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FZS600 Fazer / Oliver's Build - Fazer Scrambler
« on: 20 October 2017, 01:59:49 AM »

Wanted to build something of a beast. My go-to Zombie Apocalypse bike. Almost put a rear wheel on the front but decided life was better than death.

Tools used:
  • Angle Grinder
  • Electrical tape
  • Bloody fingers
  • Youtube
  • '98 Fazer FZS600
  • Sydney, Australia
  • 100,000kms on the clock and still runs like a dream
  • Bought for $2k, parts $1,300
  • Self built in countless hours, on nights and weekends

FZS600 Fazer / Battery keeps dying
« on: 18 October 2017, 06:21:20 PM »
Hi all,

My Battery keeps dying on my '98 Fazer. I have no idea what it could be - it happened after I left the bike sitting for 6 months and I have replaced the battery twice since - both of which are now totally dead after a few days each.

Any thoughts on what it could be?


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