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Idle Settind and Carburator


Hello everyone
I have an issue with my bike and I hope someone can help.
I have played around the idle setting (touching the big screw next to the carbs) and for the last few days I haven’t felt my Fazer to be the same. I think I have managed to find the right balance and the engine is running fine at the moment I’m running on 1100 1400 RPM but I still have some doubts. First few days I have been loosing petrol, then stopped when I found a better balance. Now the cooling fan is coming on more often, it’s true that everything started when the temperature went up, but since I have bought the bike it has never done it. I am trying to avoid to bring it a bike repair shop (they already asked me crazy money to clean the carbs). is there anyway I can try and fixer it myself. Any would be very appreciated.
FYI my bike is a Fazer 600 Year 2001. If you need more info let me know.
Thank you


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