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Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: Ivan's jet kit's
« on: 17 July 2019, 11:10:28 AM »
I have put the akra and the pipercross in so 100% sure that is not need done. If I do the full monty I might just buy some second hand carbs and intake stubs so I can do it at my leisure. I know the stubs need to be done while I have access to the head to make sure they are the correct size it's more so I can choose the best condition ones.

How easy is the air box to mod? As I can only take the bike off the road for a max of a day at a time.

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Ivan's jet kit's
« on: 17 July 2019, 08:34:33 AM »
Morning all, I've searched this but still not sure.

I'm after an Ivan's jet kit but not 100% sure which one to go for. I have a pipercross filter and an akrapovic can fitted already but not sure which kit to go for.

What's people's personal preference to the kits?



Long shot that these are still for sale?

For Sale & Wanted / Long shot
« on: 13 July 2019, 10:43:49 PM »
Bit of a long shot but is anyone selling a set of ivanised carbs for a fzs1000?

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Front brake discs
« on: 26 June 2019, 03:10:31 PM »
Looking at getting some new discs, what's everyone's preference these days?

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: Ignition Advancer
« on: 19 June 2019, 12:47:11 PM »
Where does everyone get their advancers from?

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: Front fork springs.
« on: 04 August 2018, 10:37:39 AM »
Also when refitting the dampener rods, is there a spefics way the go in or out it back on and do up the bolt on the bottom

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: Front fork springs.
« on: 03 August 2018, 07:52:23 PM »
Here is a pic of the new springs in the middle and the old ones on each end. Do they look ok?

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: Front fork springs.
« on: 02 August 2018, 12:49:19 PM »
I'm going to MD-racing over in Middlesex as it's nice and local to me.

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: Front fork springs.
« on: 02 August 2018, 12:04:25 PM »
I have just finished fitting the R6 rear shock conversion and had the bike booked in to have the suspension set up properly for me (they have done both my race bikes before) I know there is a from fork internals kit available for it but will see what it's like once setup

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: Front fork springs.
« on: 02 August 2018, 09:45:52 AM »
I will have a look as one of my forkseals has decided to die on me so will have to take one of the forks back apart.

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: Front fork springs.
« on: 01 August 2018, 09:03:19 PM »
To be honest I didn't check the springs against each other.

I did bleed the system before putting them back together .

The metal spacer you are referring to, is that the one that sits at the bottom of the fork leg? If so would I need to shorten it by the difference in the springs length?

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: Front fork springs.
« on: 31 July 2018, 08:49:47 PM »
Think I have fucked up somewhere down the line .I have wound out the pre load adjuster as far as it will go and I get about 3mm of sag. When I had the forks apart could I have done something to it?

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: R6 shock Mod fazer 1000
« on: 31 July 2018, 08:39:58 PM »
Cheers mate. Look forward to recievein it .

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: Front fork springs.
« on: 30 July 2018, 07:05:28 PM »
Cheers 5LV for that. It just gives me something to aim at now and see how it goes for me.

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: Front fork springs.
« on: 29 July 2018, 07:45:17 PM »

Can you remember what your ore load was set to. I'm running the same springs with 5w oil.

My $0.02.
From memory 10w oil is too thick.
I ran 9.5 springs with 2.5/5w mix. Rebound was on max and compression was backed right off to 3 or 4 clicks.
Everybody who rode it always said it was compliant.
The standard forks upgraded are reasonably useful bits of kit, but take a bit of time to set up.

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: Aftermarket levers
« on: 29 July 2018, 09:02:04 AM »
How easy is it to get the original bush out of the clutch lever?

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: Front fork springs.
« on: 26 July 2018, 05:58:27 PM »
Does anyone have the STD suspension settings for the front forks they could post up pls just so I have somewhere to start with as not sure what's going to be best for the new springs.

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: R1 / R6 Front Master Cylinder
« on: 26 July 2018, 05:56:41 PM »
How did you mount the brake fluid reservoir?

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: Front fork springs.
« on: 22 July 2018, 11:04:44 PM »
Just finished fitting them. They recommended 140mm air gap which I went with. Does anyone have any base setting to set the forks too?

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: Front fork springs.
« on: 19 July 2018, 08:36:58 AM »
Springs have finally arrived so thats this weekend sorted out. Ended up being recommended the 0.95 with 5w oil. Just need to figure out what air gap I need to run.

Edit: Just contacted Ktech to see what they say

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: Which fork oil and how much ?
« on: 05 July 2018, 08:26:35 AM »
Bringing up a dead post here, but in the name of "sharing is caring".

If you want 7.5w oil that will last almost forever, and look after your forks. Buy an atf dexron 6 (vi). It's quite rare in the UK, but valvoline maxlife atf is pretty available.

When you bare in mind that a fork oil is essentially a hydraulic oil. That's is. Some have anti foam and anti wear additives, but they're all rubbish.

Atf is a hydraulic oil, gearbox lubricant, seal conditioner, anti corrosion etc. Dexron 6 is a spec that requires a drain interval of 100,000 miles normal driving, and 50,000 miles "severe use".

We all know how disgusting fork oil gets after a long period of time, but I've used it on my enduro bike for 2 years now, and it comes out looking almost identical to how it goes in.

Only reason I'm plugging the valvoline is because it's the only atf dexron 6 I've found in the UK. And it's viscosity falls right in the 7.5wt region which is perfect for the fazer and correct for the marzocchi forks on my crosser.

Have a look at this link and see just how rubbish most fork oils are, and how some manufacturers use literally the same oil for 3 oil weights...

Bumping an old thread .is this the right stuff?



Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: Front fork springs.
« on: 04 July 2018, 08:51:50 PM »
For faster road riding and track riding I would suggest linear springs are definitely the way to go  though again make sure you get the right ones for your weight.



"Progressive springing is much less popular for road-racing, with linear main springs used almost universally. There is a good reason for this: going around corners compresses your suspension, by quite a lot with modern race tyres. With progressive or dual rate springs, that means the suspension is going to be stiffer than when upright. However mid corner is also where you most need good grip and would really prefer your tyres not to be bouncing off the ground."

"Dual or progressive rate springs are really a compromise that allows low-speed comfort without excess bottoming, which is why Honda fit them to road bikes. Racing is not about compromise, so they don’t get used for that."

Cheers for that info. Ktech springs it is the.  Just need to see which ones I need.

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: Front fork springs.
« on: 04 July 2018, 05:25:32 AM »
Honestly I'm not sure, I think I was looking at the ktec kit a while back. Chances[size=78%] are I will be pairing it up with the R6 rear shock conversion too. Whats the best for faster road riding. [/size]

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Front fork springs.
« on: 03 July 2018, 03:51:34 PM »
Hey all,

What's everyone's preference for front fork spring kits .I have seen the hyperpro, ohlins, having and so forth. If I temereme rightly one was preferred to the others. I do ride in a spirited manner and will sometimes have a pillion too .



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