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FZS600 Fazer / Re: Lower crank case bolts when tight crank won't turn
« Last post by tommyardin on Today at 01:03:56 AM »
Don't know about modern B/E shells but years ago they had location lugs in them that located in corresponding grooves in the con rods end halves, is it possible to put them in the wrong way round? I don't know? 
General / Re: Gentlemen --- Start your engines
« Last post by vinnyb on Today at 01:02:06 AM »
 The problem is they're butchering classics to do it, original unmolested R100RSs and the like will be unfindable before long. It make you piss when they 'café race' CD200 Benlys and the like though and put them on Ebay for £2k. Clip ons on a single seat don't make a dog slow, poor handling bike into a racer.
General / Re: Gentlemen --- Start your engines
« Last post by Millietant on Today at 12:22:47 AM »
Where do these nut-jobs get their price expectations from !

I know, I know, "Hipsters" with more money than sense and who are too young to have been around when real cafe racers we're all the rage. These new faux cafe racers seem to go for looks and image rather than function, ignoring that the original cafe racers were bikes modified for better performance, not just "style".
did you ...
1:- prime the shells with oil?
2:- use a torque wrench

--pretty sure you will have but got to ask these things
Anyway fuck it, each to there own.

Think I will have a break from Foc-U for a while, and spend some time upsetting all the drivers on the Toyota MR2 Owners Club. :lol
Mixed metaphors????? What Metaphors?????

My post

Hi FZ1obp,In your second picture it looks like there is red Locktite (Not sure what number the red Loctite is) on the screws you got out, but I understood that you should never use lock thread compound on any fixings that go into alloy threads, I'm not saying you did it, but it looks like someone did, a little bit of silicon grease or copper-slip is the best bet with steel fixings into alloy. just saying trying to be helpful 

I never mentioned corrosion in my post (see above) all I said was 'I understood that you should never use lock thread compound on any fixings that go into alloy threads'

But if you feel you need to use it on your brakes parts then that's fine.

I think I will stick to copper slip on mine, firstly I have never had a bolt come undone because of cooper slip, if it is tightened up its tightened up, but when you want them to come out they usually do, without shearing off or screwing the threads up.
I realise you don't want all those bolts coming undone on your brakes, but like wise I don't suppose you want the spark plugs unscrewing and popping out at 60 mph, or the exhaust studs screwing out and the headers falling on to the road at speed or maybe the caliper mounting bolts falling out, I suppose Locite would work wonders on all of them.
Just one other thing I have never ever seen copper-slip corrode, in fact it acts as a barrier and helps stop any form of electrolysis, Ie: stops them corroding in.
Anyway as I said at the end of my post 'just saying trying to be helpful  '

If you really want to make sure they don't come loose you have a welder.

And if thread locking compound has no impact why use it, it does have impact it causes threads to shear off in alloy.
FZS600 Fazer / Re: cheap russian oil
« Last post by Disorderlypunk on Today at 12:09:23 AM »
was searching for reviews on this and found a interesting read on the JASO code
Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: Fuel pump clicking
« Last post by robbo on 27 March 2017, 11:48:56 PM »
Hi Graham,
As you took the tank off to change the airfilter you would have had to turn the fuel tap off.Is it still off by any chance.
General / Re: What's the point of Quorn?
« Last post by tommyardin on 27 March 2017, 11:34:18 PM »
Quorn, what wrong with quorn?
It's good for you and good for the environment, anyway what else will you do with all the old recycled Amazon boxes.
Eat Quorn and it wipes your bum for you as you take a dump. :eek
General / Re: What's the point of Quorn?
« Last post by Graham53 on 27 March 2017, 11:31:06 PM »
I don't get it. If you're vegetarian then be a vegetarian rather than pretend to eat meat. Tried it the other night, it's just not nice. Am I missing something?

Just like lesbians that use strap ons 🤔🤔
I saw a program a while back one of those reality jobs about a bloke that had the op to be a woman and who afterwards become a lesbian WTF
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