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Fuel tank tap



Has anyone ever purchased a new fuel tap? I’ve removed it to check the filter but in doing so the filter snapped off due to being very weak.


no longer made you will need to see if you can get a second hand one

You can still get brand new ones but at around £100 as said E bay used £10,but I was thinking do you really need the filter in the tap as our bikes are fitted with a inline filter anyway unlike older machines that relied on the tap filter only.     

There are two inline filters. There is an advantage in not having the filter on the tap anyway, you’ll gain access to about a litre of fuel that can’t otherwise be used.

You can get rebuild kits for most taps too. Did an old XTZ750 that was leaking, 2 taps on those beats. I know you haven’t said it’s leaking but just in case.


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