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Author Topic: Back after a while!  (Read 233 times)


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Back after a while!
« on: 13 September 2017, 04:52:05 PM »
Hi all

I am back, having bought a tatty fazer 600.

Had a few bikes since my Fazer, most recently an NC750X DCT. With all the motorbike thefts/muggings in London recently,  I didnt want to risk it being nicked, so I sold it and bought a VFR800, which I promptly realised is horrible for London riding.

Along comes the Fazer with one snapped exhaust stud and leaking carbs. Bought for £450 w/50k on the clock.

First thing I did was run it up and see where it was leaking exhaust. Turns out the center pipe was leaking, not the one with the broken stud. They are all pretty cruddy so engine out, wire brush the rusty bits at the front of the frame and other bits.

What is the best way to tidy up the engine whilst its out? Its a bit corrodey at the front around the exhaust ports and around the fins. Will be painting it with hammerite engine stuff on a brush.