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Your Suggestions and How you can help / Re: FOC Mobile Site Issue
« on: 22 September 2017, 07:38:15 PM »
It'll just be the skin has changed mate. If you look so there on the left hand side of the screen there will be a drop down menu with 'themes' or something to that effect. Open that up and select mobile then it should change back

General / Re: Rust on fazer 98, is it a problem?
« on: 21 September 2017, 02:19:29 PM »
As others have said that seems to be in very poor condition. I wouldn't expect to pay more than around £800 for something in that state.
Have you looked around elsewhere? Also is it s Fazer yiur after or just anything in your budget?
There are some very nice bikes about for £1200 Just depends where you are and what your wanting.

Here's an example from my area..

That's the kind of condition I would hope to find one in. Something that shows the owner has taken a bit of pride in it.

General / Re: Muppetery in motion
« on: 20 September 2017, 10:29:28 PM »

On that subject I was on my way home from work earlier and at the lights a young woman pulled up behind me and as soon as she stopped had her head down in her phone. I kept an eye on her as we pulled away and she didn't even look up at the road for at least 500 yards!!! And even then it was a quick hlance then back down at the phone. That to me is far more idiot and dangerous than a wheelie any day and is also the reason I filter to the front of every single queue I can to avoid getting hit up the are by a moron like that

I get quite worried about the bloke behind me who doesn't look where he's going for at least 500 yards because he's too busy watching the woman behind him who doesn't look up from her phone for at least 500 yards  :lol


General / Re: Muppetery in motion
« on: 20 September 2017, 08:00:12 PM »
there are places to wheelie (kind of) and the m6 is not one of them


how much danger were other people really in?

Dudeofrude, you ever had to slam yer brakes on on the motorway.  Don't fancy coming to a hault in my car (or on my bike for that matter) and finding some dude on a sportsbike slamming into the back of me at full speed cos he was, umm unbeliveably, rumagaging in his backpack.

But agree they followed him for 16 minutes?  And does locking him up really help him, or anybody else for that matter?  Ideally confiscate the bike, fine him 5 grand and ban him for 2 years with resitting test required.  That should make most idiots think.

I'd rather it be an idiot on a sportsbike that hits the back of me because he's wheelieing than a retard in a 2 tonne car because they are on their phone. As I said he more than deserves a ban and that bit with the rucksack was a special kind of stupid but I just think the jail time is unnecessary and an unfair biased punishment towards him because he's a biker.
Somebody not paying attention in a car is much more dangerous than someone on a bike yet they would have just received points and a fine if they were even caught.

On that subject I was on my way home from work earlier and at the lights a young woman pulled up behind me and as soon as she stopped had her head down in her phone. I kept an eye on her as we pulled away and she didn't even look up at the road for at least 500 yards!!! And even then it was a quick hlance then back down at the phone. That to me is far more idiot and dangerous than a wheelie any day and is also the reason I filter to the front of every single queue I can to avoid getting hit up the are by a moron like that

General / Re: Track days
« on: 20 September 2017, 07:10:01 AM »
I just had a quick look and at this time of year you can get a full novice track day for £65 on an open pit day at cadwell

Open pit lane days are not for novices

My mistake it was for a general bike track day. There's options to book either novice intermediate or fast

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: replacement exhaust choice for a newby
« on: 18 September 2017, 11:21:43 PM »
Basically the shorter it is and bigger the hole the louder it will be. Don't be fooled by fancy names an end can is an end can. I've got an akra and it's just a hollow carbon tube, no different from the delkavic I had on a previous bike, just a lot more expensive.

Any end can will fit as long as the link pipe is the right size to attached to your downpipes but be aware that the bigger the bore, the more air is escaping the engine so if you go really extreme you may need a remap but if you buy one with road legal baffles then you should be fine as they usually make the hole a lot smaller.
The exup on the gen 2 is just an emissions thingy so no worries about losing it. Doesn't do a thing.

