Date: 30-05-20  Time: 15:23 PM

Author Topic: Foccin' Christmas Shindig Manchester Saturday 7th or 14th Dec (Deposits please)  (Read 4165 times)

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Thought I'd put a wee post on here too, just in case anyone had missed this thread.

Plan is that on one of the above Saturday nights we have a wee Christmas party night meal in Manchester, spending an evening with other foccers eating too much food, drinking too much booze and talking FAR too much pish.

It's about three hours away for most of us, has plenty of cheap hotels and is generally a decent laugh for a night out.
I'm planning a weekend of it, down on the train Friday, back on the the train on Sunday whilst others are only popping along for the Saturday night.
If I can get deposits and numbers by the middle of the month (say around the 20th) I'll sort out somewhere for us to have a meal/dance/mischief packed eve.

May I ask that if you want to come you click on the thread, finalise a date and pm me for cash sending details?

If enough bodies are thinking on a Friday-Sunday shift I'll see about emailing a hotel and enquire about a deal on multiple rooms.

Hopefully see a fair few of you there.

Love 'n Hugs.