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General / Re: Word Association
« on: 16 November 2015, 04:43:18 PM »

General / Re: World map
« on: 13 October 2015, 07:18:27 PM »
The Mercator Projection is the most used one for International Sea Charts ... and also Land Maps.

The other main Chart Projection (that Sipperjack can't quite remember) is the Gnomonic (pronounced No-Monic) Projection.

Just for info ... Coat Door Gone  :\    Stay Safe Guys ... Polar Bear (Former Royal Navy bod)

Hi Guys and Hola to the Girls,

I'm pleased to introduce 'Hachi' our giant pet Swiss White Shepherd pup (20 months old) Coming up to 7 stone of solid muscle ... still growing.

He only eats Barf (Bone & Raw Food) meat ... with a Carrot and an Apple throw in most days :o)

Currently he lives in Mallorca with Annie and me ... but they will be moving to North Wales next month.

Stay Safe ;o)   Trev    (The Polar Bear)   (Hope the pictures work)

General / Re: How long have you been riding
« on: 04 October 2015, 09:04:08 AM »
Hi There Guys and Girls,

This kind of post always makes me smile ... seems like the older Blokes get the more they have to brag about it?
Not so with the Ladies ... they keep most of their personal data to themselves :o) ... most times :o)

Anyway to get to the question ... I did All my Tests for Bikes, Cars, HGV Trucks, Cranes, Boats and Ships in the Royal Navy back in 1956/7 it was part of the job ;o)   The first Bike that was mine was an Ariel Square Four a 1000cc Tank!   

At that time my Dad had an Ariel 350 Red Hunter and he was as jealouse as a pig ... but he still left me behind on the twisty bits between Brum and the Navy Bases down on the South coast and way up in Scotland :o)   Happy Days ! :o)

To date I've had over 50 Bikes in 60 years ... some I kept for ages ... most I rode for a few months between drafts (postings abroad)

Had three Gen 1 FZS Fazers ... 2001, 2003 and 2005. Still never sat on or seen anything to beat them for a real 'All Rounder'! Currently I'm on a Honda CB 1300S with EZS single seat Sports Sidecar ... almost certainly the end of my line.   Cough, Gasp, Splutter, Groan, F**t, Breath :o(

Stay Safe, use the Zimmer ;o)   Trev.   (Mallorca)

General / Re: chain lube
« on: 28 August 2015, 06:31:51 AM »
Grease and other Sticky Stuff will just collect (and hold) fine road dust and Grit  :\.
Grease and Grit make Grinding Paste !! :\
A Wet Chain is a Happy Chain ... Oil it ... Scottoiler's Rule ... Sorted  ;)
Y'all Stay Safe now.

General / Re: carrying large items on a bike
« on: 04 August 2015, 09:29:32 AM »
Best to use small size ratchet straps in my opinion ... bungie's allow things to roll off rear seats!  ;o) Former Trucker.

General / Re: Think I am off, with regrets
« on: 12 July 2015, 09:57:54 AM »
You've got years left yet our kid ... I know we are not all the same ... so I'm pleased that you are going to at least try a different bike. 
At your age I started bouncing about from one to the other for years ... then after I 'fell over' with the third FZS 1000 I ordered the Sports Sidecar and Honda CB 1300s.   

I struggle (more than a bit) getting out of the wheelchair or off the 'clip on' Ivanised crutches ... but once I'm up on the bike I'm good for a ride-out  8)

Keep me in the loop ... and if you win the local Lotto ... pop over for a coffee  :b
Stay Safe  ;) Trev    Mallorca 

For Sale & Wanted / Re: For Sale Air Hawk Comfort Seat Pad
« on: 07 July 2015, 02:37:08 PM »
 :\  Oh well ... like I say ... some you win ...

I can only re-cap my advice ... these AH things work Ok with the VERY SMALLEST Amount of Air inside them. Literally just two or three small breaths.  You just need to believe it and want it to work :o) and ride a lot more than 50 miles to get the idea.

I had a few late enquiries after it was sold ... so I trust you can recover your cash in no time :o)

The only other thing I've used (years back) for long haul ride outs was a Real Sheep Skin.   It looks really naff and very Hardly Dangerous :o( ... but not half as naff as open wound Bum Sores!

Stay Safe  ;)  Trev

For Sale & Wanted / Re: For Sale Air Hawk Comfort Seat Pad
« on: 30 June 2015, 09:47:18 AM »
Guys ....
I've already reported the Air Hawk Bum Pad as SOLD ... back on the 26th June ... under the original post request for a Comfort Seat ... Sorry if it missed you  :\   It's gone now ... some you win ... some you ...  :\

General / Re: aches and pains
« on: 29 June 2015, 03:15:35 PM »
 :\  Funny how us 'Old Guys' tend to brag (well just a bit) about our age  :\

However ... I'd have to agree that growing old is probably the most difficult thing I've ever done ... and trust me ... I've done some difficult things :eek in my time.   The fifteen years of active service in the Navy started the downhill shuffle and slide.

