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FZS600 Fazer / Re: Gearbox or Clutch Problems
« on: 11 July 2017, 12:24:08 PM »
sounds like the clutch is dragging too much. adjust the clutch and make sure the chain is properly adjusted too.

General / Re: Bike Insurance Cancelled!
« on: 07 July 2017, 03:53:06 PM »
The other thing to watch Lew is with the French companies, they wont let you cancel. I have seen reports of people still paying after they have written cars off or scrapped it because they didn't get the correct piece of paper stamped. You can only cancel in writing within x days of renewal and only then, if the agree and you have proof of a new insurer.

this apparently is the case with all insurances in France. Thieving barstewards.

General / Re: Stupid fork oil question
« on: 07 July 2017, 01:50:58 PM »
15w is good for the 600, but people were saying it's too heavy for the 1000.
Standard is 7.5.

And I thought the thou riders were all a bunch of pie eaters :pokefun

General / Re: Dartford Crossing Toll Charge Question
« on: 07 July 2017, 01:48:53 PM »

Don't bother with the payzone bollocks though, just go on-line and do it.

General / Re: Dartford Crossing Toll Charge Question
« on: 07 July 2017, 09:39:33 AM »
fuckem they should have manned booths they used to, I have a french registered car, I have on occasion forgotten to pay, I usually do but I have never had any notification for none payment. They make a bloody fortune out of that crossing so why not keep some toll booths and give somebody a job?

Because all the halfwits in foreign registered vehicles ( :pokefun ) will clog up the motorway again. this is why they did away with the booths to get traffic flowing.

General / Re: Stupid fork oil question
« on: 06 July 2017, 10:11:37 PM »
If the oil is old, like engine oil it breaks down. Even refilling with the same oil will make a difference. Most people put 15w in though.

General / Re: Bike Insurance Cancelled!
« on: 06 July 2017, 10:10:30 PM »
I have had that before. Admin cockup.
they normally get the proof direct from the previous insurer as they all share the data. Just call them, remind them they have failed to ask for it and ask where they want it emailed to.

General / Re: Looks like motad have gone under
« on: 06 July 2017, 10:09:10 PM »
The holding page on their website seems to have gone. Are they back in business again?

For Sale & Wanted / Wanted - FZS600 collector box replacement pipe
« on: 06 July 2017, 09:53:31 PM »

I have aftermarket down pipes and a standard end can on my FZS600 and there is an additional link pipe between the two which has a hole in it.

Anyone got one spare they want to sell?

FZ6 / Fazer / Re: Front Pads Binding
« on: 06 July 2017, 05:13:30 PM »
Looking at the shape of the grooves, the problem woul dbe the pads not getting to the disk rather than retracting.
Pads don't actually retract though, you just remove the pressure pushing them against the disk so I doubt its that.

Do all the pistons pump out smoothly and push back smoothly? By that I mean with similar amounts of force? If not, the one that's harder to push is where to start looking.

General / Re: Word Association
« on: 06 July 2017, 04:38:31 PM »

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: Gen 1 odometer to kms?
« on: 06 July 2017, 04:14:01 PM »
The previous owner probably changed the facia dial to get the KMH scale as the primary scale. The digital display will still be in miles and you cannot change that.

FZ6 / Fazer / Re: Front Pads Binding
« on: 06 July 2017, 03:22:06 PM »
if the seal is not in properly, it can bind on the side of the piston.
With the amount of crap on the pistons in the picture, its quite possible the seal is damaged and binding.

General / Re: Word Association
« on: 06 July 2017, 12:25:58 PM »

FZ6 / Fazer / Re: Front Pads Binding
« on: 06 July 2017, 12:25:30 PM »
I would be tempted to put new pistons and seals in. At the very least clean those ones up as well as you can and put new seals in.

General / Re: Three word story
« on: 06 July 2017, 12:22:58 PM »
getting rather bloody

FZS600 Fazer / Re: Faulty fuel gauge help
« on: 06 July 2017, 08:29:23 AM »
:agree with connectors, but I would start with the one under the tank.

General / Re: To hot forthe bike
« on: 06 July 2017, 08:28:32 AM »
I actually don't mind riding in the rain. It teaches you to be smooth with all the controls. I don't like going out if its already raining though or if I know I will get wet. Hot weather on the other hand is not nice unless you are able to keep your speed up.

I am looking forward to getting my bike out in France next week but may have to wear jeans instead of the leathers if it is too far above 20C

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: Gen 1 odometer to kms?
« on: 04 July 2017, 10:04:26 PM »
if its a Gen 1 that has analogue clocks. The fact that the main scale is in Km tells me someone has changed the dials so you are unlikely to be able to change the odo to Km

Fazer8 / FZ8 / Re: R6 Throttle tube mod - Can't feel any difference
« on: 04 July 2017, 10:01:30 PM »
both tubes have a 3cm part that the cable wraps around so you wont see any difference at all.

General / Snail chasing
« on: 04 July 2017, 08:22:36 PM »

This weekend sees me off on my jollies again. This time will be a little bit different though. A couple of fellow foccers will be meeting up in France for a couple of days of feccing around on the lovely Normandy/Loire tarmac.

Should be a good few days with Trevor, Kev and Martin.

For Sale & Wanted / Re: Wanted, luggage rack
« on: 04 July 2017, 06:10:15 PM »
Make sure you get a Givi rack. The sports racks are not designed to take a box. they break.

General / Re: snigger
« on: 03 July 2017, 10:19:33 PM »
My best with Yogi was a Mitsubishi Evo VII with a reported 500Bhp. Always done him to a ton by half or a full bike's length - same drag distance from work to a set of lights maybe 3 or 4 times a month. This guy had spent a lot of money and could see he was quietly bubbling - never looked at me when we stopped but I always gave him the thumbs up at around 80mph  :lol :lol .

Errr sorry BB....Yogi never went over 5k rpm in these moments *cough* :look

That may explain the rattling camchain :pokefun

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