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Also, pic of how it looks on the oval MTC can I have for sale

Sorry for delay in replying.
It was fitted to a standard round exhaust, but it isn't a full half circle profile, so may fit an oval.
Pic attached

I've still got the grey ones Gaz!

Due to the sale of my Fzs 1000 gen 1 Fazer I have the following parts for sale.

Black original bar end weights
£10 + postage (Myhermes £2.80 insured, may go through letterbox, £3.60 insured and signature, £4 Royal Mail 2nd class insured and signature require)

Jack up kit. Chunky stainless ones, have 135mm stamped on them, which is the measurement centre to centre of the holes. Looking at a chart i found on here that equates to about 33mm lift, but i though when on the bike they lifted the seat closer to 25mm.
£10 + postage (Myhermes £2.80 insured, may go through letterbox, £3.60 insured and signature, £4 Royal Mail 2nd class insured and signature required)

Exhaust protector in silver. Clamps around original exhaust and protects from pillion boot marks. Has some marks on it, but sound.£5 + postage (Myhermes £2.80 insured, £3.60 insured and signature. £4 Royal Mail 2nd class insured and signature require)

SOLD MTC can and link pipe. Stainless oval, single outlet, with removable bd killer. Nice sound increase over the standard without being excessive.
Very good condition, slight mark where the strap goes.
£90 £80+ postage (Myhermes £8 insured and signature required or Parcelforce £13)

SOLD Renthal 758 ultra lows. Grey. Bar ends drilled and tapped to take original fazer bar end weights ( this cost me £15 to have done). Throttle side drilled to take locating tab but the other side isn't. Marked where bar clamps, swithgear etc have been clamped on otherwise in very good condition.
£25 £20+ postage (Myhermes £5 insured and signature. Parcelforce was £13, so a bit expensive)

PM me or contact on 07885138618 (call and leave message if no answer, or text)
Collection from Boston, Lincs available.

For Sale & Wanted / Re: WANTED: Givi Monokey Box (large)
« on: 19 April 2017, 12:00:42 PM »
Top box and plate sold sstc

For Sale & Wanted / Re: WANTED: Givi Monokey Box (large)
« on: 18 April 2017, 10:48:37 PM »
Cheers for that Gaz. I am the Shaun mentioned.
52lt monokey box, easily fits 2 helmets in, built in brake light (plate with brake light point required)
2 keys, although one is a bit rough, one is new and just recently cost me a fiver from ebay.
£95 posted for the box. I'd probably use a local 24hr courier who needs a signature on delivery. Pics attached.
£25 if you need the plate with the electrics point on.

New price, £2200

For Sale & Wanted / Re: For sale:- 2003 FZS 1000 gen 1 Fazer
« on: 03 April 2017, 04:02:15 PM »
Hi Carl,
It wouldn't be fair to remove the rad guard or mushrooms from it. It's advertised with those fitted so they'll stay on it.
For the moment, whoever buys the bike will be given first refusal on the other stuff, as again, that's how I've advertised it.
If I end up with anything after the bike is sold I'll let you have first dibs on the bars and the can. Maybe the givi arms and plate, but ideally I'd like to sell those along with the box as a job lot.
Renthals are 758 ultra lows in grey, drilled for the locating tab on the throttle side but not drilled on the indicator side, and as mentioned drilled and tapped to take standard bar end weights,

Shameless plug time. Better still, take a look at mine, listed further down the page.
No need to travel up north, it's grim up there! ;)

For Sale & Wanted / Re: For sale:- 2003 FZS 1000 gen 1 Fazer
« on: 01 April 2017, 09:55:16 AM »
Thanks Mick.
Here are a few close ups.
I can email higher res pics to anyone who is interested.

2003, 53 plate Fzs 1000 gen 1. £2400, now £2200.
24392 miles.
Very good clean and tidy condition.
Decent tyres.
I am the 4th owner 3 months Mot, willing to put a new one on.
I have all of the old Mot's and some history.
Genuine Yamaha extras :- hugger, belly pan, crash mushrooms, fender extender.
Beowolf radiator guard. Dark double bubble screen. Devil's Yam frame cover bungs.
Dealer service history at approx 1,6,12,18k miles. Other than that mostly self serviced. I did have the valve clearances checked, carbs balanced and new plugs at 22987 miles last year at Webbs of Lincoln.
About 4k miles ago I replaced the chain and sprockets and also all of the suspension and swinging arm bearings (1 of the suspension bearings had a small amount of play in it, but I replaced the lot while I was at it).
Located in Boston, Lincs.
PM me or call/text 07885138618

Available by separate negotiation, to whoever buys the bike in the first instance are a MTC can with link pipe, MRA touring screen, Renthal bars tapped to take original bar end weights and a Givi Monokey 52lt colour matched top box (2 full face helmet size) along with top plate and side arms.

