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For Sale & Wanted / For Sale Air Hawk Comfort Seat Pad
« on: 25 June 2015, 03:21:03 PM »
For Sale    Top of Range Air Hawk Comfort Seat Pad.   Made in USA ... cost new over £100.

Size 46 X 38 cm  (18" x 15" in the old money) Pear Shape for Front Seat (works on most bikes including Fazer.
Excellent Condition ... only one Bum  :\  and not many Miles. No damage or marks.

Very comfortable ... has prevented Numb Bum on long rides 8)

Genuine Sale, no junk, proper job  :)  Medical deterioration forces sale .. no more long haul rides for me.

Offer has to close at noon tomorrow if you want it soon.  Special Price for Group Members ... Only £50 including P&P within UK next week.

Direct contact and Payment via PayPal best by email on ...

Cheers.    Stay Safe  ;) Trev   (Mallorca)

General / Advice Request
« on: 16 September 2014, 03:34:01 PM »
Hi Guys,

Same as my last post ... the mate in Birmingham has now got himself the bike  :eek  it's a Boy Racer ... Honda CBR 250R ... 2011, mint, less than 800 miles.

So the questions have started  :rolleyes

Today ... he is asking what model of Optimate he should buy to keep the battery sweet during the winter ... at 75 years young he reckons his leathers still fit over his belly ... but he ain't going out if it's wet or cold  :eek

My Optimate is about 20 years old and still doing the job ... these days it seems they do at least six models ... your exert advice on what he should buy will be well appreciated  :b

Munchos Grassy Arse  8)  Stay Safe ... Polar Bear Mallorca.

General / Help Please
« on: 04 September 2014, 12:05:51 PM »
Hi Guys,

We used to have a 'Link' on here that opened up the way to check if a vehicle had UK Road Tax, MOT, SORN .. and so on.

I can't find it anywhere ... can anyone help me with this please ?

Good Mate has just won a (too good to be true) Bike on eBay and I'd like to help him check it out.

Cheers in advance :o)   Stay Safe.   Polar Bear in Mallorca

General / Do you know our Olive
« on: 23 January 2014, 04:58:46 PM »
 :)  Hi Guys,   
Lots of forum chat just now about how best to protect your bike during the UK winter months (about 11 of them anually I hear)  We are only getting six months of cold here in sunny Spain  8)
One bit of the bike that often looks a bit messy and rusty (IMO) is the cast iron Ex-up valve box .. tucked up under the engine it is well in line for road crap and neglect .. it's also in full line of sight whenever / if ever the rider has a knee anywhere near down  :b   I've never found the need .. at my speeds  :\
Anyway .. I have discovered that 'painting' the cast iron box with normal Olive Oil solves this cosmetic problem quite well.  8)   Just paint it on when the box is dry and 'warm' .. let it cool off and then the next time it gets really hot it will 'Stove' on and stay a smart looking black .. for ages.  :b   Looks a bit like powder coating.
If you give it another coat of olive oil from time to time .. your box will never look crap .. ever.  This really works  .. I had three Gen 1s and never had a rusty box .. or any Ex-up valve problems.  While you are down there .. you might as well pull the valve out and give it it's regular six month (min) internal service  :b
Have a happy winter y'all .. Stay Safe  ;)    Trev   (Polar Bear)

General / Something A Bit Different
« on: 30 December 2013, 03:58:51 PM »
Hi Guys.
As some of you will recall .. I ride a HPS (high performance sidecar) outfit,  the 'Spanish Dancer'.  It is based on a big fat Honda CB1300S .. the Beaufort end can is set on the right .. not alongside the sidecar and it's stamped up, officially fully road legal .. but it does sound quite 'throaty'  :rolleyes
In February/ March I will become the proud owner of a Swiss Shepard Dog, (All White Alsation) pup .. he will be almost fully grown by summer .. within a few short months.
I have ideas for a fixed harness to keep him safe and comfortable behind the screen inside the open top cheir.   Rainbow Annie (my much better half) will be moving back up .. onto the pilion seat (so the 'navigation system' will get much more physical  :\  )
My only real concern is:  Will the 'music of the motor' damage the dogs hearing .. or are these animals able to shut down and adjust as requred?
Your opinions, advice, expert info, etc will be much apreciated  :D .
Cheers Guys .. I'll look out for the feedback.
As Always .. Stay Safe  ;)    Trev    (The Polar Bear in Spain)

