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General / Re: what did you do with your fazer today ?
« on: 21 February 2018, 07:23:57 PM »
Hi james , just the usual near misses and smidsy's, dont ride much in the winter and forgot how bad it can be.....I need to take it easy at the start of the season as I get a little rusty over winter   :rolleyes

200000 thats impresive , great piccie , would of been better 26 miles ago though   :lol

General / Re: what did you do with your fazer today ?
« on: 20 February 2018, 06:46:59 PM »
Used the 600 for work for the first time this last year , cagers still out to get me  :grumble

A timly reminder for us all with a new season nearly on us........ride safe foccers    :thumbup

General / Re: Today's "What Gets My Goat"
« on: 17 February 2018, 09:23:07 AM »
Whats gets my goat today ?    That old chessnut insurance........gets my renewal quote of £269 which I know is cheap compared with a lot of you on here but iam an old foccer who dosnt do many cage miles , limited to 4000 per year....but why is it that when I phone them up to cancel so I can switch to a better deal they can suddenly reduce the premium to £200 ...why not offer that to me in the first place   :wall

happy with £200 though   ;)

General / Re: Exhausts direct from china, what are your thoughts?
« on: 03 February 2018, 10:49:35 AM »
If ive read that right the stubby one you like is us$50 that price, imo, thats well worth a punt.......its even got me interested,

I wait to be corrected on the price , go see you mates one and then rush home and order it   :thumbup

FZS600 Fazer / Re: Front Fork Stanchions/Tubes
« on: 19 January 2018, 07:41:11 PM »
An old trick that works  :thumbup

General / Re: NGK Plugs
« on: 08 January 2018, 06:15:33 PM »
Got less than 2000 on my last set , very disapointed , I still have them somewhere will dig them out and check against guide posted by TREBUS   :thumbup

General / Re: Bike cleaning company
« on: 07 January 2018, 08:58:06 AM »
Mmmmmmmm now I know my memory's not too good but iam sure that on one of the LOFO's ride outs you bought your better half along.... :thumbup

Great thing the web , lots of crap on it but some really helpful tips , advice and knowledge , you just got to sort the good from the bad....
sounds like youve found a fazer owner whos also an expert on C90s   :thumbup

General / Re: Is this your bike? Fz6 WX06 EKR
« on: 04 January 2018, 07:06:36 PM »
Mmmmmm...described as "very good condition" but you can clearly see damage to fairing and rear grab handles  :rolleyes

General / Re: Ceiling Light Shade Removal Question
« on: 04 January 2018, 06:48:13 AM »
Yep , if its made of plastic that is indeed a big clue , at first glance I was thinking guess as its plastic is , its probably an inexpensive unit and just clipped together , I would start by running a blade between the two parts , if it is just push fit it wont take much to separate the two halves , will be light weight and wont need much to hold it together.....looks old too me so take it easy when levering , that plastic might have gone brittle with age....

General / Re: Happy New Year !
« on: 01 January 2018, 01:10:40 PM »

some good biking weather would be good this year , last years annual tour got me as far as snowdonia and a water logged camp site and heavy rain all night , got an absulute soaking so came home the following day  :'(

Got too be better this year , already planning a scottish route , so much to see in this country and so little time......

have a goodun everyone and as always.....ride safe   ;)

General / Re: Today's "What Gets My Goat"
« on: 27 December 2017, 02:12:33 PM »
AMAZON....bought a few things from amazon over thd last month , I gave them my email as easiest form of contact , since them ive been bombarded with amazon emails so I scrolled down to the bottom of the last message an unsubscribed....

what do amazon do  ?.............yep , send me an email to say I have unsubscribed     :wall

General / Re: Today's "What Gets My Goat"
« on: 24 December 2017, 09:02:55 AM »
Easy way to quit smoking ............grow some balls and stop buying the foccin things...... :rolleyes

lights the fuse and stands well back           :2guns   

General / Re: Ba Humbug!
« on: 24 December 2017, 08:51:03 AM »

FZS600 Fazer / Re: Fairing removal
« on: 20 December 2017, 07:58:36 PM »
couple of piccies of a headlight off the bike...

