we loaded up all our provisions comprising of enough alcohol to run a bar and enough food to feed a small army (I shit you not)
We left an overcast, cold and wet Britain to catch the 08.15 ferry from Dover.
As we waited to board we took pity on the bikers who were getting wet with nowhere to shelter,thinking they're going to have a miserable start to their journey and smugly praising ourselves for making the right decision to take the van (so up yours Midden)
We made the dash down to Lac de Chalain, Fontenu in a little over 6 hours taking the toll roads alternately listening to both our favourite cd albums and munching our way through the mountain of food and snacks the sister in law had packed for us.
The sun was out, it was about 21 degrees and all was good.

We immediately set about prioritising our things to do and put the beer in the fridge.

Once we knew the beer was safe we kitted up and hit the mountain roads on the bikes.
We wanted to make the most of the dry weather as the forecast was wet all day for Saturday.
In less than an hour we had stumbled across a closed mountain pass and did what any self respecting Foccers would do, took it in turns to prevent any vehicles entering the only closure point and rode the shit out of it.
On the way back we did a circuit of the camp we were staying at and took some fantastic photos as the sun was setting.
On our return and after scrubbing in my new S21 Bridgestones we unloaded all the food

Events, Meets, Ride outs etc / Calling all LOFO's
« on: 07 April 2017, 06:58:57 PM »
Any of you crazy Foccer's out Sunday 9th ?
Me and my brother are going to hit the twisty stuff to Headcorn aerodrome to Rye hitting the Camber curves.
Weathers looking great, meeting at mine, just throwing it out there in case anyone fancys joining us. :)

General / Another one gone
« on: 01 April 2017, 08:52:16 PM »
Lost  another friend today, RIP Mick. Died doing what he loved.

General / Camless engine technology
« on: 01 January 2017, 01:46:33 PM »
Take a look at this. Pretty impressive results I would say.
I for one can't wait for this to be applied to motorcycles. Less weight, smaller, lower centre of gravity engines, 47% more power, 45% more torque and 15% more fuel efficiency. Got to be the future.

Events, Meets, Ride outs etc / Any LOFO's still alive ?
« on: 20 September 2016, 10:07:34 PM »
So, the end of the summer is here but the weather is still pretty good.
If it's dry on Sunday 25th, I'm going to have a jaunt out.
Any Lofo's care to join me ?
I have a lovely little circuit in the South East which includes some lovely twisty roads or if people prefer can ride the 272 to Loomies, I'm easy, just want to make the most of the season before the weather changes for the worst.
Who's in, who's out, who's unsociable, who's not, who's bikes are the wrong colour and can't keep up ?

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / MT10 Vs FULL MONTY'd Gen 1
« on: 14 August 2016, 12:50:20 AM »
 So, the question I suspect we are all dying to know.... What's fastest, the MT10 or a sorted gen 1.
I have my own opinion but would be interested to hear all yours.
The trouble with any drag race is, you've both got to get similar good starts and you've both got to know how to get the most performance out of a particular bike. ie, knowing when to change gear for maximum acceleration. Too many variables imo  when you have two different riders.
This outcome can't be decided over one race  which I've already had hence the reason I'm not going to reveal the outcome until a few more runs have been made.
Obviously this will be done away from public roads  and the only things in danger are me, my brother, the ozone and a few bugs  :lol

Events, Meets, Ride outs etc / C'mon you LOFO's
« on: 09 August 2016, 09:51:17 PM »
Any LOFO's about this weekend ?   I'm out if the weather's good. Might have a run to Loomies via the 272. Would've had my first service done on the MT10 by then and it's going to get unleashed  :evil  Any takers ?

General / MT10 COUNTDOWN
« on: 30 July 2016, 06:15:35 PM »
Well, it's the end of the month and the real countdown has begun.
After hearing horror stories of people ordering in June and now given end of September delivery dates, been assured that mine will be with me by next weekend, possibly sooner.
Won't lie, getting a tad excited now, not helped by the arrival of a few goodies.....Bring on next weekend  :)

General / Cop intends to use stinger on bikes
« on: 07 July 2016, 12:26:50 PM »
I'll just leave this here, give us something other than the EU to debate.

For Sale & Wanted / WANTED.....Gen 1 complete running engine
« on: 02 July 2016, 07:55:06 PM »
Hello Foccers, As per title, in need of a reasonably low mileage complete engine in black. Anyone got one laying about or know where I can source one ?
Had a chain malfunction today and put a hole in the crankcase.  :'(

Events, Meets, Ride outs etc / LOFO'S run along the Jurassic coast
« on: 16 June 2016, 07:26:55 PM »
Hello fellow Lofo's   So, who's up for a run along the Jurassic coast beginning of July ?
Myself and Red Ceri are planning to don a tent and sleeping bag and set out on the Saturday staying over night somewhere, Midden's up for coming too, we've just got to workout dates cos Midden's an awkward bastard. :D
Obviously some won't be able to stop over but could arrange to meet up along the way either day. Non Lofo's welcome too especially any locals who know some good roads.
I haven't planned a route but going to be the usual Nell's café meet, across country to the A272, as far west as we can get before dropping down to the coast road and taking in the magnificent views and coastline.
If the weathers good  we can cool off in the sea and get out on the lash Saturday night before stumbling back to our tents.
Just gauging any interest and letting you know what we have planned in case others fancy converging on us en-route and tagging along.
Thoughts please Foccers

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Yellow colour match
« on: 06 April 2016, 01:37:02 PM »
Hello Foccers, can someone confirm that the correct colour match for my bike is reddish yellow cocktail. Bought a touch up pen pack from wemoto and it looks nothing like it. It's coming up much too dark and stands out like a sore thumb. I know the colour may change once it's lacquered but it's got to look similar to start with. Am thinking I'm better off just matching it with a car colour from Halfords. Don't know if the second photo has anything to do with the paint code.
Any ideas ?

For Sale & Wanted / Exupnut's leathers
« on: 05 April 2016, 08:42:21 PM »
Just bumping up Exupnut's leathers he's trying to sell on Ebay.....After all, that's what's friends are for..... :D

Events, Meets, Ride outs etc / LOFO 's meet Middle Earth Foccers
« on: 29 March 2016, 12:00:33 PM »
Came up on my FB memories so though I'd share it on here where it would be more appreciated, enjoy Foccers........

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