General / Who's is it?
« on: 01 May 2013, 01:34:45 AM »
 :b   Hi Guys,
Just checking out the Line Dancing at the Brum Bike Shed .. there is an 'All White' Gen1 in the photo shoot .. looks like it might have a truck load of Yellow Soft Bags Kit and a caravan selection of screen stickers?
I also had an All Ice White Gen 1 job for a few years  2003 to 2005 ..  I had a full second set of of bodywork plastics painted up for me by Top Gun .. a very recently returned to biking member  :eek
Can someone please identify the current Owner for me please  8)  I need to contact him / her.
All info and any help will be very welcome.   Stay Safe Y'all  ;)     Trev

Events, Meets, Ride outs etc / Mars Bar Awards
« on: 27 April 2013, 09:44:56 PM »
 :)    Have a Good Day at the Brum Bike Shed Tomorrow Guys.

When I set up the very first meet (in 2001) we had 11 Gen 1s on the line :o)
I gave out Mars Bar awards to various people ... Longest Ride to get there  scared .  All Police Officers flirt.   Anyone with a Female Pillion Passenger wing and so on .. just a bit of fun that we kept going for quite a few years.  I think it ended when the financial climate changed confused    Most bikes on the line was 45 I think .. maybe 2004?

I have just been let out from the Denia Hospital today (Had another big bone joint job done) Port Side Hip this time .. so I awarded myself a Mars Bar for the most genuine reason for not doing the longest ride.   
Be sure to ger all those front tyres on the line .. I'll be thinking of you.

Stay Safe wing    Trev

Introduction / New Guy from Brum
« on: 10 April 2013, 05:51:19 PM »
 :)    Hello Everyone .. just getting myself sorted with a Gen 1 .. hope to get to the Bike Shed Meet and say Hello to a few of you in person.
Ride Safe  :thumbup   Top Gun

General / Road Tax Via DVLA On-Line ?
« on: 04 April 2013, 11:24:16 AM »
 :\   UK Forces Mate of mine is currently out of the country and having real problems re-taxing his bike on line.
The normal system seems to be 'off' or 'not working' as always did? 
Has anyone else found this problem recently .. and of course if so .. how did you get around it ?
Cheers  ;)  Trev

General / Off Topic Daft Question Time
« on: 26 March 2013, 10:29:09 AM »
Hi Guys,    Info, Advice, Help Required Please.

Seriously .. How do you go about teaching an intelligent dog (say a Labrador pup) to bark when (but only when) someone is approaching (or at) you door ?

Cheers in Advance thumbs up   Trev  (Getting Deafer by The Day smiley: ohwell)

General / Beware Cyclists :o)
« on: 04 February 2013, 11:45:53 AM »
Beware Cyclists :o)   :eek   
I sent this one out to a few friends last week .. got me thinking it might raise a smile or whatever on here too?
What you see is for real .. Red cycle lanes in Denia .. smack down the centre of traffic lanes on the main roads and around traffic islands.
I risked life and limb (by staying still for about 15 minutes) to get these shots .. not a single push bike inside the lanes (so they are not all daft). 
I think the basic idea is that bike riders should stay within the red lines and not duck and dive amongst the cars and trucks.  Of course we all know how much notice theses guys take of traffic laws.
We all know these push bike riders .. No Road Tax, No Insurance, No Nothing and of course the local (Town) Police here are not interested one little bit .. even more so when the rules are as daft as this.   
Just for the record .. I was many years ago a very keen long distance competitive cyclists .. member of the winning Royal Navy team in the Inter Services Tour of Italy, etc.   So I have no axe to grind with bike riders .. other then with the Red Light jumping brigade!  :evil
I think that maybe it could have something to do with 'joining up' cycle lanes outside the town centre .. in order to qualify for more EU funding .. Euros per Metre  ?    Coming to a town near you .. any day soon   :rolleyes  I recon.
Stay Safe Peeps .. ride on the WHITE line  8)    Trev   The Polar Bear in Spain.

