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FZS600 Fazer / Re: Kit for fitting r6 shock to 98 600 boxeye
« on: 29 August 2017, 08:27:28 PM »
Don't believe he's doing them any more. You'll need to skank the top hat spacer dimensions from the original thread. Plus you'll need a half inch spacer to go onto the bottom of the replacement spring, mine's aluminium. I'll get a pic of the other bits when it's daylight.

« on: 28 August 2017, 12:32:45 PM »
As many folk will be aware, some of the older threads that have for eons used Photobucket as their image hosting platform have now become a bit pants due to Photobucket holding their entire user base to ransom.

There is a sort of limited workaround for this, at least in the short term. Anyone needing to view the pics can use Google's Chrome browser with the Photobucket embed fix add-on installed. It works on PCs but as yet I've not been able to find a fix to work on mobile devices or on any other widely used browsers, ie. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc.

Also can't speak for Linux users, apparently the Chrome fix works by looking at the referring links directly so Linux users may have browsers that work in this way, just not sure on this.

Worthy a sticky admin??


FZS600 Fazer / Re: Starting the forks upgrade modification tomorrow...
« on: 28 August 2017, 12:23:18 PM »
Been away a week, apparently image hosting company Photobucket now block all pictures that you share through other websites unless you cough up about £300 per year by subscribing to their premium service(!) Don't think that'll be happening...
 I will see if I can still access / download the original thread pictures and possibly upload them again to the website through another image hosting provider...

There's a kind-of workaround for this, anyone needing to see threads with photobucket images, if you use Chrome browser and add the photobucket embed fix, you can see your threads in all their suspension blinging glory.

Not found such a fix for Firefox so far and doesn't work on mobile versions either as far as I'm aware or been able to sort.

All the best

FZS600 Fazer / Re: 3 wire speed sensor
« on: 14 December 2016, 10:01:22 AM »
Thanks for the response keratos :)

I have solved the issue, I have fitted a FZ1 speedo sensor (identical plug but normally sprocket cover mounted) to look at the rear disc bolts, a little experimentation found that 2mm thick washers under two of the 6 disc mounting bolts results in the speedo reading spot on when checked with GPS. Happy days!

Don't suppose you have any pics of how you mounted the sensor do you?

DM 👍

FZS600 Fazer / Re: Headlights again
« on: 05 September 2016, 07:16:34 PM »
Anything will fit with a bit of patience and some tools.
Not sure how the speed triple lights or FZS brackets would need modifying though without stripping the bike down and trying it.

If I remember rightly, back oh 6-8 years or so, someone on this here forum modified their Fazer to be a Speed Triple replica...

FZS600 Fazer / Re: connecting running lights to sidelight ?
« on: 03 June 2013, 06:55:20 AM »
Nooooooooo  :eek Scotchloks are awful. You'd be better off finding somewhere you could piggyback an existing connection or using an alternate switched live via a third party feed module :)


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