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General / Re: Three word story
« on: 15 October 2018, 09:38:01 PM »
baggy y fronts

General / Re: Must be getting old.......don't ban me. !!!
« on: 12 October 2018, 10:40:41 AM »
its very tempting. We would get accused of being ageist though if we did. :rollin

General / Re: Three word story
« on: 12 October 2018, 10:01:56 AM »
the bloody doors

General / Re: Three word story
« on: 11 October 2018, 02:08:01 PM »
finest. Meanwhile, somewhere

FZS600 Fazer / Re: immobilizer woes
« on: 09 October 2018, 01:50:26 PM »
Mr Juju - That is not the standard yamaha alarm. You will need to follow the instructions given by F4celess

General / Re: Three word story
« on: 09 October 2018, 01:33:24 PM »
was a fairy

General / Re: Plastic waste in seas/oceans
« on: 09 October 2018, 01:32:59 PM »
The so called old and "dirty" cars tend to be cleaner than new ones when you look at the cradle to grave emmisions for the reasons you have given.
Except the older diesel ones, they visibly spew out diesel particles and soot. 

You will probably find the cradle to grave emmisions for these is still lower than your new Euro 6 diesel

General / Re: Insurance
« on: 09 October 2018, 10:28:08 AM »
We've just had a terrible time with Admiral over our car insurances - the tiniest tip of the iceberg being that when he renewed his insurance with them, No one realised we he had to tell them that he had changed jobs (and they never asked) - even though he worked in the same office at the same building (he'd gone from being a Customer Service Agent, to being a Copywriter). When someone ran into his parked car and he notified Admiral, they asked him what his job was and he simply told the truth "I'm a copy writer". A short while later, we get a note from Admiral saying that because he failed to declare his change of job, which could have invalidated his insurance, they were issuing a penalty charge and increasing his premium - because according to Admiral's risk data, which is commercially confidential so they can't give out any details - a Copywriter is a higher risk job for car insurance than a Customer Service Agent. We have had a lot of other issues with these people - such as not telling us that standard insurance cover doesn't include for commuting to work - you have to specify that you're going to use your car for commuting FFS !!

It seems like every question the ask and that every bit of information they don't tell you when giving you a quote, is designed to give them an excuse to refuse any claim you make.

The other minor issue we had is that when my car was damaged (which I use for work as I'm self employed) and Admiral arranged the repairs, they provided a courtesy car, as expected. Now, I drive a Volvo V70 for a reason - I drive long distances, carry lots of baggage and usually have passengers (sometime scustomers) - and I had specifically requested cover to include for my business use. Imagine my surprise when my "business use" courtesy car turned out to be a Smart car. Admiral refused to accept that this unacceptable and told me that a courtesy car was ther to enable me to go about my daily life - I asked what that included and they said, getting to work, doing the shopping etc. They would not accept that their courtesy vehicle should allow me to carry on my daily business - and they wouldn't budge, not one inch. When I told them I had specifically requested business cover and identified I used my V70 for business, they said that was irrelevant, business cover only meant that I was covered legally in case of an issue. Luckily, the repair garage understood my situation and gave me a 5 door Astra which at least meant I could carry my luggage and the 2 (large/overweight) passengers I was taking with me on a 500 mile round-trip.

Needless to say, we will never use Admiral again and generally advise any of our family/friends to avoid them like the plague.

I had a slightly different experience with Admiral. A couple of years ago whilst I had a multi-car policy with them, my wife was driving my car and we got rear-ended by someone. My car was shipped off for repair and I told them I needed a large automatic to replace my 4x4 automatic and I was off to France the following weekend for a week. They got teh third party insurance to pay for an A6 estate for me as it was obviously not my fault my car got rear ended on the motorway. the other persons insurance company was Admiral too!

General / Re: Plastic waste in seas/oceans
« on: 09 October 2018, 09:30:12 AM »

The so called old and "dirty" cars tend to be cleaner than new ones when you look at the cradle to grave emmisions for the reasons you have given. the effort/emmisions involved in building them has increased and the effort/cost/emisions to scrap the car has increased. Add in the shorter lifespan of some of these cars now and whilst they may emit less particles per km or whatever, they are not as green as the carrot munchers would like you to believe.

FZS600 Fazer / Re: immobilizer woes
« on: 09 October 2018, 08:34:06 AM »

None of the links are working but IF if is the standard yamaha imobiliser/alarm that plugs into the white socket under the seat, you can get the bypass plug from Yamaha and just unplug the alarm/immobiliser.

