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Gen 2 racing

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Well I raced the tarmac tracks last year, one incident, Cadwell, got rammed, 2 broken ribs ECT,, but only missed one race weekend.
Second race meet this year, last week at Cadwell,, practice day went onto grass, dropped it,,screwing fairing and fibreglass, scrutineered for Saturday and Sunday races ok..
Sunday I got two 3rds in my class, well chuffed, got some silverware.Fazer gen 2 went well,can't be many with trophies.

First trophy :eek

Then two  :lol

I have now, following the advice of Devilsyam put R1 2004 forks on,they supposedly have updated internals,
Which com with radial brakes,,waiting for pads,,,and have now fitted clip.ons,,so looks a bit more race,,I got some odd looks in the paddock and on the grid..especially when I beat them on their R1 or Zx10  :lol .so looking forward to testing the new setup,,we have practice day next Friday, Snetterton then Saturday and Sunday racing.come see,,I am the old bugger getting in the it way  :lol

Over the mountain at Cadwell Park


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