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FZS600 Fazer / Re: Performance Downpipes???
« Last post by celticdog on 14 December 2017, 11:16:32 PM »
Yep I don't think you'll get much of a 'tune' out of new pipes.  :lol  If your looking to make the most of the fazer engine just make sure the carbs are cleaned are balanced regularly. You could always drop a tooth or two at the front sprocket for a bit more acceleration, problem being the chains then a bit longer so it's best to drop the front yoke a bit to make it steer a bit quicker.  :)
FZS600 Fazer / Re: Christmas has just come early!!!
« Last post by celticdog on 14 December 2017, 10:53:14 PM »
That's a rare find indeed well done sir!
The brake hose union bolts needed a surprising amount of torque to undo, along with the bleed nipples in the calipers. I don't think that they had been disturbed for a long time. I was paranoid about shearing off a bleed nipple in one of the caliper body's, especially as the bleed nipples had no covers on, and were corroded a little inside and out. Therefore Iv'e been feeding them sparingly with plus-gas now and again over the last couple of months. I reckon it was worth doing.
Health and Safety Advisory Notice: Take a tip from me, if your'e going to use the kitchen sink for the big Master Cylinder clean up, (Solvol Autosol works well), make bloody sure you clean up the mess before your wife finds it!!
And so it begins....
 I started doing the overhaul of the brakes on my Fazer today, first chance I have had since deciding to have a go myself. So drained as much fluid as I could out of the system, then disconnected the single old rubber pipe, removed the Master Cylinder, and stripped it down. It wasn't too bad. The seal over the circlip split as soon as I tried to ease it out, (maybe it was split already)?, underneath that seal, the circlip, (which holds the piston in), was a bit corroded, and it wasn't keen on moving.

 If I could have rotated the circlip within it's groove a little, it would have given better access to get a really good hold with the circlip pliers, for a nice clean removal without scraping the sides of the bore, but the old aluminium/steel interface had got some stubborn corrosion going on. So it was a devil of a job to get the circlip pliers to release it.

 Comparing the old piston with the new replacement, it's obviously more carefully made, than the one in the genuine Yamaha replacement kit. A bit disappointing, but I have decided to clean up the old one and re-use it with the new seals, (the spiral screw thread like channels for brake fluid to flow down are almost blocked in the new one)! I used a bit of brake fluid to lube the seals before putting them in, which made it an easy job. Same with getting the new seal in place onto the Piston, but a lot trickier!

 Once I had the Master Cylinder sorted, I carried on removing the old rubber hoses and splitter unit. Then when both hoses were off the calipers, I bunged up the remaining union's, and wrapped them up with paper towel. I now have the calipers off, ready to start stripping them down, hopefully tomorrow.
FZS600 Fazer / Re: Christmas has just come early!!!
« Last post by red98 on 14 December 2017, 06:16:36 PM »
Nice one mr hornby , dont forget to post some piccies of you scratching it whilst fitting   :pokefun    :lol
General / Re: Word Association
« Last post by acid drop on 14 December 2017, 05:44:49 PM »
FZS600 Fazer / Re: Christmas has just come early!!!
« Last post by daviee on 14 December 2017, 05:29:23 PM »
seen that their is also a tailpiece and tank 
FZS600 Fazer / Re: Performance Downpipes???
« Last post by daviee on 14 December 2017, 05:28:09 PM »
thats what mine has k and n and a scorpion end can steel down pipes cant fault the power on it deffo faster top end than a friends one  with similar condition etc dont no why it is but it very noticeable
Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: Gen 1 tall touring screen
« Last post by cl1ve2004 on 14 December 2017, 04:45:57 PM »
for touring I reckon that's a great screen :rolleyes I don't think it's too bad... it's windblast pottering about for a days riding that does my head in :eek
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