Date: 22-05-19  Time: 17:39 PM

Author Topic: Spring Meet 2019  (Read 862 times)

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Spring Meet 2019
« on: 22 April 2019, 01:20:43 AM »
Just a heads up for those new to the forum that the Spectacular Shindig that is the Spring Meet is coming up shortly.
If you haven't been, GO!!

Perfect excuse to put names to faces, have a shitload of laughs, a modicum of ale (something I never quite mastered mesen...) and, if you're of that persuasion, you can even go ride your bike around some of the tastiest roads Englandshire has to offer.

Information can be found here for those that don't venture out of General that often.


It sadly seems to the be only meet that is still on the calendar, please don't let it slide away like so many of the others due to lack of uptake.

I'd be there, but the drive home is a wee bit footery...


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Re: Spring Meet 2019
« Reply #1 on: 26 April 2019, 09:56:10 AM »
Hi, I am new to the forum.

Have just seen this post and it’s really good to see such a well organised meet-up!

I would definitely have been up for this had I joined a couple of months ago. Definitely next year if you run another  :) .