FZS600 Fazer / Re: Fairing removal
« on: 20 December 2017, 06:52:16 AM »
Just had a thought harry , ive got a spare headlight in the garage , if I get time tonight i'll dig it out and take some piccies of the mounting holes .....

FZS600 Fazer / Re: Fairing removal
« on: 20 December 2017, 06:50:04 AM »
You been hijacked again harry   :lol

its been a while since I removed my fairing but am certain you can remove fairing without touching the lights , there is a couple of mounting screws below the headlights which are hard  to see , feel round and you'll find them , socket on a long extension will reach them...

FZS600 Fazer / Re: Fazer 600 not starting
« on: 20 December 2017, 06:42:36 AM »
Check for spark at plugs , if your getting damp plugs you know the fuels getting through , my monies on electrics but as said , new fuel , filters and clean will help , with known history its almost certainly going to be something simple...good luck  :thumbup

FZS600 Fazer / Re: Christmas has just come early!!!
« on: 16 December 2017, 10:06:31 AM »
DISORDERLYPUNK , what helmet cam you thinking of treating yourself to ?

Had to be done mr hornby   :lol

FZS600 Fazer / Re: Christmas has just come early!!!
« on: 15 December 2017, 06:44:44 AM »
 :lol  Iam sure youll be Ok , just take it easy , as always , lots of help on here if needed   :thumbup

FZS600 Fazer / Re: Christmas has just come early!!!
« on: 14 December 2017, 06:16:36 PM »
Nice one mr hornby , dont forget to post some piccies of you scratching it whilst fitting   :pokefun    :lol

General / Re: Ba Humbug!
« on: 13 December 2017, 09:30:25 PM »
Nothing cracking about crackers   :thumbdown

General / Re: Ba Humbug!
« on: 12 December 2017, 09:39:10 AM »
Looked forward to christmas when I was young , not anymore , been ruined by money making manufacturers producing LOW quality goods adding the word "christmas"and  charging a premium price  , and whats all this " this years must have toy " and manufactures running out of stock , my arse ........ho ho bloody ho......

Fully understand nigel , ive not come accross that sort of thing before , everything usually going to next of kin , but iam guessing with the  cancer he knew what was to come and made arrangements for you to have his R1....must have been great friends...

this topic came up the other day with mrs red.....saying she didnt have a clue what my bikes are worth and she would sell the lot  for what I told her I paid for them...if only she new the real value   ;)

not made a will but parhaps i should start thinking it  , i still have my fathers car who i sadly lost over 30 yrs ago , a keeper for sure which will go to my son , no interest in bikes at the moment but iam still working on that   ;)

cant help you with any gen2 help as iam a far superior gen 1 owner   :)

I have been quietly lurking on the forum for quite a few years ahead of buying a Gen2 as a planned addition to the stable.(Yes I want a sporty bike that can take some luggage occasionally!) I am writing this note to determine what parts I need to acquire in order to have in stock the bits I need when I buy my bike.

Sadly I recently lost my best mate and riding buddy to cancer and I was shocked that he has left me his 2003 R1 which he owned from new and on which he spent ridiculous sums of cash. It comes with full Ohlins forks and rear shock which I intend to move over to the FZ1S Gen2 next spring. It also has a lovely Akrapovic system with Power Commander but I think that may be too difficult/impossible to move across.

I just need to understand what else I will need, the forks are 50mm it seems, the rear shock has a 300mm mounting gap from the top to bottom points which can be adjusted obviously slightly. These are being kept more for sentimental reasons but will make a huge difference I am sure. Given the R1 will fetch about the same as a Gen2 I can afford to spend a few drinking vouchers on the changeovers. I have the original forks and shock to put back on the bike.

Any advice welcome. Hope to meet up with any Essex or Southern based members next year.

If anyone wants to swap their low mileage Gen2 for a mint R1 drop me a line by all means.

wow.....what a kind ,generous gesture . Bought a tear to my eye....

my advice ..........keep the R1.....friends , memories and gestures like that dont come along to often...a true friend indeed...RIP

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