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General / Re: Today's "What Gets My Goat"
« Last post by maddog04 on 18 March 2018, 11:13:31 PM »
been said many times on here but twats with dodgy dim and one on full beam (or one light out and the other on full/dim). seen it loads lately, rozzers in front of me but not arsed. I'm getting sick to death of being blinded by these foccers
Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Fz1 centre stand
« Last post by gnm on 18 March 2018, 11:10:01 PM »
Hi all, I’ve fitted an aftermarket link pipe and it doesn’t have the bracket for the centre stand to stop against. It stops in the same position anyway but will it do any harm without the stop
Fazer8 / FZ8 / Fz1 centre stand
« Last post by gnm on 18 March 2018, 10:54:34 PM »
Hi all, fitted a new link pipe to gen2 and it doesn’t have the bracket on it for the stand rubber to stop against. Will this matter as it stops at the right place anyway or will I need to make up a bracket for it?
For Sale & Wanted / Gen 1 link pipe
« Last post by gnm on 18 March 2018, 10:44:27 PM »
Link pipe for after market end can £30 posted
Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: Power commander 3 not working
« Last post by Dudeofrude on 18 March 2018, 10:00:24 PM »
Having searched the net a bit it seems to be a very common problem and is down to a firmware error on the pc3. Its possible to fix a home if your savvy with a computer.
It involves wiping then re flashing the pc3 with the latest firmware.
There are guides online but just depends if you want to give it a go
Introduction / Re: new member
« Last post by matt7chunk on 18 March 2018, 09:09:51 PM »
Welcome to the forum dude, pics pics pics  :D
Introduction / Re: Fzs600 newbe
« Last post by IffyBiker on 18 March 2018, 09:08:18 PM »
Still looking for my first - will be out next weekend trying to nail or down

Me too!!
FZS600 Fazer / Re: Carburetor Spring
« Last post by Disorderlypunk on 18 March 2018, 08:37:22 PM »
bench setting is always a good start i did a massive video on balancing my carbs and found out someone had made a cockup previously

at 8:30 there was a spring set wrong that screwed everything up big time and it took me 6 months to find
(carbtune showed me how bad it was that i had to figure it out)
FZS600 Fazer / Re: Carburetor Spring
« Last post by redmandan on 18 March 2018, 08:16:15 PM »
Great thread and glad you got it fixed mate. I myself am also fairly new to Fazers and one of the things I liked about them was the help and community available on this site.

A word of advice (As I have to take my carbs off again cos I didn't do this) do your best to bench sync the carbs before you put them back on. This will help to balance them later and also familiarize yourself with the location of the balancing screws so it's less of a fiddle.
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