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General / Re: Anyone touring over the bank holiday weekend?
« Last post by Bretty on Today at 03:36:56 PM »
If you decide to come over to Wales for a few days we can put you up and I can take you on some excellent rides around the hills and coastline.

Hi Celticbiker, Top man!  8)  Thank you very much for your kind offer! I will certainly be in touch, but it'll likely be next summer. Wales is definitely on my 'to do' list, but it looks like this weekend we are crossing the Channel. :-)

A mate has just got in touch and suggested he wants to head off across Belgium and Germany, so we're planning that route.  :D
Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: sudden brake failure
« Last post by Dustydes on Today at 03:25:24 PM »

Good to know your up and running
Added to my mental notes for future ref:

Hey all, just picked my FZ8 up from the shop. The mechanic there noted that my bike shows symptoms of some clutch or transmission drag, specifically that it's somewhat harder to start the engine in gear, and also nudges forward when the engine is revved with the clutch pulled in (in gear). I wanted to see if anyone else has seen this behavior with their FZ8?

I haven't been too worried about it because other people on this board have reported some common quirks, like the stiff, notchy shifting action, and I feel like this could be a characteristic of that. But that's not based on any mechanical knowledge lol. Thanks.

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Seeing as I'm no longer a student and I have a half-decent job I'm in a position to save up over the next few months (I don't want to go down the finance route) and get the bike I've wanted for the best part of ten years - an Enflied Bullet (EFI version for reliability).

I don't have a car so my motorbike is my every day transport - it's perfect for my job as I can cut through traffic and I don't have to worry about parking.

I don't have a garage so the bike has to be stored on the drive - although I'm looking into getting one of those motorbike shelter/tent things.

My question is: is it a terrible idea to buy an Enfield to use in this way?

I've heard good things about reliability but I have no idea how the finish would stand up to all year riding. Is it likely to disintegrate over the winter?

Or would it be a case of wasting it in acf-50 every few days and it being alright?

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General / BOSS MCBK420B Speaker Installation.
« Last post by JoeClark on Today at 02:46:00 PM »

So I just received my BOSS speakers, and I'm currently going through the manual of both the bike and the speaker system to try and teach myself the install. I really just don't understand what any of these tutorial videos are even talking about. So I wanted to ask the community if anyone has any experience installing speakers, or any electrical experience at all, I could use some help. Thanks!

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FZ6 / Fazer / Yamaha Fazer 600?
« Last post by JoeClark on Today at 02:44:06 PM »

Going to look at a 2000 model this week end, whats your views on this bike, are there any niggles I should be aware of, what they like on juice and to ride? my use is mainly commuting and twice a year a long haul of 270 miles. have heard the lights are crap but is this just a case of putting better bulbs in? Was not thinking of changing my divvy yet but I've got the chance of this at a reasonable price so thought I'd take a look.

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General / Re: 1998 fazer 600
« Last post by Bretty on Today at 02:19:21 PM »
I can't see the photos?! and I'm curious about what it looks like now.
General / Re: 1998 fazer 600
« Last post by Waterhouse on Today at 01:40:13 PM »
Original description.     

Absolutely outstanding
Time warp
1 owner
[/size]One thousand seven hundred and thirty five miles[/b]
[/size]A premium owned genuine barn find[/b]
[/size]1 farmer owner purchased new on 03/08/1998 from Yamaha main dealer[/b]
[/size]Unused for 16 / 17 years[/b]
[/size]New battery and starts first touch of the button[/b]
[/size]Sounds ultra sweet and as it should[/b]
[/size]Beautiful red livery[/b]
[/size]Original tyres and the whole bike is stock / original / genuine[/b]
[/size]These were fabulous bikes and many sold bit find another like this[/b]
General / Re: 1998 fazer 600
« Last post by Waterhouse on Today at 01:38:56 PM »
Well according to the guy selling it it's one former owner. Who was a farmer. Bought it used it abit then put it in his barn and left it apart from that I don't know much more about it
General / Re: 1998 fazer 600
« Last post by darrsi on Today at 12:51:07 PM »
It sounds too good to be true to me a 3 year old bike averaging less than 600miles a year in it's first 3 years (only new bike I ever owned average more than 600miles a month in it's the first 3 months)  then stored for 16 years?. It's going to cost you about 2k-2.5k to buy and get on the road me I would be looking for a much newer and 15-20000 miles on it with a history.  What ever you decide enjoy your new bike take it easy to start with till you get a bit of experience and treat every other road user as a complete idiot some wont disappoint you.

Could be many genuine reasons why though, it may have been bought as a summer toy, or a commuter in better weather, or they may have just simply thought biking was not for them, especially if they already owned a car?
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