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For Sale & Wanted / For sale: Suzuki GS500
« on: 19 February 2018, 04:11:15 PM »
For sale a 2005 Suzuki GS500, selling because I got the Fazer.

The frame could do with some paint in places and there are multiple cosmetic knocks from a previous life as a school bike, but goes/stops fine and will get you where you want to go. There's a rattle from the engine which is most noticable at tickover, I'm 99% sure this is just camshaft endfloat, as these engines are prone to.

Has recently had a new battery and the tyres/pads/chain/sprockets have plenty of life left in them.

Comes with two keys, service history and MOT until mid-June.

I have a Haynes manual for it and a new oil filter which I will throw in if the buyer wants them.

Milage is 50k.

Bike is in West End, Southampton.

Offers in the region of £650 please.

FZS600 Fazer / New toy
« on: 22 January 2018, 03:21:51 PM »
Per my thread in the introduction forum, I got myself a shiny new FZS600 the other day :)

This afternoon's job was taking the center stand off and starting to tidy up the frame around its mounting brackets:
I'm after a rear hugger for it, but out of the several on eBay I'm not sure which to go for. From squinting at the photographs in the listings, I think this one made by P&P Motorcycle Bodywork has the most coverage of the wheel and chain, but is that what I should be looking for?


The Laboratory ! / test
« on: 21 January 2018, 03:26:04 PM »

Introduction / New FZS600 owner
« on: 20 January 2018, 11:49:36 PM »
Hello all

I just got my own FZS600 (2003 model) to replace my gradually disintegrating GS500 after borrowing one for a week or so last year :D

Sadly I can't actually ride it yet, as I need to make a custom seat to properly support my fragile little arse, BUUUT I can start to fettle and service it while I wait for the materials for that!

I haven't done a full fine-toothed-comb inspection yet, but from the outside it looks to have been pampered and spent all its life under cover. Very little service history, aside from an invoice from a garage which says the coolant was changed in 2016. Is there anything in particular I should make sure to check? I've been warned to check the sprocket nut is the later thicker type, as the earlier ones can work loose and wreck the output shaft.

This will be my commuter in all weather once its sorted, so I plan to fit a "fenda extenda" on the front mudguard and also a rear hugger on the back considering how much my GS has rotted over the past few years...

Any suggestions which rear hugger is best? I see several different manufacturers on eBay including Powerbronze, P&P Motorcycle Bodywork and Pyramid Plastics.


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