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Introduction / Re: New Owner In Louth
« on: 10 January 2019, 11:29:11 PM »
Hey Middy, welcome to the fold.
Im jist down the road from you in Cleethorpes 👍 quite often riding through yiur neck of the woods to play on the wolds or head up to cadwell. Also frequent Willingham woods 1 or 2 Wednesdays a month in the summer.

As for your bike dilema, I personally would take the older fzs600 with the low mileage. They are still cracking bikes and if it's been looked after it will last you a lifetime.
With so few miles it should still be like a new bike 👌

General / Re: Triumph Speed Twin
« on: 19 December 2018, 05:12:21 PM »
Don't buy a retro looking bike--buy a proper old one---that's the ticket.

Yeah if you want one that will properly breakdown and that you'll never get parts for ;-)
I do love the styling of these but I'm still too young and power hungry to plod around on a "Torquey" bike.
Maybe when my back goes and I grow up I'll look into it haha

General / Re: Just for VNA a brexit thread
« on: 14 December 2018, 08:46:52 PM »

General / Re: What made you feel good today?
« on: 04 December 2018, 02:24:48 PM »

It's about foccing time!! I could watch that video all day.... little scrotes

I see Diane Abbott has said that the police shouldn't be doing it. What a surprise :rolleyes

Yes but thankfully nobody is listening to her this time. There has been overwhelming support for the police on this one. So much so there is talk of them rolling it out to other major cities.
As the head of the MET said....  'it's putting the fear back into the criminal'
Bang on the money sunshine! Now if we could apply that kind of thinking to other crimes we might actually be able to turn this shit pit of a country around

General / Re: Today's "What Gets My Goat"
« on: 03 December 2018, 12:08:23 PM »

When a complete stranger says something like 'Smile it might never happen!' to you in street. That's so rude. For all they know you may have just received some awful news. What business is it of theirs anyway.

These are usually the same sort of idiots that think it's amusing to break wind and belch in front of everyone and turn up to formal events in trainers and a trackie. Tossers.

Hey! Leave my mother out of this 🤣

I'll check the garage in the morning, I replaced all mine with L.E.Ds earlier in the year but can't remeber if I've thrown the old ones out or not

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: FZ1 Gen 2 - rear shock
« on: 29 November 2018, 11:22:12 PM »
The standard shock has a silver spring. As far as I'm aware the spring can be replaced on the standard shock, I just don't think they can be stripped and re-gassed like an aftermarket one

General / Re: Changes to Cat A motorcycle test.
« on: 29 November 2018, 08:52:56 PM »
The ER-6 still passes all them marks so I'm sure most bike schools will still be alright.

Its the usual utterly pointless rule changes though, if anything they need to get rid of the stupid age system.... as if being 24 makes you any more qualified to ride a bigger faster bike!?
I personally think the 47bhp limit should be enforced on ALL new riders regardless of age for a minimum of 2 years. No re-test bollocks either, just automatic upgrade to a full license, unless you have acquired speeding points then you should have to wait longer.
It would give everybody the chance to actually learn to ride better on a machine that isnt outside their ability before they decide to jump on a 200bhp crotch rocket.
I reckon it would save a fair amount of lives too

General / Re: What made you feel good today?
« on: 24 November 2018, 12:49:31 PM »

It's about foccing time!! I could watch that video all day.... little scrotes

I didn't own it but I do live a 2 minute drive down the road from cherrells. If you were serious about buying it I don't mind popping down and having a look, taking photos etc for you one day.

Owen is a good bloke and I'm sure will be more than willing to let me take a look on your behalf 👍

General / Re: one for the older bikers..
« on: 14 November 2018, 09:08:03 PM »
He then moved onto the Kawasaki Z1300 when he was 18.