Events, Meets, Ride outs etc / Brum Bike Shed Meet
« on: 25 January 2013, 08:16:40 AM »
Hi Guys,
Having already had some rumbles in the jungles over on the (slightly more adult) side  :)  at the Fazer 1000 Owners Club about this years gathering of the clans near (not in) Birmingham.
Following up on some early questions .. and as per normal service routine .. I have posted my annual blurb for the benefit of all the Newbies who have hooked into these Fazer Groups over the passed year.  The intention is to give the new guys a general idea about who does what to whom, where, when and why  :eek .
Have a read below if you are not all together familiar with this event .. then watch for the date(s) to be set later on in the year.  It'll be here before you know it so do your best to get there .. it is often seen as the start of the biking season for many  :D   
Cheers Trev.               _________________##________________##____________________
Oh Yes indeed ... The Birmingham Bike Shed  (National Motorcycle Museum) Clan Gathering.

I'm not sure if there could every be a better location for any National Annual Group Meet in the UK?

Perfectly located bang in the Center of England  (The actual 'Middle England' marker cross is on a traffic island  just a couple of miles south .. in the village of Meridian)

Really easy to Find and Access .. Junction 6 of the M42 and A45 (right on the NEC Island) and therefore as fair as it gets for everyone wherever they live .. can't help your post code .. where we live is where we live  :\

Every required basic facility right there on site .. Parking, Toilets, Cafe, Long curved white line for Photo Shot line up  :b   and of course The National Bike Museum .. it's bit hard to find all that in any one other place .. and it's open on Sunday!

As for the date .. always some chat about the weather and holding the meet later in the year .. but there are some very valid traditional 'reasons' as to why it's normally held in April .. no need for me to do the history bit again here. 
Main snag with moving it is always the same .. people go away for their family holidays and long haul bike tours in the summer.  No way we will ever keep everyone happy .. so it's still held in April.

As for the UK's 'seasonal weather patterns' .. these days things are about as predictable as a Mad Spanish Bull standing in the middle of the main road.   So shifting things to June (for example) is no guarantee at all that it will be a nice day on the day!  For this reason we have normally kept a Plan-B dry day as a back up the next week-end.

As for distances to and from Brum .. I (we) used to give out 'prizes' for the Longest Ride, all the Biker Babes and Bike Police members smiley: grin .. a big fat Mars Bar. Lots of guys have ridden to Brum from Scotland and Cornwall .. I've done it myself from the Costa Blanca (without a Mars Bar  :\ ) It's what your Bike was made for .. ride it! 

As I no longer have my wonderful Gen 1s  :'( and am now very happy thanks on The Spanish Dancer .. my big Honda CB1300s, EZS Sports Sidecar Outfit .. I don't feel quite right about attending. However all Riders on all and any other make of Bike have always been very welcome .. so you can bring your mates on mopeds too. 

Anyway .. my main plans are done for this year .. I'm already all Booked and Paid for a nice little ride-out or two. 
The 2013 main event is a 4.000 mile round trip from Denia (here down on the Med coast) up to South Harris in the Outer Hebrides / Western Isles and back via a loop of Bonny Scotland all on my own .. no matter what the weather girl comes up with .. once again I'll just be gritting my gums and going for it smiley: wink
These days .. I can't afford or justify the 'crazy cost' type finances of doing another UK run before that one .. but it's not so far for you .. is it ?  8)

There you go then .. that's my Annual Blurb on the Bike Shed topic done .. your move people .. any questions .. and as always I'm here if I can help smiley: ohwell

Stay Safe Guys smiley: wink  Trev           The Polar Bear in Spain. Founder of The Brum Bike Shed meetings.

General / Way Off Topic .. Calling All ....
« on: 10 January 2013, 04:28:50 PM »
Calling all Divers and Adventurers.  (Plus anyone who likes a little challenge confused)

Following up on several months of work by a few very dedicated people I am now able to let this one out of the bag for real thumbs up.
All being well (I've not seen it myself yet) the February issue of SCUBA magazine (out about now) will run a page on Great Dives.
One of my 8.000 plus dives is the topic this month .. the bit should include an invite to a blog .. remarks, comments, questions welcome.
I just hope the mag 'editorial team' have not butchered things up too much .. as they so often find it necessary to do ? scared

I guess not many of us buy this magazine .. so I'm putting this info out as an off topic post .. some of you just might find it interesting?     You might like to grab a coffee and have a read thumbs up   Cheers.

