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Title: Renthal bars
Post by: Arfurloin on 02 November 2019, 05:56:27 PM
Hi. Looking to change the bars on my fazer. I know most people fit ultra low 758 Renthal's but, I'm short 5' 7", so think these may bit a bit of a stretch. I believe the 754 Low bars are closer to standard height but wider with less sweep. Does anyone know if they fit without having to extend front brake hose which doesn't look like it has much play on my bike. Thanks.
Title: Re: Renthal bars
Post by: 74eldiablo on 05 November 2019, 06:05:25 PM
I bought some flat drag bars along with some new braided lines which were the same length as the std lines and they fitted ok but my arms ached on a decent ride,i've now ditched the drag bars and gone back to the std bars,which again are no problem with the brake/clutch lines
I'm looking to buy some renthal mx style bars i think this will be for me will be a happy medium.hope this helps
Title: Re: Renthal bars
Post by: F4celess on 07 November 2019, 12:34:05 PM
I've searched this forum for Posts from people who fitted the Renthal Low bars and their feedback on whether any of the switch gear or brake lines had to be changed. I actually found nothing! :lol Many have fitted the Ultra Lows and not needed to change anything else (including myself).

You can angle the bars more back or forward (in the Risers), which can help reach/posture/cable reach etc?

Another option even change the Risers along with the Bars, to get the best combination.
Title: Re: Renthal bars
Post by: Arfurloin on 11 November 2019, 06:56:14 PM
Thanks for those answers. I had searched and as you say, no one mentions cable lengths etc.