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Author Topic: Paint Pains  (Read 215 times)


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Paint Pains
« on: 29 March 2019, 07:51:27 PM »
Hi all - being the proud new owner of an FZ6, i also have all the pains as well as the delights. My current stumbling block is i can't seem to get the paint code right. Having checked the white label, i get "4S8B-050, C". After a lot of Googling, i managed to come up with the paint code BMC (775) - Metallic Blue C. I could only seem to get this from RS Paints, but they have it listed as Power Blue Candy. Having applied some to the scratched area, I'm not convinced it's a match. I've tried searching on Reg, VIN, and I'm seriously running out of ideas. I've attached a photo in the vain hope i get a "oh that's [this] colour" response.


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Re: Paint Pains
« Reply #1 on: 13 April 2019, 04:35:13 PM »
Ther was a power blue on the FZ1 and FZ6 which is very like yours, 
Try this looks closer in colour to your picture


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Re: Paint Pains
« Reply #2 on: 14 April 2019, 08:47:44 PM »
My, that looks posh
Sometimes, with these metallics, you also have to apply the base coat to get a match. To illustrate, on my old Virago cruiser, deep red metallic, needed a base, and undercoat and the top coat to get the match right