Stay Safe wing  Trev

For Sale & Wanted / Gear Indicator for Sale
« on: 07 January 2013, 08:27:10 AM »
Datatool Digi Gear Indicator.
For Sale within group. Boxed with Paperwork, As New, Cost around £65 from Dealer, Never Fitted.
 Please see Photo's.   All Realistic Offers considered. 
Item is already Packed and ready for Posting from within the UK.  :lol
UK Bank Transfer Best .. but have PayPal A/c if required  :\
Stay Safe  ;)   Trev    Spain

General / MOT Location ?
« on: 20 December 2012, 05:29:48 AM »
Hi Guys,   
Long Shot ..
Anybody know of a Bike MOT Station near Portsmouth (ideally a place that deals in Honda's)   
I need to get a test done as I get off the ferry mid afternoon on a Tuesday .. before heading North on the A34. 
I did the Google thing but without much luck.
Cheers in advance  ;)   Polar Bear Spain

General / Calling All Divers
« on: 10 November 2012, 09:30:01 AM »
Hi Guys,
Completely Off Topic ... but hopefully helping to keep this place alive thumbs up

As with many other 'action type' pass-times .. us Bikers are often well into other sports .. I think we might have a few Sports Scuba Divers in here.
 thumbs down   That's the hand signal for going down now .. read on.

The December issue of one of the main UK Diving magazines 'SCUBA'  should be on the paper-shop shelf any day soon.  I have a page (probably inside of back cover) that you just might find interesting .. it knocks on into a blog that then tells the story. I hope it's going to be good good bedtime reading  confused.. but it could also open a big can of fat worms scared

Just info .. I will also post this over on the other side .. for the Divers over there Ok.

Breath easy, Stay Safe wing   Trev                         (I have no business connections with this magazine)

For Sale & Wanted / Heated Gloves
« on: 01 September 2012, 12:49:14 PM »
 :)   Much talk in the General Section recently about the joy of Heated Gloves  :b
Hi Ya,
As per normal Group Routine ..  I would like to offer you guys first grab at a Brand New (Never plugged in or used, still in bag) Heated Gloves with the HD name tag.  Before they go onto eBay.
The name tags could be hidden under a drop of black marker pen .. I won't tell .. so and nobody need ever know  :rolleyes 
Like most normal blokes I am far from being anywhere near to a fan of HD Bikes .. but we should I think recognise the quality build of their Clobber and Clothing range.   This hot glove kit sells at over £100 (UK Money) in the HD dealers.   
Black, Real Bull Hide Leather,  Extra Large, Supple and soft to wear, Full Kit includes all wires and fitting instructions, even a few spare fuses.  Easy to fit to the Bike and within riders Jacket, simple to use and no doubt as warm as toast when in use.
Simple and Genuine reason for sale .. they don't fit me  :\   Already packed up and ready to post from within the UK.
Asking Price £75.00 all in .. including the Postage direct to your door.  Photos available via email if required.
Thank You, Keep Snug and Stay Safe  ;)    Polar Bear    (Spain)

For Sale & Wanted / Calling All Photographers
« on: 06 July 2012, 05:19:11 PM »
Guys & Girls,
As the group has a very good active section for photographers .. all sorts from Pro to Happy Snapper as well as the serious bods who are really into long range high speed action stuff.  I thought I'd let you know that I have my 'good as new' Complete Canon EOS 400D with extra 300mm Zoom Lens etc, up for grabs in the UK right now.  :b

                                          The UK eBay Item Number is: 180921857616.
Everything you need all in one box!  Might be worth a look-see if you fancy such things  8)   
Cheers, Stay Safe  ;)  Polar Bear.