Combat Diver and Underwater Weapons Specialist, etc.  Followed up with 40 more years of Commercial Diving and Sports Diving Instruction ... with some HGV Long Haul Trucking thrown in ... talk to me about lugging heavy loads about.

To date ... as far as I can remember ... I have a Port side Artificial Knee, Two Artificial Hips (one each side :( Port Side steel Elbow implants, Two steel 'self adjusting rams' in my Lower Back,  A steel upper jaw (with clip on teeth  :lol. Serious nerve damage to Upper and Lower Spine resulting in Balance problems plus Hand and Foot control agro. 

The Bloody Arthritis Bug and some very Physical Graft have paid me back for my Fantastic Fun Filled Lifestyle and I currently hobble about with a clip on Starboard Side Crutch or my Ivanised Wheelchair if I need to go more than about 200 yards (to the loo).   

Yes I'm still an active 'Biker' ... Honda CB1300 and Sports Sidecar ... I'm ok once I get my leg over  :rolleyes
Almost forgot (old age probs) I'm also about 75% deaf as a doorpost and I'll be 76 years young in October ... so I think I might still be the oldest Fart on the Forum ? :\ 

Need to scoot now ... I need another pee  :eek    Like I always say guys ... live it Now and Stay Safe  ;).

Trev          The Polar Bear from Brum ... now based in Mallorca.

General / Re: Great day for A ride!
« on: 28 June 2015, 08:27:29 AM »
Deals Gap is indeed over the Pond in the USA  8)

Have a chat with Luke or Ad the Bad on here ... they do it for a Holiday ...  I'll bet one of them will be along any minute soon :)

The Kit question is always a topic in these HOT locations ...

Riding can get too hot for safety sitting on top of the engine in 40c Temps.   Some months of the year down here in Spain you'll see touring nutters riding in Shorts and Flip Flops.  At the very least a Fabric Vented Suit with Internal Armour, boots and gloves has to make sense.  :\  in my opinion

  :eek  Gents,

It kind of bugs me when guys say that a bike like that, at that price, is 'out of reach'  :rolleyes

It's in the UK and it has Wheels on it ... go RIDE the thing ... Simples  :D

Stay Safe  ;)  Trev.   Mallorca

For Sale & Wanted / Re: Wanted, gen I comfort saddle/pad
« on: 26 June 2015, 09:24:23 PM »
Air Hawk Seat Pad now SOLD.   Thanks for the interest guys ... I'm sorry I only had the one  :\

Stay Safe  ;)  Trev    (Mallorca)

For Sale & Wanted / Re: For Sale Air Hawk Comfort Seat Pad
« on: 25 June 2015, 05:34:51 PM »
 :\   Nope ... sorry Dude No PM this end.

Can you do a direct email (the best) or second best check you have sent the PM correctly ? Cheers.  Trev

For Sale & Wanted / For Sale Air Hawk Comfort Seat Pad
« on: 25 June 2015, 03:21:03 PM »
For Sale    Top of Range Air Hawk Comfort Seat Pad.   Made in USA ... cost new over £100.

Size 46 X 38 cm  (18" x 15" in the old money) Pear Shape for Front Seat (works on most bikes including Fazer.
Excellent Condition ... only one Bum  :\  and not many Miles. No damage or marks.

Very comfortable ... has prevented Numb Bum on long rides 8)

Genuine Sale, no junk, proper job  :)  Medical deterioration forces sale .. no more long haul rides for me.

Offer has to close at noon tomorrow if you want it soon.  Special Price for Group Members ... Only £50 including P&P within UK next week.

Direct contact and Payment via PayPal best by email on ...

Cheers.    Stay Safe  ;) Trev   (Mallorca)

For Sale & Wanted / Re: Wanted, gen I comfort saddle/pad
« on: 22 June 2015, 10:08:26 PM »
I have an Large Size AirHawk Comfort Pad from the USA for sale.

Used for a few miles only ... still In 'As New' condition.

These 'Top of Range' inflatable pads cost over £100 new   I'm looking for the best offer over £50 plus UK postage.

Check them out via Google.   Contact me via email best.   Payment via PayPal easy  :D

FZS600 Fazer / Re: Scott oiler oil....
« on: 20 June 2015, 09:43:04 AM »
I'm not a tight arse ... I'm an OAP illegal immigrant and money is money :\.

Used Scottoiler's for many years ... since day one in fact ... on many bikes.  I've never had to buy a drive chain.

I use old engine oil these days ... just let it cool and settle or a week then skim the top surface off for the Scotty :o)

If you are buying a new kit there will be a bottle of oil in the box ... always was anyway.

A Wet Chain is a Happy Chain ... Navy Training  8)

Stay Safe  ;)  Polar Bear Mallorca.

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: prepping for a tour advice required
« on: 17 May 2015, 10:18:15 AM »
Hi There Again CBX, or can I call you Fred  :\

Our Current Base Camp is near the small market town of Llucmajor ... about twenty five minutes out (at legal speeds) from Palma ... going along the MA19 main motorway road .

You mention Residency Cards  8) that tells me you might know more about this island than many if not most other holiday visitors  :D  Do you have you  friends or family living here?