As for which ones to buy, really anything that's not a Chinese copy should be fine. Companies like black widow make nice but very loud exhaust. Ixil look very cool. Scorpion, akraprovic and yoshimura are the coveted golden boys but you'll pay big bucks.
Personally I'd type 'fz1 exhausts' into ebay and take a look at all the different types then just see what you like the look of. Anything is going to look and sound better than the standard one 👍

General / Re: Track days
« on: 18 September 2017, 10:00:42 PM »
I just had a quick look and at this time of year you can get a full novice track day for £65 on an open pit day at cadwell

General / Re: Muppetery in motion
« on: 18 September 2017, 09:58:19 PM »
Although this guy is riding like a prick and there's no need for it on a motorway, how much danger were other people really in? He never hit anything he never caused anyone else to swerve etc they can throw what ifs about all day but at the end of the day I wouldnt say he put anyone in anymore danger than a car driver on their phone yet they wouldnt be jailed for it if they were caught?
A ban is definitely deserved buy I can't see the point of needless jail time

General / Re: Track days
« on: 18 September 2017, 08:51:02 PM »
Getting a bit late in the year for it now but keep your eye out for evening or late sessions. I know at cadwell they can get as low as £35 for a session at 7/8pm

General / Re: Three word story
« on: 17 September 2017, 02:27:57 PM »
Spicy jalapeno salsa

General / Re: MT 10
« on: 17 September 2017, 10:21:53 AM »
I rode one for a short while. Found it very vibey, almost like a twin, but other than that it was a decent enough bike but for me personally it's just too fuck ugly. I know some people might say it doesn't matter once your on it but imo you buy with your eyes before your head
It's the same with the whole MT range,  especially the Mt09. I just think the design peaked with the fz1n after that they either softened up the rears or gave them ugly eyes/headlights (both with the newest 09)

General / Re: Three word story
« on: 16 September 2017, 03:58:02 PM »
Plump, veiny and

General / Re: BROADBAND SPEED???
« on: 16 September 2017, 10:08:05 AM »
Been with Talktalk for a while now as it was FREE for the first year! Lately though my speed seems to be decreasing and a test yesterday showed 2.6mb download and 0.6 mb upload ??

Wasted half an hour on the phone to their technical department, Indian branch. He tried to fob me off with blaming my laptop, then blamed the router but expected me to pay for a replacement which was supplied as part of the contract.

I have tried rebooting and positioning the router closer to my laptop with no improvement.

Should I expect better speeds? I seem to remember they advertised "Up to 17mbps" when they sold it to me.

'UP TO' 17mbps, those two words are yiur problem. The company have only advertised the possibility of those speeds, not a guarantee. Unless it's star's somewhere in your contract that a minmum speed is promised then I'm afraid your buggered.
You could of course just switch to a different provider.
I've got the virgin super duper you can't bend it lightening speed package thingy and I average around 150-180mbps on wireless

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: Just got an FZ1 to go with the FZS 1000
« on: 15 September 2017, 05:47:08 PM »
Wow its quick and the front suspension works well.

Had to fit a screen though as it was tearing my arms off the bars and my helmet off above 100.

Its great now but over 115 the screen starts to vibrate!

Haha welcome to the gen 2 club 👍 shouldn't have worried about a screen. Yiur neck gets stronger after a week or two 😅

General / Re: Things I learnt with my first car
« on: 15 September 2017, 03:44:05 PM »

Oh sad bastard that I am I did , I was never lucky with that girl. Only time I have ever broken a bone on a motor bike was with her.
Triumph Bonnie her up front bent forward over the tank, me banging away, arse going like a fiddlers elbow, on the vingegar strokes and the fecking thing came off the centre stand, broke me fecking ankle. :(

😂🤣😂🤣😂 not scared to share I see then Lew haha

General / Re: Downshift Blipping
« on: 15 September 2017, 03:42:36 PM »
! No longer available

A FZS 600 not hanging about.

227 KPH at one point =141mph, again that is the speedo reading and not the true speed my guess would be 4 or 5 mph slower.

Yeah I would think once some basic mods are done (exhaust, air filter, jets etc) it would be easy to out perform Yamahas basic stats. As I said my fz1 is only supposed to do 150mph according to Yamaha yet it's been at 163mph on the dyno (which I would assume is accurate as a gps) so top speed figures and power figures should be taken with a pinch of salt

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: Spring size?
« on: 15 September 2017, 10:45:23 AM »
That's a good idea haha didn't even think 😅

General / Re: Things I learnt with my first car
« on: 15 September 2017, 10:27:44 AM »
Not a good idea to try shagging your bird in an Isetta bubble car. The battery terminals arc across the springs under the seat.

