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General / Re: what did you do with your fazer today ?
« on: 20 April 2018, 09:38:36 PM »
Liz and I took the Fazer's out to Belvoir Castle for a run in the sun. Great weather, great roads, GREAT bikes.

General / Re: what did you do with your fazer today ?
« on: 18 April 2018, 07:10:10 PM »
Took the 600 for its MOT - passed, no advisories, absolutely spot-on.

Dudeofrude - what brand of discs did you go for ?

General / Re: Lubed up.
« on: 18 April 2018, 07:07:24 PM »
I've bought 3 of each (cleaner, lube and chain wax). Very handy size to carry around on the bike under the seat.  :)

General / Re: fazer under attack !!!!!!!
« on: 18 April 2018, 07:05:13 PM »
In our old house, we got an infestation of mice and after catching about 30 in traps over 3 nights, I bought a 3 pack of the plug-in Sonic Rodent Repeller units that are supposed to drive them away.

After the first night of having them plugged in, no mice in the traps, same again after 2nd night. During the 3rd day, our neighbour told us of her sudden infestation - I got some of the Sonic Repellers for her and within 24hrs, her infestation had gone.

In the last 10 years, I've used these repellers in my garage and house and have not seen another mouse.

Same story with my mother in law's house - she had families of mice in her basement/cellar at the end of last year - "Pest Control" specialists spent 3 months taking her money, taking out dozens of mice in traps and putting down poison. But every morning, at least one trap had been triggered.

24hrs after putting 3 Sonic Repeller units in the basement/cellar on New Years Eve and a couple in the kitchen & living room (just in case they moved upstairs) - all of the traps were empty the next day and have been empty every day since.

I've been converted - I'd definitely give them a try (it's worth £15-£20 to find out IMO (B & Q have a few different types/brands).

FZS600 Fazer / Re: What have you done to your FZS600 bike today
« on: 18 April 2018, 06:47:54 PM »
Took her for MOT (2003 Foxeye) - passed, flying colours, no advisories. going to get across to Wales fir a ride out some twiatoes over the next day or two to take advantage of the nice weather (with Liz on her Fazer 1000)

FZS600 Fazer / Re: Fairing for 2003 fazer
« on: 18 April 2018, 06:36:42 PM »
Oh my giddy aunt.........winkers !!!!!!
Those in Honda responsible for this are a complete bunch of Winkers........they're "indicators"...... and at my age, I can't deal with too many "Winkers" !!

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: hard or soft luggage
« on: 14 April 2018, 12:46:12 AM »
i've always used a top box, with either soft or hard panniers - both have worked well for us, although personally I prefer the old Krauser K2 hard panniers to anything else. I've had 2 sets for almost 30 years and they've been faultless in use, although on our Fazer 1000 Liz has always used Oxford soft panniers (she has no issues with them whatsoever.

Although the Krausers have never leaked, we still pack things in plastic bags before we put them in the panniers, just like we do with soft panniers. Photo below shows Fazer with Oxfords and Givi Box and FJ1200 with full Krauser K2 set.

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: Fazer 1000 fairing
« on: 11 April 2018, 12:20:26 AM »
Looks very much like the lower section and radiator 1/4 panels that Skidmarx sell for the Gen 1 Fazer 1000 - I looked at them, but prefer the TCP version.

FZS600 Fazer / Re: Bigger front sprocket
« on: 07 April 2018, 02:21:14 PM »
Rather than gong up 2 teeth on the front, I usually go 1 tooth up on the front and 2 teeth down on the back - pretty much the same overall ratio change, but it also means the standard chain length is perfect.

I'm not a fan of adding just a couple of links - no reason other than my own mental issues of 2 home done links in the one chain

yep the correct way is to do that that, i think the idea here is a quick switch (15 mins to switch and adjust for front sprocket)
im not doing a full maths spreadsheet on this (i said that last time lol)
i have a feeling not everyone here has a paddock stand to do full switches so its just easier
and also its £5 for a front sprocket and much more for a rear so quick switch is worthy of a trial run
-- if we dont test run it we dont know ----
Whilst you are on the maths there is also another factor in that certain combo's of teath will create a situation where the same link will hit the same tooth over and over again. It was discussed on here a while back - have a search.

I can see the logic, but in over 40 years of making this change on all of my in-line 4's, I've never had a sprocket or chain wear/fail early. In fact, I've generally changed my chains and sprockets due to my "impression" of mileage & timescale, rather than anything actually being worn-out (prevention being the best way to avoid problems).

Having said that, my FJ 1200's have both run well over 20k mikes on each chain and sprocket set, as did my Aprilia RSV. I changed the Fazer 1000 originals at 17k miles just because I wanted to alter the gearing, not because they were worn out.

Maybe I'm just lucky !

General / Re: INSURANCE......BEAT THIS?
« on: 06 April 2018, 11:35:45 PM »
Protected no claims is a joke. I have 15 years NCB on my car with NCB protection. A week before renewal date, my wife has a small bump in the car and the other party, quite rightly, claims.

