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Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Drive shaft oil seal replacement
« on: 26 February 2019, 06:00:40 PM »
Hi guys
Not been on for a while so 👋

My gen 1 1000 has just started to leak from behind the front sprocket. I'm assuming it's the drive shaft oil seal. How much of a job is it? Haven't looked into it too much yet, thought I would seek the advise of one of you foccers!

I'm thinking it could 🐝be an engine out job to get access. Hope I'm wrong. Will be talking to my friendly mechanic tomorrow or may have a go myself.

For Sale & Wanted / FZS1000 2003 for sale
« on: 07 December 2018, 09:13:41 PM »
Fazer 1000 2003
46000 miles
Venhill hoses
Corbin gunfighter seat with custom yamaha tuning fork seat cover
Rear jack up dog bones
R&G crash bobbins
Ivans carb modifications
Fuel exhaust can
Renntec rear rack
Head race and swing arm bearings replaced at 35000 miles

Oils and filter every 3000m no oil used between changes.
Used for commuting and pleasure

Good tyres and chain and sprockets

Good overall condition for age and mileage



Situated in Somerset near Weston Super Mare


Or message on forum

Can't seem to attach picures here have a look on Piston heads websiite

General / Is this a scam?..?
« on: 07 December 2018, 08:08:55 PM »
Hi been away from the forum for awhile so hello to everyone!

Unfortunately the time has come to sell the old fazer. I went green and bough a kwacker z1000sx back in April 2017. I tried the MT10  but found the throttle too snatchy and the just didn't gel with it during the test ride but my god what an engine bloody awesome. In truth probably too much for me .Tried a zzr1400 and found that was tamer than the Mt!   In the end the z1000sx  was the best ride and value for me.a

Anyway let me get to the point.
I didn't need two big bikes so picked up a low miles xt600e  for my winter/ wet  weather bike. I then put the fazer on Piston heads for  sale. Couple days later got an email from a bloke asking for my best price what the condition was and why was I selling . I replied that the price was as stated and in line with similar bikes but if he was serious I may haggle a bit. I told him all the details on condition etc were in the advert.

Something didn't seem quite right  :(

Next day I got the reply
He accepted the price. Then went  on to say that he was unable to view the bike in person as he worked away a lot as net work engineer what ever that is. However he would contact his associate to send me a cheque for the asking price which would take 2-3 days to clear . After which he would arrange for pick up. He then ask me to send my name and address and mobile number.
I replied that I was only prepared to sell the bike face to face and for him to give me a contact number so we could talk . I haven't had a reply. Bear in mind my phone number is in the advert.

The spelling and grammar would suggest the "buyer" isn't English

Am I being stupid or IS this something anyone else has come across?   

Ps the bike is still for sale on Piston heads and this forums for sale section :)

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / FZS rear swing arm bearings
« on: 02 September 2013, 04:14:28 PM »
Hi guys
It looks like my swing arm bearings are on the way out. I've got 2-3mm sideways play when pulling the chain up and down. Bike has 34k on the clock and I've owned it from new. Any tips on best way of doing it? Haven't got any prices on bearings yet but was going to fit gen yam ones as 34k isn't too bad a mileage is it? If anyone has fitted alternative makes of good quality bearings let me know.
Should I change the linkage bearings as well? There is a bit of up and down play but not too much about 1mm I'd say.
Also I've seen some comments on short wheel bearing life mine are still original and seem ok.Although I use the bike allyear round and don't use pressure hoses. Also I'm only on my 2nd chain and sprockets so not sure about the short chain life comments. Although I do use a scottoiler. And no I don't ride like an old fart! (not all the time anyway)
I'm going to do the work myself so anyone who has done this job let me know how you got on and what special tools I need to get.
Cheers :) :)

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Best fix for gen1 forks
« on: 24 June 2012, 07:59:16 PM »
Hi all!
I need to improve my front forks. Its now got 30k miles and I'm about to give it a make over. I've seen the piston kit on k-teck website anyone tried them? What make type of springs has anyone used?  I've got an r6 shock fitted from devilsyam which is better than stock but I must admit not as good as I was expecting after reading comments on the forum. No disrespect to Devilsyam top bloke and the shock was mint and worth the money as a budjet replacement.
Any way I really want to find the best way to improve the standard forks. Or is an R1 fork replacement really worth the money or just a way  to "bling" up the gen1 ;) 
Also I'm still on original wheel bearings had the bike from new.When you spin the wheels I can't feel any notchiness put am wondering how much longer I should go before replacing them. There is slight play in the suspension linkage which I will do. Will use genuine yam parts unless anyone can suggest a cheaper alternative of the same quality .

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / fazer bearing change
« on: 20 January 2012, 08:14:23 PM »
My gen 1 is coming up to 28000miles. I'm about to treat her to a new rear shock thinking about  a nitron road shock at £354. Anyone tried one? Thought about r6 shock but not keen on buying 2nd hand shock. What sort of mileage should i change wheel bearings.They feel ok when wheels out of bike no "notchyness" (is that a word?)  :\  but off to scotland in May from somerset so think I will do them anyway. Also some play in rear linkage bearrings so will do those as well. Are there any other suppliers other than yamaha for linkage bearings?? I've found wheel bearing kits on wemoto but not linkage bearings. May do headrace while I'm at it. Any tips would be helpful. Apart from let someone else do it. I never take the easy option  :'( DIY is best

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / I need to be Ivanised!!!
« on: 09 January 2012, 08:05:33 PM »
Hi all
I've had an Ivans carb kit rattling around in my workshop cupboard for the lasr 3 years or so waiting for me to get the time/courage to fit myself. Can anyone put me in touch with the Ivans guru who used to fit the kits at peoples houses as I would rather he did the job properly if he is still doing so. Cheers :lol

Introduction / Greetings foccers!!
« on: 09 January 2012, 07:48:14 PM »
Hi to all fellow Fazer lovers.
I've got a grey 53 plate gen1 1000 just coming up to 28000. I've had it from new Well ex demo 600m. Mods are pyramid rear hugger, R&G crash bungs jack up dog bones corbin seat with yamaha tuning fork seat cover bought from Devilsyam in Fowlers car park (remember me ?). Droppedforks 10mm, renntec rack. Rest standard. Its used for year round commuting except for salted roads fundays the odd rally (incl.2 dragon rallies) Watching Irish road racing and general hooning around.
 I also have a ktm950 supermoto which is probably the most fun bike I've ever owned :evil :evil but two break downs in the space of 3 months mean our love affair maybe coming to a close :'( . Its a known fault with these bikes' fuel pump failure, fixed with an aftermarket facet fuel pump which should be a fit and forget fix  and a reg rec failure which apparently is a recurring problem every 15-20000 miles. I've done the reg rec and have yet to fit the pump so she may get a reprieve when the spring comes but I think she will have to go.
The money will go on giving the Fazer a makeover. Braded hoses new rear shock bearings etc. I've got an Ivans carb kit does anyone know if the guy who fits them at peoples houses still operates I can't remember his name but am sure someones out there knows his name. Anyway look forward to plenty of banter with you all TTFN :)

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