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09 January 2011, 08:47:41 PM by Farjo
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Originally posted by Nooj 30/5/2009

While my old heap was being MoT'd earlier today (yes, it did pass… eventually) I took one of those new XJ6 Diversion things out for a test ride....
John Silva
30 December 2010, 05:57:46 PM by John Silva
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Originally asked by Eastriding2002 on 23/01/2004

So what kit should we take and what should we leave at home?
Can the foccers help build up the definitive tourers baggage?...
John Silva
30 December 2010, 05:56:41 PM by John Silva
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Originally posted by Gtpete on 06/01/2008

The following is a few pointers to those who haven't done a bike touring trip. All those that have extensive experience of such need n...
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