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Had my 99 boxeye for 10 years and she turned 20 years old this month. Absolutely love my Fazer but it's not been without issues, mostly electrical. New head gasket was the first job after I got her as coolent was running down the back of the barrels. Full wheel and headstock bearings replaced, R6 rear shock upgrade, full Stainless exhaust, attempted thundercat forks swap, a bit more work needed to make that work so I'll have a look at that another time. Had to remove and overhaul the loom last year.
I have no plans of chopping her in any time soon, she does need the seat sorting out, it's cover has gone hard and is splitting so if anyone can recommend a good reupholsterer I'd be greatfull.
Not my only bike, I've got a 1971 yamaha CT1c US import and a Dt250mx in currently restoring

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