Luckily nobody who drove an Isetta Bubble car had a girlfriend to try it with 😂😂

General / Re: Downshift Blipping
« on: 15 September 2017, 07:38:07 AM »

I love my FZS 600, in my opinion it is one of the best all rounder bikes available, 147 ish MPH

Weird how these Fazers get faster and faster as time goes by  :lol

Haha yeah especially when Yamaha only quote the top speed as 135mph 🤔

Then again they only quote the fz1 as 150mph, which I happen to know is misquoted 😥😥

Events, Meets, Ride outs etc / Re: Bsb Cadwell
« on: 13 September 2017, 03:49:49 PM »
Bit late for reply but went on Saturday for a walk round first time ive stood right next to pits watching them work on bikes, also walked round where all the bikes are when not racing. weather was a bit iffy but still enjoyed it, six fifty for a cheeseburger  :eek

Haha yeah the food was extortionate. I learn and took snacks with me for the Sunday. We spent all day Saturday wondering about and walked the track etc then Sunday just set up next to the starting grid and didn't move.
Was my first experience watching racing and although I enjoyed myself it's not something I'd opt to do again

General / Re: Downshift Blipping
« on: 13 September 2017, 03:43:55 PM »
If you bothered to read my original post i asked the question why do it, if the engine matches the revs to wheel speed when changing down, wind on the throttle and you negate the engine braking.
Yes that's why I do it -- to negate the engine braking - or the amount of braking because I am in control of it by how much I blip I then use the front brake instead of letting the engine braking brake the back wheel as IT wants. But all that depends on my speed before the action and my planned speed after it and the degree of the corner or the speed at which I need to slow down and also the road conditions at the time that all lead me to the blip action-front brake - a little bit of engine braking (controlled by the blip ) and no back brake at least mostly until the end- all done without thinking.  :thumbup
I have no idea why they don't teach it
Do they teach counter steering. _Genuine question, I don't know  because that is another skill in the same sort of bracket I would say.   
Another one - do they teach clutch less up shifting.

No and no. Counter steering as a rule isn't something that needs teaching. If you can ride a bike around a corner then you can counter steer? It's just how a 2 wheeled vehicle works. And as for clutchless upshifts..... the way you get taught is that there's a clutch there for a reason.
Like anything you don't start learning until you've passed the test.

Another example of confusing instruction that I received was i wether to pull your clutch in while performing an emergency stop. Now on my lessons and for my test I was taught to leave the clutch engaged until the very last minute to make use of the engine braking to slow me down.....makes sense.
Then I went and did some advanced racing training at Caldwell and was taught to pull the clutch in straight away as leaving it was driving the rear wheel thus forcing you further forward....also makes sense. So who do you listen to? The driving instructor who's been teaching people to pass tests for 15+years or the ex racer thats raced for 15+ years?

General / Re: Three word story
« on: 13 September 2017, 03:36:19 PM »
To serve over

General / Re: How do you delete a profile ?
« on: 13 September 2017, 03:35:54 PM »
In case his wife catches him wasting his time :lol

Who says it's not his wife who's created an account to check up on him 🤔🤔

General / Re: Traffic Monitoring
« on: 13 September 2017, 03:34:42 PM »
Ah right, all makes sense. I knew I couldn't get 'done' by them but I was also sure they were recording speed. Just had some appear near my house so was wondering who'd complained about my driving 😂😂

General / Traffic Monitoring
« on: 13 September 2017, 08:34:13 AM »
Any of you clever Foccers know what the rubber strips across the road are actually for? The ones that are ties to the road then feed into a little box that's usually chained to a lamppost
I asked the council worker who was installing them and his answer was 'traffic monitoring' apparently to count the amount of cars then travel on a certain route but my argument for that is why do they have them set up every 100 or so yards and why is there 2 strips side by side? That to me says speed detection? Other wise they would only need 1 strip?

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