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My bike I'd due 24k service. Been quoted just under £500 because according to them it needs a valve clearance service. Is that necessary? Your opinions and expertise please... Thanks

Its a heck of a lot of money, but I reckon an independent may charge less. You could shop around. It could be that when checked, no adjustements are needed. Or it could be that adjustement is required. You never know for sure. Unless you do it yourself. Thats the only way to be sure, and it will only cost you for shims. The bulk of the garage cost is labour, but its not the sort of work for someone with no mechanical confidence

Download the service manual from her;sa=view;down=31 and decide then if you have the ability to do it yourself.

On my FZS600 2001 model I have checked them at 24k and around 48k as suggested but always been in spec.
Others may have clocked up enough miles on the FZ8 to give some idea if they are likely to have altered at that sort of mileage, but it's one of those things where for piece of mind I'd rather check anyway. Checking them on the FZS600 is not difficult but a bit fiddly with not much scope for doing any harm unless you are real careless. The manual or others on here will give you a good idea if yours is the same. The more difficult bit comes if they do need altering and I imagine the quote you got is allowing for that, although still seems a tad dear. Might be as well to ask them, and then it's up to you what you decide to do. What facilities you have, like working indoors at this time of year, and how confident you feel will decide it for you I imagine.
Good luck with it.

Thank you all for taking time and replying. I had the service done by an independent garage. £425 including MOT. Six exhaust  valves needed adjusting. Yamaha wanted £650 plus cost of shims. Another wanted £60 extra for brake fluid and coolant change.


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