And think if that was today, at that age he wouldn't have been trusted on anything bigger than a cg125 🙄😞

General / Re: Today's "What Gets My Goat"
« on: 14 November 2018, 09:51:57 AM »
Foccing skanking petrol stations that charge you for air! I've been away for 3 weeks so the bike hasn't been ridden for around 1 month. Got her out yesterday, checked the pressures (which were both a little low) so thought I'd nip to a petrol station on the way to work and top them up. Get there and the cheeky bastards not only charge for air.... they want £1!!! One foccing pound for free air!
Out of principle i refused to do it. Couldn't believe the cheek of it

General / Re: Today's "What Gets My Goat"
« on: 12 November 2018, 10:55:41 PM »

General / Re: so i sold some gloves on ebay..
« on: 11 November 2018, 03:59:46 PM »
Usually a week is unofficial eBay grace period. After that you open a dispute against them, that usually lights a fire under their arse

General / Re: Today's "What Gets My Goat"
« on: 09 November 2018, 09:54:59 PM »
I'm sure eBay do some jig of scheme where you send it to them and they post it abroad 🤔 that way you only pay local postage

General / Re: Today's "What Gets My Goat"
« on: 07 November 2018, 10:10:10 PM »
Candidates for elections. It seems that we are now expected to vote for people selected by their parties from female only/black only etc lists. How far do they go with this. LGBTG lists? Left handed lists? I think this cheats the population of the opportunity to select the best candidate.

The two main parties here have not fielded a male candidate for 25 years, and all apart from one have been absolute drips

Totally agree. Same with them moaning about companies needing an equal amount of females as males.... why?? If it take 12 people to run a company then I don't want the best 6 men and the best 6 women.... I want the best 12 people for the job, be they black, white, gay, straight, piss standing up or sitting down.
'Equality' will be the downfall of the human race if they carry on

General / Re: Niken or not?
« on: 30 October 2018, 01:16:13 AM »
I doubt I'd buy one but I'd love to have a go. Could possibly change my mind if it was good enough

General / Re: Down the pub - the thread about nothing and everything
« on: 18 October 2018, 02:30:54 PM »
It's that time of year again....'The Secret Cyclists'. Under the cloak of darkness they wobble their way along on their undercover mission. Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Fixie. Clothed in black and without the illumination of lights in order to create a virtual cloak of invisibilty to the passing motorists who desperately seek to reveal their identity in the pitch black. Will their cover be blown?. Will they actually arrive at the rendezvous in one piece?. Will the motorists be to blame whatever?. To be continued............(until the clocks go forward).

Well apparently the morons that run the  country are gonna give them and mindless zombie pedestrians the right of way over cars 😔😔
Absolute joke of a country we live in

General / Re: Fazers as art
« on: 17 October 2018, 01:48:31 PM »
Love the first one 👌

General / Re: Re-covering security chain
« on: 17 October 2018, 12:29:38 PM »
Here I've amended the title ya moaning old tarts 😝😝

General / Re: Recovering security chain
« on: 17 October 2018, 07:19:21 AM »
Only 1.2 metres but its the thickness thats the issue. I can't seem to find any kind of sleeve thick enough to get over it. I was hoping for something that can shrunk wrapped over it to some degree

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: Wanted - Standard Gen 1 Handlebars
« on: 16 October 2018, 03:12:30 PM »
To be honest I think I would given up by now and just bought a new standard bike to live with haha won't be long before you can't source original parts then what are you supposed to do

General / Re: Blind Spot Mirrors
« on: 16 October 2018, 02:59:04 PM »
I personally just use my eyes 😃 my mirrors are beyond useless as they are more of a fashion accessory than anything practical, so a turn of the head is sufficient. I find from learning to ride without them then I'm are far more aware when doing shoulder checks etc I actually take in my surroundings instead of just glancing

To be fair unless it has blue flashing lights then I couldn't care less what's behind me, it certainly won't be coming past me so its irrelevant haha

General / Re: Recovering security chain
« on: 10 October 2018, 09:50:04 AM »
You can get electrical heat shrink in that size, same idea as the inner tube, but you can shrink it to make it a bit more snug. Don’t go too tight in the middle, or you’ll make it hard to bend 😋

That sounds spot on, ill take a look.

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: starting problem fz1n
« on: 10 October 2018, 07:30:08 AM »
Have you tested the battery st all? Sounds like it could be on the way out?
Might be worth giving it a good charge and seeing what happens

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