For Sale & Wanted / Wanted - fzs 1000/gen 1 centre stand
« on: 25 September 2016, 05:30:11 PM »
Anyone got a centre stand for a gen 1 fzs1000 to sell?

Fazer 1000/FZ1 corner / Re: Gen 1 Fazer thou accessories
« on: 05 August 2016, 09:21:07 AM »
Pm sent

General / Re: car park scam
« on: 04 January 2016, 09:17:49 PM »
Ooh sorry, duplicate link, was typing for a long time while watching telly!

General / Re: car park scam
« on: 04 January 2016, 09:15:51 PM »

Have a look at the above guide, I found the info useful even though I didn't use ut in the end. I thought the £40 my daughter had to pay was a useful lesson to her as they had her bang to rights!

General / Re: Weather proof mobile holder
« on: 13 November 2015, 07:05:32 PM »
Isn't the Z3 a waterproof phone? Wether you would trust it would be another matter though.

General / Re: Converting wma music files
« on: 08 October 2015, 11:56:45 AM »
IIRC, maybe 5 years or so ago, I'm sure I used iTunes to convert wma format to mp3 so I could burn tracks to a cd for one of those car stereos that played mp3 cds. Might be worth exploring......

For Sale & Wanted / Re: Yamaha Mt07 for sale like new
« on: 15 September 2015, 12:26:38 PM »
And he'll post it for £3.30??!

General / Re: Advice needed regarding 16 year old's first bike.
« on: 24 July 2015, 01:08:47 PM »
When we were looking for a 50cc for my son 4 years ago I found that not many of them were still restricted and so 40mph+ was more the norm rather than the stock and legal 29mph. Not saying it's right or wrong, just what we found.
Having said that I was much happier him riding around on something that was more than capable of keeping up with town type traffic.
Personally, I thought the auto was the best bet to start on. More time spent concentrating on the road rather than the gears. Anyway, why would you want to go through 5 gears to get to 40mph! He then progressed onto a geared 125 with no problems with the transition from auto to geared.
If you've got somewhere reasonably quiet to practice clutch and gear changes when she first starts it shouldn't take much getting used to. Everyone if different though and some pick these things up quicker than others.
Also, don't underestimate the desirability factor based on the look of a machine to a 16 year old (or in my experience 17,18,19,20 year old) kid!

General / Re: why do they do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
« on: 19 May 2015, 10:15:35 PM »
I'm not a full time driver, obviously a lot still to learn sinto!

General / Re: why do they do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
« on: 19 May 2015, 09:51:38 PM »
And then there's the idiots on the slip roads. They're on the slip road but ahead of the wagon, but decelerate rather than accelerate safely out in front of you, you pull over to let them onto the carriageway, then when you are almost past them they remember where the accelerator is, shoot up the inside and your sat in the middle lane like a dummy!

General / Re: Readers Flies
« on: 19 May 2015, 11:08:25 AM »
I use the kitchen roll method, but once it's soaked into the critters I remove it and then just use it to dab the worst off as I read somewhere that kitchen roll is a bit harsh and can scratch visors. Motul helmet and visor cleaner with a microfiber cloth to finish off.

General / Re: why do they do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
« on: 19 May 2015, 10:55:52 AM »
At least they let you past. In my experience as soon as they realise they are being overtaken by a lorry they stick their foot down and leave you sat in the middle lane like a dummy!

General / Re: urgent advice/help re private sale of bike
« on: 18 April 2015, 09:13:58 PM »
Courier couldn't make the journey worthwhile to keep the price sensible, so the buyer hired a van and collected the bike himself. Nice bloke, all was good, I worried unnecessarily!

General / Re: urgent advice/help re private sale of bike
« on: 11 April 2015, 08:32:26 PM »
Well Sinto,  amongst all the excitement of this and a busy few days at work, what I hadn't realised was that the courier has been arranged, but then they call us to arrange a time suitable to all 3 parties, and as they were only booked on friday they couldn't do today, so collection will be later in werk or next weekend now. I'll report back when all is done. I hope the purchase of his next bike is easier than this sale!

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