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General / From wednesday we can use our bikes again.
« on: 12 May 2020, 06:28:39 AM »
The same new rules apply to motorcycles as cars from Wednesday according to MCN reports. We can now ride to open spaces with no distance restrctions, providing we do not leave England and cross the borders of Wales & Scotland. where the restrictions still apply. We must still apply the 2mtr rule though, so peeps use your common sense, don't gather in large groups, obey the rules, keep the rubber side down, watch out for dozy cagers and stay safe. 

General / Thank foc I no longer own a FZ1
« on: 27 April 2020, 07:49:46 AM »
Can anyone tell me how to cancel my membership of this forum. I am sick of reading posts dominated by a certain few dogmatic, bigoted members and no longer wish to be associated with this forum.

General / Happy Saint Georges day
« on: 23 April 2020, 06:59:00 AM »

Happy St Georges day, proud to be English. Before any one bleats I am not at all racist just proud of my country of birth.

For Sale & Wanted / For sale genuine Yamaha FZ1 comfort seat SOLD
« on: 04 January 2020, 08:28:58 PM »

Genuine Yamaha 2008 FZIs  comfort seat for sale very good condition,  Payed £120 for it, would sooner it goes to someone off this site make me an offer for it. Sold my FZ1, Z1000 takes it's place. I will put it on fleebay if no one wants it. THE £120 IS WHAT I PAYED, NOT WHAT I'M EXPECTING TO GET FOR IT, SO MAKE ME AN OFFER YOU MIGHT BE PLEASANTLY SUPRISED.     

General / Plastic repairs
« on: 18 September 2019, 06:15:59 AM »
I think I read on here some time ago that some one had found a plastic plumbing pipe glue that worked on fairings and other bike plastics but I can't find the post does any one remember what it was called.

General / It brings a lump to your throat.
« on: 06 June 2019, 09:32:45 AM »
Been watching the D Day commemorations and listening to the experiences of the veterans most of who a lot were little more than kids then. VERY MOVING   

General / Screaming 600
« on: 08 April 2019, 08:58:08 PM »
Spoilt riding 1000cc+ bikes for the last 20 odd years forgot how good the feeling is getting the best out of a screaming 14000rpm, 600cc,  been out today on my 600 Triumph speed four  finally got back into the way to ride a 600. I was 63 going on 23. I got back with aching knees, wrists, and various other bits,  but with a massive grin on my face reminded me I'm 63 not 23 when I recover I'm out on it again.  :) :) 

If those found guilty knife/any murders face the ultimate punishment to dangle at the end of a rope perhaps they would think twice about going out with a knife tucked in there belt.

General / BREXIT
« on: 02 November 2018, 08:31:06 AM »
There you are VNA  a thread all of your own for all your clap trap on Brexit and other politics.    ENJOY 

General / Plastic waste in seas/oceans
« on: 06 October 2018, 07:26:09 AM »
 Why is it when ever there's a programme or article in the press it's about the Uk waste/litter that finish's up in the seas, and for the record I think it no plastic should be in the sea's it should be recycled or if it can't be, not used at all. Why is it though these programmes/articles fail to show/blame the countries that's beaches/ river banks are covered knee deep in waste of all kind, especially plastic waste and try to lay the guilt trip on us. There's 2 of us in our house hold and we fill 2 large recycling bins for every 2 weeks for collection. Most of the people on the estate I live on also put out 1 or 2 full bins for every fortnight collection and a green waste bin. We had to ask for a second recycling bin so don't know how families manage with one, because it's not common knowledge you can ask for a second recycling bin. I get annoyed by the way these eco warriors always blame an easy target who for the main are trying there best to recycle, and don't lay the blame where it belongs and most of it does not belong on the shoulders of the UK population.

General / Quiet roads for the final?
« on: 15 July 2018, 09:09:34 AM »
Last chance for some quiet roads this afternoon. Hopefully a lot of people will be glued to the final, leaving the roads safer for us to enjoy. For those of us that take advantage rubber side down, shiny side up, ride safe and enjoy   

General / Come on England 3hrs empty roads 1500hrs sat
« on: 06 July 2018, 06:30:54 AM »
Can't wait for the England game. Bikes fuelled up, tyres checked, oil checked, 2/3 hours empty roads aaaaaahhhhh bliss, won't see a kick of the ball or a penalty taken or many cages trying to make scrap out of my bike and me.   

For Sale & Wanted / Bike work bench Now sold
« on: 24 February 2018, 07:46:52 PM »

Bike work bench for sale built from plans. Constructed from 50mm box section & 50mm angle iron uses 4x4 trolley jack to raise and lower which is with it.  has a 19mm plywood work/platform on. Platform size  2400mm x 800mm, 4 platform working heights 190mm, 520mm, 660mm 760mm. My son did the welding which he does at work as part of his job. It's primed but needs a coat of paint. Built about 6 years ago to big for my garage at house just moved to. £75. It's pretty heavy so you will need trailer or van. Rebuilt XJR1300 and FJ1200 on it just to give you some idea of size.  Sorry no photos I can't work out how to post any (useless on computers) 

Now gone to a good home

General / 192BHP from a MT10
« on: 27 January 2018, 04:32:59 PM »
Performance bikes worth a read on the192BHP, MT10RR awesome machine  :evil

General / Merry Christmas one and all
« on: 24 December 2017, 11:17:22 PM »
Have a good one

General / 1990 to now future classics
« on: 30 July 2017, 09:33:10 AM »

SO what's the best bets for your top 5 future classics from 1990 till now.
Suzuki TL1000S (nick name the widow maker)
Yam TRX 850 because it dared to be different.
Suzuki Bandit 1200 mk1
Yam XJR1300SP 
Yam R1, the early ones, best looking sports bike ever ( just my opinion)

General / Makes my blood boil
« on: 06 July 2017, 01:56:30 PM »
I live close to a junior school. School time this morning youngster every where going to school idiot driver of a car recovery truck head buried in phone driving along not looking where he was going nearly hit parked 4x4 a  kid would have had no chance wheres the police? answer not where round where i live can't remember the last time I saw a beat bobby

General / Sports rack for FZ1S gen2
« on: 05 July 2017, 06:56:59 AM »
Sorry if this has already been covered but can't find anything on here. Does any one know where I can get a sports rack something along the lines of a Rentec style. Can't seem to find any one that makes one. Would use a tank bag but there's not room on top of the tank for my fat guts and a small bag. 

Introduction / Hello
« on: 31 May 2017, 07:30:10 AM »
Hello I've been riding since I was 16 first bike CB72 250 Honda past my test on it at 16 never been without a bike since.  I do drive a 4x4 as well and call it a bikers revenge leave the rest to your imagination. My passion is bikes  I have owned from xjr1300's, 1200 Bandits, to GSXR750, FZR  1000s ZZR1100s,  various trail bikes to CCM supa motos , but prefer sports bikes. Finally got round to the  2008 FZ1S as a good compromise between a sports bike and the comfort of a naked bike, to many trips down the road minus the bike and fridge/pub mean the old knees don't bend like they used to and there ain't room for my guts and petrol tank any more on a sports bike . Really impressed with the FZ1.

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