When I discuss the renewal, the insurance goes up by £200 because of the claim - I ask how, because I've been paying for 15 years to "protect" my no claims bonus.

Simple, they say, we're increasing your headline premium because of the accident, but you still have the same no claims discount. So, from my reckoning, the accident maybe cost £1000 to repair, of which I paid £450 (my excess). The insurance company then tripled my insurance premium for the next year, but then reduced it by    my "maximum" no claims bonus - it's a total swizz. Insurance is no longer based on risk, it's based on the insurers recovering every penny from you when you have an accident, but giving you nothing back when you don't- effectively, it's not really insurance, they're just loaning the money for the claim.

Insurance was once a risk-reward "gamble" (both sides win some and lose some) but now that insurers aren't allowed by their parent companies to ever lose any money (and they must provide bigger profits every year to satisfy their investors), they've just become giant cash cows for big business investors and as long as insurance is a legal requirement for driving/riding, without any Statutory Auditing to ensure the punters are not being ripped off, then we are just going to get screwed harder and harder every year.

We're all insurance poverty !

FZS600 Fazer / Re: Chain cleaning with isopropyl alcohol?
« on: 06 April 2018, 11:04:03 PM »
I'd be wary of using Isopropyl Alcohol on an O Ring chain - its very good at dissolving oils and greases, but also natural resins and it might affect the O Rings themselves, which could mean it might get past the O Rngs and dissolve the lubricant inside the chain elements.

We've used IA at work for many years fir cleaning work surfaces and simple tools, but we've always kept it away from rubber seals on machinery.

FZS600 Fazer / Re: Bigger front sprocket
« on: 06 April 2018, 10:51:03 PM »
Rather than gong up 2 teeth on the front, I usually go 1 tooth up on the front and 2 teeth down on the back - pretty much the same overall ratio change, but it also means the standard chain length is perfect.

I'm not a fan of adding just a couple of links - no reason other than my own mental issues of 2 home done links in the one chain

For Sale & Wanted / Re: Fzs 1000 foxeye 2004 parts
« on: 01 April 2018, 10:54:27 PM »
Wish I'd known the screen was a double-bubble, I would have snapped your hand off for that 😀.

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: Meta m375t
« on: 31 March 2018, 01:56:19 AM »
The Meta m357t on my Aprilia RSV has been on since new in 2003 and has worked (and is still working) perfectly. There's no way I'd ditch it on the basis that it "might" break down - when it does, I'll get it removed, but until then, I'm gonna keep using it and keep protecting my investment. That's is why I bought it after all.

« on: 14 March 2018, 06:25:56 PM »
I don't know any cars that have fog lights that don't revert to the off position/setting when the ignition is turned off.

I've had British, Japanese, Korean, Swedish, French and German cars in the last 10 years and every one had fog lights that switched back to off when the ignition is turned off.

People who drive with then ON these days, have turned them on - it's not been done by accident, it's been done by someone who doesn't know what they're doing and who shouldn't be driving (these are the same people, usually, who sit in the 3rd lane on the 4 lane sections of the M1 at 68mph, when there is no be ahead of them in lanes 1 or 2 - and they're oblivious to the gridlock they're causing behind them).

Rant over  :)

Won't be able to make it as it clashes with a 3 Day Charity Cycle Challenge we do every year to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Unfortunately, even though they seem logical (as it gives riders an extra day for the "event", Bank Holiday weekends seem to be the worst times to have bike-centred do's because there's always something else going on, especially for families.

Best of lock though, hopefully you can get enough to make it worthwhile.

« on: 14 March 2018, 02:07:06 AM »
Together with a huge, really bright, rear fog-light repeater, so big that it can't be ignored!!!!!

Totally fed up of following people in the rain who use their rear fog lights, completely dazzling anyone behind them...ggrrrrrrrrr.....

« on: 11 March 2018, 08:29:09 PM »
Agreed - biggest problem is not the snow itself, but drivers who don't know how to "drive" in it.

We have the perfect storm of people who drive too fast, and too close, for the conditions, but EQUALLY, the people who are too timid and drive too slowly for the conditions. I've seen countless "drivers" going down a dip in the road (on a straight road) and braking in snow, then not having enough momentum to get up the other (up) side of the dip and then spinning the wheels because they start to slow down.

Most of the issues where I live (at the bottom of a hill) are people who approach the hill too slowly, with no momentum and then wonder why they can't get up the hill. So far, I've never gotten stuck - I approach with a decent speed and then run up on minimal throttle/accelerator, with basically no wheelspin.

On the motorway, I'm as careful as the next driver - some might say I drive too fast (but I don't) but I always leave enough room between myself and the Vehicle ahead. I also practice smooth steering input, minimal braking and light acceleration, using the gears by matching rpms to the engines speed & my road speed - something which recent drivers seem not to be taught about. Both our sons were "taught" that it's more fuel efficient to depress the clutch and use the brakes to lose speed (especially a low speeds), which goes against everything I was taught about accelerator control - apparently it's part of the "environmentally friendly" approach to driving that's taught these days.