General / May Photo's
« on: 31 May 2012, 08:10:20 PM »
Where have all the May Photo's gone  .. bit hard to vote without them ?  Or is it Me  :\   PB

For Sale & Wanted / Blink Blink :o)
« on: 21 May 2012, 09:09:48 PM »
On Offer to The Group before eBay.. Posting will be from within the UK around the 12th of June.
Mini Arrow Head LED Indicators Kit  .. Front and Rear Flashers with correct LED Relay Unit (simple exchange).
Al in good condition .. however two of the original plastic backing plates have been replaced with 'Get me Home' DIYs.
 (The proper plates are available on eBay from Busters)
These units did around 3.000 miles on my Gen1 .. then removed to put bike back into standard when sold .. simple job to connect them to lighting loom (plug and go).
For Sale as Seen .. all in with P&P for £32.00

For Sale & Wanted / Calling All RED Fazer Riders
« on: 12 May 2012, 07:50:08 AM »
Calling All Red Fazer Riders .. very early opportunity .. just for you  :b
No doubt you will already have Renthal Bars fitted .. so here is the Cherry on your cake.
A Red Bar Brace  :b   For Sale early to the best bidder (plus a little bit of realistic P&P of course  :lol )
This item is Brand New, Never Fitted, 100% Perfect.
I will be up in the UK in four weeks time ..  so best to hold fire on the posting until then I think.
I have a PayPal set up. 

General / Is it just me .. or what ?
« on: 30 April 2012, 04:50:45 PM »
 :\   I've just got one of these Mini Spy Video Cameras .. £9.99 all in from Honk Konk (with free P&P Norm  8) .
The Instructions come in Chinese and English .. but .. so far we have failed to get very much 'up and running'.
One good example is the blurb about how to change the Time Clock settings .. please read below .. then read it again.
Is it just me .. oer what ?
I quote:

6. Time settings
CD in the product accessories (none with the mini DV camera!) which have a file for time synchronization file, please copy this file to the user Dao TF card, the Benji in and connected Diannao after, the machine time to syncing Dian and Xian Shi Zhijie the time.

For Sale & Wanted / Any Info ON ...
« on: 21 April 2012, 09:35:26 AM »
Any Info on .... Airhawk Seat Pads?
I'm looking at buying an Airhawk seat pad .. the large cruiser type might be my best bet for the 'Spanish Dancer' .. it would be for use on my long haul runs.
They are sold new for crazy money .. but I'm thinking maybe someone has one lurking in their shed  :rolleyes .
I'm also interested in reports on these things in action .. are they as good as the dealers recon ?
I'm not interested in Gel Pads .. they don't work too well in the 40c summer months down here.
Your comments please Gents  :) Cheers.
Travel Happy  ;) Polar Bear.  (Spain)

General / Do you recon that ..
« on: 13 April 2012, 02:59:32 PM »
If I posted the .. just the top line of the registration numbers of my three (mint) Gen 1s and requested that the current owners contacted me I might discover where they are now? 
It's a good bet that at least one of you guys (if not three) in here will have one of them  :b
No special reason .. just wondering where they are now .. as you do  :\ .
Stay Safe  ;)  Polar Bear

General / Serious Daft Question Time
« on: 07 April 2012, 08:06:08 AM »
Hi Guys,     
OK ... it's Daft Question Time again .. only this time I'm serious  :)

My mate Mr Google has a trucking load of info on this topic .. but I still can't get an answer .. and it's starting to bug me just a bit. I am NOT into astronomy, the NASA fan club or Virgin space flight .. I'm a Pro Diver, Trucker .. retired  :lol

The International Space Station (ISS) is visible from Earth as it orbits the planet. (but they don't wave back)

I have ben able to work out the flight path direction and angle of altitude and visually 'tracked' it .. for six minutes .. as it passed over the Costa Blanca area of southern Spain .. one dark night. That's a very long 'exposure' time .. most nights you will only get one or two minutes .. according to the predicted tables and your location.   

It looks like a very bright star travelling at very high speed across the sky .. bit like a large aircraft .. or UFO  :eek . The flight path changes so we can not see it every night, even when there are no clouds.   

It's average speed is said to be 17.500 mph, or thereabouts and it's altitude is around 240 miles above sea level (I think there may be some slight 'wobble' variations with all these figures, but not a lot ?)

The distance around the equator is .. lets say .. 30.000 miles. So the total distance of the ISS orbit loop must therefore be much further than that!

They recon the ISS does a full lap once every 90 minutes .. as you see these 'sums' don't add up .. so my question is:  HOW can that be?

I look forward to your thoughts and calculations. Cheers  ;)      As always .. Stay Safe.   Polar Bear.

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