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General / Re: scottish trip
« on: 09 March 2019, 05:05:04 AM »
Abbotsford is a nice hotel. Easy to find as well as it’s right on the main road 👍🏻

General / Re: scottish trip
« on: 06 February 2019, 05:01:19 PM »
I did the NC500 last year as well. Hired a camper in the end (what a ball ache on those narrow roads). Most B and Bs were booked when we went as well but that was July time.

I’m based from Dumbarton anyway so I can suggest some decent places local to here if that’s any help for you 👍🏻

For Sale & Wanted / Re: Wanted- silencer and wiring loom.
« on: 22 October 2017, 03:26:58 PM »
Hi Shrekster,

I have a standard FZS1000 can. if you come to Dumbarton and pick it up its yours mate (alternatively I work in Scotstoun Mon-Fri and go to uni in Hamilton on a Wednesday night). happy to meet you at one of thee places and you can take it. just taking up room in me shed :)

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: 56 Mpg
« on: 06 July 2017, 10:46:25 PM »
I'm usually between 140 and 160 after brimming it till the lamp comes on.

generally about 150-160 miles before the light comes on for me too. thought that was riding pretty conservatively as well  :o :lol

General / Re: Sick foccer
« on: 18 June 2017, 07:23:38 PM »
not for me that either. its hard to toe the line between controversial and funny and that fell just on the wrong side of it for me.

Your Suggestions and How you can help / Re: Deleting posts
« on: 18 June 2017, 07:00:31 PM »
Im not sure if I could do it as a normal member. If you PM me what you want deleted and or renamed I can do it for you no problem though  :thumbup

General / MOVED: Drive shaft play fz6 s2 2009
« on: 22 April 2017, 12:30:00 AM »

General / Re: Blue residue
« on: 18 April 2017, 08:23:07 PM »
ran over a smurf? :lol

Can an FZ1 do this !

Mind you nor can MY MT09 :lol

mines can probably do the bit at around 1:10 just fine aye :lol

General / Re: what did you do with your fazer today ?
« on: 17 April 2017, 07:35:34 PM »
Washed all the schmoo off the bike that it got on it yesterday. Then lubed up all the pegs and side stand as they were starting to get a bit crunchy.

New pads ordered for to fit later in the week :)

General / Re: Is it time to bring back the Plastic Pig?
« on: 17 April 2017, 06:20:13 PM »
Im with yamfazfan in that I have always brought cars around 3 years old and they have all seemed to be ex mobility cars very well kept.

Whilst we are on the subject lets talk about disabled parking, mainly in supermarkets, they always seem to have way too many for the amount of cars using them I mean loads. I know that you can rule out the driver as they may the designated driver but quite often I cant help thinking "whats wrong with you" they seem quite able bodied to me.

My local asda petrol station has a pump designated disabled but it is exactly the same and people have been so conditioned that no one uses it as a normal pump.

You can't just look at someone and decide they look able bodied.
Physically they might look okay, but they may have breathing difficulties in which case parking nearer to an entrance can be a huge benefit, especially in cold weather.

Indeed. Thats why we have got Grace's sign coming in up here:

To many people think disability and associate it with "wheelchair".

General / Re: what did you do with your fazer today ?
« on: 16 April 2017, 10:45:32 PM »
I have aye once your wet your wet, then you can just crack on and have a laugh. When you stay in Scotland the rain is a fact of
Life :lol

General / Re: what did you do with your fazer today ?
« on: 16 April 2017, 06:00:16 PM »
went on the scottish childrens charity easter egg run today. Soaked through and freezing but good fun. saw quite a few fazers at it as well.

Events, Meets, Ride outs etc / Scottish yorkhill Easter egg run 2017
« on: 16 April 2017, 12:58:21 PM »
Well, qeuh Easter egg run now I suppose. I saw a fair few fazers there today, anyone off here make it along?

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: Chinese Brake and Clutch levers
« on: 04 April 2017, 11:20:34 AM »
almost the exact same reason for me buying chinese levers Dave - the clutch was just too much of a reach. The chinese ones have been fine for me (long ones), but the anodising is tarnishing a bit as they age. for £20 its no major headache to buy another set if its a serious gripe.

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: Ivanising in Scotland this July
« on: 03 April 2017, 09:39:14 PM »
And don't wonder if it's worth it - from someone who was lucky enough to have the treatment from Mike a couple of years ago - I STILL get smiles from it thousands of miles later... the full monty was worth every penny I paid.

General / Re: The Biking Community
« on: 29 March 2017, 07:04:03 PM »
Aye, just passing the vale of leven academy. No wonder, that was out of order. A bit of patience wouldn't have hurt him. Some of the patch guys that were there looked pretty hardcore.

General / Re: The Biking Community
« on: 27 March 2017, 11:30:29 AM »
Was the only story who had run the paper at the time mate :)

General / Re: The Biking Community
« on: 26 March 2017, 11:32:53 AM »
I was there, but on the Pan...

Great turnout for the lad.... thought the police done well to control the ride too..

You are joking! I was about 5 bikes behind you. I kept reading the "hero" reggy and thinking "I know that bike from somewhere". Now I know why.

General / Re: what did you do with your fazer today ?
« on: 25 March 2017, 10:05:38 PM »
Hope you don't mind mickvp, I had a fiddle with it to made it look a lot better I feel, :eek

You seem to have edited out 400cc and made it much slower silver :lol

General / Re: what did you do with your fazer today ?
« on: 25 March 2017, 09:25:10 PM »
Don't mind at all mate, looks good :)

General / Re: what did you do with your fazer today ?
« on: 25 March 2017, 08:56:00 PM »
How's this?

General / Re: what did you do with your fazer today ?
« on: 25 March 2017, 08:42:37 PM »
Rode it :)

Front page / MOVED: Fazer bits for sale
« on: 24 March 2017, 06:11:00 PM »

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