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Author Topic: COVID-19 AKA Coronavirus - A sense of proportion...  (Read 26743 times)


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Re: COVID-19 AKA Coronavirus - A sense of proportion...
« Reply #2250 on: 25 May 2020, 11:14:16 PM »
Why dont the lefties just be honest it's not about him driving to Durham it's about brexit.So the lies were spread he visited his parents > what actually happened was not quite the same, it was said his parents were looking after his child > never happened. What seems to be upsetting the lefties and journos just as much is that this parents own some land and have 3 properties on it they all seem desperate to get as much out of this as possible and are trying as many angles as they can.

They weren't lies, they were speculation. Because of course Shapps and then Johnson at the briefings were feigning ignorance of everything to do with it.
Now we have the detail from Cummings, which itself is full of holes, lies and unanswered questions.
It's not about Brexit. It's about a conceited arsehole who thinks he is above the law, and the plebs have no right to question anything he does. Oh and it's also about his glove puppet Johnson, who is so dependant on him, that he shits himself at the very thought of sacking him.
This ain't over yet  :)