General / Re: Plastic waste in seas/oceans
« on: 08 October 2018, 08:31:37 PM »
Where I live, the waste collection is becoming a joke.
We get one large (only becasue I complained about the small) recycling bin that is collected once a fortnight. On black bag bin that is emtied weekly and a garden waste bin that if they detect you have been putting kitchen waste (like potatoe peelings) they refuse to empty.
We fill our recycling bin in under two weeks meaning that we actually end up putting stuff in teh black bag bin that we could recycle. I dont want bags and boxes lying around the place so in the bin it goes.
The garden waste bin is now emptied 50 weeks of the year but only every other week meaning I still ahve a sizable pile of garden waste in teh garden I cant get rid of. I cant get rid of it because our local council have deemed vans and trailers to be the spawn of the earth and wont allow them in teh local tip without paying for the priveledge. On top of this, they now close at 4:30pm dueing the week having not opened until 9am (and never on a Thursday) so I cannot get there before/after work and at the weekend, the queue goes way back down the road blocking off the local retail park. You can sit in teh queue, gradually creeping forwards, for 45 minutes for the privieldge of self sorting your rubbish into specific piles.

I dont mind recycling, reusing etc but the problem is not in this country really. The problem you have all seen on the tv is places like india, mexico, etc where the poeple just dont give a foc and their governments dont either. To them, they think very little of dropping another plastic back in teh street or tipping the contents of their engine oil in the local stream becasue thats the way its done there.

We can go as green as we want in this continent, but when the USA, China and the third world are not helping, even if we stopped using plastic and fosil fuel tonight, the problem would still be there and will remain there until the other parts of the world start to do something.

General / Re: Three word story
« on: 08 October 2018, 08:15:13 PM »
complete bell end

General / Re: Three word story
« on: 08 October 2018, 12:50:31 PM »
fixie bike rider

General / Re: Three word story
« on: 07 October 2018, 03:18:51 PM »
other person was

General / Re: Fixie Bikes
« on: 07 October 2018, 11:58:58 AM »

 I know that sometimes cyclists have to make sudden changes of direction to avoid pot holes, broken glass and other crap on the road, so I give them plenty of room, just as the Highway Code says (which, BTW, includes motorcycles...)

Cyclists need to grow a pair. They need to cycle in the roads like we all did when we were younger and, to avoid the need to swerve suddenly, look further ahead to give time to react in a timely manner rather than at the last second without looking, ride further out into the road to start with, to avoid the worst of the potholes etc and follow the highway code

The average cyclist these days does none of the above. The ride in teh gutter or on the path. They swerve without looking behind them and they ignore roadsigns and traffic lights.

General / Re: Hard wearing metal paint
« on: 07 October 2018, 11:53:22 AM »

General / Re: Insurance
« on: 06 October 2018, 11:11:56 AM »
I always declare my exhaust, but specify it's not some sort of mega power booster, it's just not the original.

how many car insurers ask the same thing? All of them do but how many people tell their insurance company that they replaced the back box of their exhaust with one from quick-shit? None. As it makes no real difference just like on a bike it makes no real difference but on bikes we get shafted for it.

General / Re: Insurance
« on: 05 October 2018, 03:54:15 PM »
You know when they ask if the bikes got any modifications, to be on the safe side is there a need to tell them about anything and everything, Hell lines, frame sliders that sort of thing and does that tend to increase premiums?

Put it another way. Can you afford to have them not pay out when it gets written off?
Can you afford to pay through the ring piece when you try to get insurance in the future after they cancel your policy for not declaring mods?

If you answer yes to the above, then you may as well tell them about the mods anyway as you can afford it :pokefun

General / Re: Insurance
« on: 03 October 2018, 09:07:46 AM »
If your renewal isn't until March, ignore everyone, and it, until Feb as everything changes in that industry on a daily basis. Who is cheapest/best today may be the worst then.

General / Re: Three word story
« on: 03 October 2018, 09:06:26 AM »
every single MP

General / Re: Fixie Bikes
« on: 03 October 2018, 08:26:40 AM »

Brakes are required

General / Re: Three word story
« on: 02 October 2018, 11:26:50 AM »
making sure parliament

General / Re: Can't decide which convertible - all advice appreciated
« on: 02 October 2018, 09:03:51 AM »
ww2 jeep

Now that's a shout fella. Sits 4 people, goes anywhere and no one is going to take the piss in any way - it's just as cool as penguin piss. If only I could stretch that far - have you seen the prices  :eek :eek

How about a Series 1 Landrover?

General / Re: Can't decide which convertible - all advice appreciated
« on: 28 September 2018, 09:03:50 AM »
When my Mrs was looking for a rag top, we looked at several cars before settling on the Saab 93

Beetle - Like a Golf to drive but horrible inside unless you like the flowerpot on the dashboard
Mini - Just about enough space for 4 people despite its size. Good fun to drive even with the 1.6 non-turbo/supercharged engines
Eos - No space in the back really. You need the roof down to get adults in/out the back.
Audi A4 - Too expensive at the time though prices have levelled out now.
2CV - She had had 3 or 4 of these previously. All very expensive now or piles of rust
SLK - Only 2 seats

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