The Safety crowd and their "slower is better" mantra have won the day and are preventing newer drivers from learning to use, and using, APPROPRIATE speed (neither too fast, nor too slow). - hence likely causing more accid nuts than they prevent !!!!

FZS600 Fazer / Re: Side Panniers Rack (holder)
« on: 10 March 2018, 02:03:24 PM »
Used Oxford soft panniers on Liz's Fazer 1000 when we took the kids on a 2 week tour of Europe in 2004.

Still have them, still use them and they're still brilliant (pics below are almost 14 yrs old 😀) - no issues with interference of passenger feet, or legs, even though in the second pic our son was only 9 yrs old.



Problems with pic images I'll try to resolve !

General / Re: Can camera vans get you when facing towards you?
« on: 04 March 2018, 11:10:30 PM »
I'm all for catching mobile phone users, testers and the like - and also people who speed where it really is dangerous (near schools and in built up ares).

But, most non urban speed limits today are way too low for optimum safety (I say this after having worked many years ago, on designing road and white lining schemes, which used to based on science rather than the now popular "slower is safer" approach) - so I'm totally against out-of-town cameras and especially camera vans on rural dual carriageways and "open" roads.

General / Re: POLITE NOTICE: You're Nicked
« on: 04 March 2018, 10:34:37 PM »
Unfortunately, I've worked in the vehicle graphics industry in the past, doing lots for Police and Emergency Services vehicles. The main coverall for reflective colours etc sits under the Vehicle Lighting Regulations.

In there, there are the rules about reflective yellows, blues and lighting colours etc. They're very clear that only emergency service vehicles can use the designated schemes & colours for front and rear graphics and blue lights, but there is an option for an approved special "dispensation" that can be applied for and received in writing (for private ambulances, blood bikes etc).

Enforcing the Vehicle Lighting Regs seems very low on the Police priority list.

We had customers ordering Police style graphics packages in the mistaken belief that if they didn't have the word "Police" on the car, they weren't breaking the law. Under our ISO QA schemes, we had to record our actions when anyone asked us to design or supply schemes that were illegal - our normal response was to point out the illegality and confirm that we couldn't supply. This usually resulted in buyers telling us that we were being unhelpful and they went to the less "reputable" on line suppliers who would do anything for money.

I'd have always liked to have helped, but we supplied many of the UK's Police forces and Ambulance/Fire services etc - and to maintain our accreditation we had to be lillywhite about our quality systems and compliance, so we just couldn't do it.

Unfortunately, some of our competitors were less "honest" and lots of bikes/cars are now running around with "illegal" reflective graphics (imitating Emergency Services vehicles) - and I must say, I'm glad when the "imposters" get pulled.

We need to make sure people always pull over for Emergency vehicles and don't think "here's just another w*anker with fake lights etc" and fail to let the, through.

One day, an ambulance or a police car could save my (or family/friends) life, so I'm all for making sure they're never mistaken.

Hi Viz clothing though - I'm all for it 😀

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: Powdercoat or paint ?
« on: 03 March 2018, 08:21:10 PM »
Powder coating, every time, for me.

Had my first experience of powder coating on a CB 500 Four frame that I converted to monoshock back in 1982. Every experience of powder coating over 30+ years has been a good one.

However, a friend showed me some car brake calipers that a customer had brought to him for "repair' following blasting and powder coating. The people who did the work hadn't removed the pistons, or the bleed nipples and they hadn't blocked any of the orifices in the calipers, hence the beads inside the brakes sitting behind the pistons, which were seized in place by the powder coating.

Bloody cowboys :eek

FZS600 Fazer / Re: Side Panniers Rack (holder)
« on: 01 March 2018, 10:17:10 PM »
Bike in that pic is not a fazer

Yeah, I know that, but was just wondering about the kit as a whole if that's they way it's designed to fit the bike in the photo.

There's not much room on the 600 to fit panniers and keep room for passenger feet on the pegs etc, but I know it can be done nicely - just worried after seeing the bike in that photo.

For Sale & Wanted / Re: Bike work bench
« on: 01 March 2018, 10:07:58 PM »
Hi Steve - I'm interested in this and live in Rugby, so hopefully not too far away.

I'll send you a pm with my contact details - would like to come and have a look and maybe take it away 😀.

FZS600 Fazer / Re: Side Panniers Rack (holder)
« on: 01 March 2018, 09:54:00 PM »

The photograph in the link for that kit looks like the panniers will be hanging off the back end of the bike - it's likely just me, but that fitting jus "looks" wrong.

I've got a pair of Krauser K2 panniers and side arms that I'm gong to fit to our 03 FZS 600 - should be a cinch to fit with a bit of nifty bracketry - and the panniers and arms can be found on flea bay pretty often (I've used them on various bikes for nigh on 30 years and they're still waterproof, rugged and, IMHO, stylish.

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