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Author Topic: Quieting the ride for touring  (Read 300 times)


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Quieting the ride for touring
« on: 15 April 2018, 07:51:10 PM »
So I'm going on a weeks tour of Scotland next month and have been trying to make my 2003 foxeye as quiet as possible in the helmet for the long motorway miles. Thought I'd share how I got on incase anyone else is trying the same.

I bought an MRA screen with the standard spoiler last year and eventually got myself a Nolan N87 lid. Fantastic lid for the money feature wise. But having done 2 days in wales the turbulence around the sides of the helmet really comes through to your ear'ols, even with foams in. I found the MRA spoiler worked best fully down to smooth air, which was effective up to 50mph but 70+ was a bit of a mare. Eventually noise reduction became my main effort so I had a look at a few options, Including buying the taller spoiler (but not buying an actual sport tourer!). I instead decided to plump up the money and buy a supposed wind tunnel tested helmet and of course ended up looking at both the shoei GT air and schuberth c3. Went with the shoei and bloody prayed it was quieter.

Result is pretty positive. More insulated internals by the ear mean I'm not getting the high frequency buffeting I was in the Nolan. But most interestingly I've found that the MRA spoiler now works best fully raised, which simply did nout for the Nolan. Noise at 70 is now much more acceptable, and yes helmets are either loud or louder but I'm now riding happily with the alpinesafe race plugs which are only around 20db reduction rather than the -36db foams.

So I guess in summary I'm happy with the GT air + raised MRA screen. Obviously a lot of variables for different people but I'm 5'7 with a long torso for reference. Ill try to make another post of my other mods to the bike with pics..


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Re: Quieting the ride for touring
« Reply #1 on: 16 April 2018, 11:36:11 AM »
I have double bubble screen, the C3 lid and the quietest foam ear plugs I can find. It works well for me. Earplugs I alternate between mixture of Howard leights and Hearos for comfort. I shove them right in so they touch my eardrum. You soon get used to the deafness and actual adapt to hear fairly normally.

It's surprising how much fatigue you get from wind noise. Have a great tour!