If you'd like to keep things a bit more secure and private ... we could do Personal Messages on here ... or better still for me ... Direct Emails  ;)

Catch ya at the lights ... Stay Safe  ;)    Trev

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: prepping for a tour advice required
« on: 16 May 2015, 09:14:59 AM »
Mallorca ...  :rolleyes   

I've lived here for well over a year now after spending ten years in Denia on the mainland coast.  I've got some doubts about the idea of making the move.

From a visitors point of look-see .... check out the charges for the Ferry crossings from Mainland Ports to Palma return ... with a Bike !!  :eek

You might decide to stay over in Spain and use the cash on good hotels better food and more fuel ... so you can enjoy the brilliant biking roads on that side.

If you are 'touring' from the UK ... you'll need at least two weeks to justify the all in costs per distances involved!

Just thoughts on things that need to be well considered ... in my opinion  ;) ;) 

Stay Safe.  8)   Trev      (The Polar Bear from Brum)

General / Re: Long journeys? You'll need a tourer mate!
« on: 13 May 2015, 07:46:06 AM »
Hi Guys,
I don't do much post these days ...  but the words about Long Haul trips caught my eye.   Distances have never been a problem for us and we (Mrs Polar Bear and I) covered some very big numbers of miles over the years on all kinds and everything on two or three wheels  (I've had over 50 bike in more than 60 years)

The Gen One, Fazer FZS 1000 was by far the very best total all-rounder that I have ever thrown my good side gammy leg over.   We had three of them ... 2001, 2003 and 2005 ... bad case of more money than sense.

At one stage I thought I would go for a Big Fat Tourer and of course the Honda Pan European loomed bright on the horizon :o)  Well ... we got a new one and right after the first service we set off to ride down to Mallorca ... only about 750 miles... call it two days easy :o)   I gradually realised that I had dropped one hell of a clanger ... in short the Pan was 12.5 STONE heavier than the Gen One ... without putting a single Hair Dryer in the Port Side wardrobe!

I struggled on ... for 23.000 miles in eleven months before doing another straight swap for another Gen 1  Yessss ! joy at last ... and I could even get it up onto the main stand by myself :o)

For the record I'm not a little bloke ... in those days I was 5'11" and 16.5 stone on my socks ... but these big Tourers really are a handful to maul around ... any doubts ... go and  ask a Bike Cop.   Think On peeps ;o)

Stay Safe Trev     The Polar Bear in Mallorca.

General / Re: foc'ers in other countries
« on: 19 November 2014, 12:26:12 PM »
The Boss Lady and I did a seven week tour in Oz a few years back ... up and down the Pacific Highway on a hired HD bag of bits! :eek 

We rode it from the Blue Mountains south of Sydney up to The Rain Forests of Queensland and back via Alice and the outback  :eek

Just rolled into town and bagged a room for all our overnighters in YHA Hostels ... I guess $10 a night on average ... not 5. 4 or even 3 star ... but its only a shower, some grub and a bed you need  8)

Join the YHA in the UK and then wave your card at the bloke in the x-army shorts ... Simples  :b

Tip:    Don't hire a bike until you've seen it ..... Sport !!  :rolleyes

General / Re: Stolen!!! LF51JPX
« on: 12 November 2014, 04:01:59 PM »
Sad you had the bike stolen ... lucky you got it back .... lots of guys never do  :'(

The way I read things ... a Spare Key is of no use whatsoever if you can't find it ... even less use if it is a home ... and you are miles away.

Carry the spare key(s) on a lanyard ... ideally along with your Blood Group and general contact 'in the event of' details on a dog tag.     Never ride the bike without it. Simples  8)

Stay Safe Y'all  ;)   Polar Bear.    Mallorca.

General / Re: Advice Request
« on: 17 September 2014, 10:21:07 AM »
 :D  As ever .... Big Thanks guys.

Truth is you have confirmed my own thoughts ... these extra numbers (on things that all look the same) are often a bit iffy.

I will pass your thinking back to my mate ... the money saved will fill the fuel tank and get him out of the armchair. :rolleyes

Cheer again  ;)  Stay Safe ... Polar Bear.

General / Advice Request
« on: 16 September 2014, 03:34:01 PM »
Hi Guys,

Same as my last post ... the mate in Birmingham has now got himself the bike  :eek  it's a Boy Racer ... Honda CBR 250R ... 2011, mint, less than 800 miles.

So the questions have started  :rolleyes

Today ... he is asking what model of Optimate he should buy to keep the battery sweet during the winter ... at 75 years young he reckons his leathers still fit over his belly ... but he ain't going out if it's wet or cold  :eek

My Optimate is about 20 years old and still doing the job ... these days it seems they do at least six models ... your exert advice on what he should buy will be well appreciated  :b

Munchos Grassy Arse  8)  Stay Safe ... Polar Bear Mallorca.

General / Re: Help Please
« on: 04 September 2014, 03:28:32 PM »
 :)    BIG THANKS  GUYS     Just what we needed ... the bike seems good  8)

Safe as Always  ;)   Polar Bear

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