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Anyone going to Silverstone this weekend ?

It'll be the tv for me. Loved the GP at Donington Park, but Silverstone isn't that great for spectators in my opinion. Now that the circuit being built in Wales has ground to a halt, it will stay at Silverstone, unless the necessary improvements at Donny can be afforded. It will be Le Mans next year for my next live GP.

Gp was good race at silverstone gutted to see Rossi lose it on the last few laps
Slight smile when Marquez saw smoke tho his dad is good for everyone else :)


Come on then who do we think will win this year and who do we want to win

For me always want Rossi to win
but I think dovi will have a Moto gp title to his name come the end of the year

Maybe my hopes of Rossi getting a tenth title are over for another year. I hear a Moto ranch accident and a broken tibia and fibula are to blame.

Stil surprised the Moto gp bosses and the Yamaha / honda / Ducati bosses. Still allow this kind of training. It seems that there are more accidents and injuries in these training than there is on track practice sessions.

Well rossi won't be doing any riding for a while with a busted leg.


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