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« on: 28 August 2017, 12:32:45 PM »
As many folk will be aware, some of the older threads that have for eons used Photobucket as their image hosting platform have now become a bit pants due to Photobucket holding their entire user base to ransom.

There is a sort of limited workaround for this, at least in the short term. Anyone needing to view the pics can use Google's Chrome browser with the Photobucket embed fix add-on installed. It works on PCs but as yet I've not been able to find a fix to work on mobile devices or on any other widely used browsers, ie. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc.

Also can't speak for Linux users, apparently the Chrome fix works by looking at the referring links directly so Linux users may have browsers that work in this way, just not sure on this.

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