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General / Senior moment
« on: 02 November 2012, 04:18:24 PM »
Only just come round to fessing up what I did on the weekend!
Decided to lube the swing arm bearings on my gen 1 fazer thou, so took all the necessary parts off to allow access to drop the swing arm out and re-grease, as anyone who has done this will know it is not a 5 minute job.
[/size]So having got the swing arm out and given it a good clean & re-grease, popped the swing arm back in and started to reassemble all the components littering the garage, carefully torqueing everything up as I went on. Just about to slide the wheel back in when I turned around and spotted the swing arm spindle sat on the bench gleaming at me. :eek
[/size]Do you know any swear words – I do! :'(
[/size]You know that moment when you look at something and see it in detail while everything around has become a haze – it was one of those! It surprising how much quicker everything goes back together the second time around. Does any one else have any ‘moments’ that they are willing to fess up to?[/font]
[/size] p.s. the garage was bloody cold last Saturday as well.[/font]

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Bike won't start - my electrics have left me
« on: 22 September 2012, 05:09:58 PM »
Hi all, went out of the bike today with no problem, came back turned bike off and decided to go back out, so ignition on press start & CLICK & the all the lights went out. Turned the ignition on & off several times & kill switch but still no electrics at all.

Put the bike in the garage & tried once more & the ignition switch worked with the instrument & neutral light came on, pressed the start button & click & no more electrics & haven't had them since.

Checked the 30 A switches on the start relay & they both look intact. Can some one give me some guidance on what I should be checking next?

The one thing that I haven't mentioned was that I fitted a Acumen gear indicator this morning with the correct plug in loom, but this was working o.k. when I was out.


Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Used hooked front sprocket for sale
« on: 16 August 2012, 04:12:02 PM »

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Gen 1 radiator guard
« on: 08 August 2012, 04:22:27 PM »
Hi, anyone have a redundant standard radiator guard for a gen 1 1000 fazer, condition not important as long as it is straight.Please P.M me if you can help. Thanks, Gilbert.

For Sale & Wanted / WANTED: Radiator guard for FZS 1000 gen 1
« on: 08 August 2012, 09:12:22 AM »
Hi, anyone have a redundant standard radiator guard for a gen 1 1000 fazer, condition not important as long as it is straight.
Please P.M me if you can help. Thanks, Gilbert.

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Carb problems I think?
« on: 13 April 2012, 06:50:56 PM »
Hi all,

Been out this afternoon & on the way back I opened the bike up on the bypass, came to the roundabout and the bike felt rough & sounded like a Subaru (honestly). Limped home the last couple of miles with the bike being rough at low revs - but still idling at the lights etc. I am automatically assuming that one of the jets has picked up something & is now blocked.

Back home the bike will idle ok - albeit roughly, but when I ride it down the lane it lurches forward at times, so the required u turn become I bit dicey.

I have balanced the carbs & they are equal but cylinder 1 is a little eratic.

Can any one confirm that the problem sounds like a blocked jet as I never taken a carburettor apart, or could it be something else.

Is checking & cleaning :'( :'( [size=78%] the jets difficult?[/size]

Cheers all.

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